Unit 0 Level 1 Singular And Plural Nouns


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Singular and Plural Nouns
Articles a/an/the

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Unit 0 Level 1 Singular And Plural Nouns

  1. 1. “ Singular and Plural Nouns” ISOP CLASS Unit 00 M.D. Sandra E. Meza Peña SEMP
  2. 2. Classroom Objects SEMP
  3. 3. Singular Nouns SEMP
  4. 4. SEMP hospital sharpener cherry frog boy Other things School items Fruits Animals People
  5. 5. The article a / an SEMP board a dress a girl a bird a onion an umbrella an eraser an apple an
  6. 6. SEMP rice 20 hero 10 map 19 pencil 9 truck 18 book 8 car 17 cow 7 disk 16 orange 6 tape 15 man 5 onion 14 foot 4 horse 13 sugar 3 elephant 12 radio 2 seed 11 apple an 1 Noun Article No. Noun Article No.
  7. 7. SEMP doll 40 sand 30 balloon 39 ear 29 potato 38 lady 28 bicycle 37 author 27 exercise 36 child 26 house 35 bus 25 hammer 34 egg 24 email 33 dog 23 keyboard 32 airplane 22 milk 31 eraser 21 Noun Article No. Noun Article No.
  8. 8. Plural Nouns SEMP
  9. 9. PLURAL NOUNS RULES SEMP box es box potato es potato fox es fox hero es hero X O branch es branch wish es wish ranch es ranch SH CH class es class address es address bus es bus SS S Plural Singular Plural Singular
  10. 10. SEMP kni ves knife wi ves wife FE lea ves leaf hal ves half F Plural Singular librar ies library fl ies fly Plural Singular diagram s diagram bird s bird window s window day s day Plural Singular Plural Singular
  11. 11. Exceptions SEMP gentelmen gentelman geese goose mice mouse lice louse Oxen ox cannon cannon theet tooth sheep sheep feet foot trout trout children child fish fish women woman deer deer men man Plural Singular Plural Singular
  12. 12. Exceptions SEMP parentheses parenthesis crises crisis nuclei nucleus minima minimum ova ovum criteria criterion sera serum fungi fungus stimuli stimulus phenomena phenomenon bases basis analyses analisis data datum media medium curricula curriculum memoranda memorandum Plural Singular Plural Singular
  13. 13. “ THE” <ul><li>We use the article THE with singular and plural nouns. </li></ul><ul><li>Exceptions: People Names, City Names, Subjects, and few more things. </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Sample: The Sandra Sandra </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>The Mexico Mexico </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>The English English </li></ul></ul>x x x
  14. 14. Now, It´s time for practicing in the book! SEMP Contact: [email_address] www.freewebs.com/englishclass163