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U 8 Future Plans
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U 8 Future Plans






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U 8 Future Plans Presentation Transcript

  • 1. What are you gonna do tonight? Going to / Will Planning going out By M.D. Sandra Meza May 2007 SEMP
  • 3. Do the laundry Fold the laundry Iron the laundry SEMP
  • 4. Work in the garden Water the grass Cut the grass SEMP
  • 5. Take out the trash SEMP Sweep the floor
  • 6. Rake up the leaves SEMP Do the dishes / wash dishes
  • 7. Watch TV Play TV games Dance Cry SEMP
  • 8. Play football Play the piano Cook Call SEMP
  • 9. Mop/wash the floor SEMP Dusting Clean the windows Clean out the closet
  • 10. Vacuum the carpet SEMP
    • Play basketball
    • Surf in the net
    • Play chess
    • Do homework
    • Send an email
    • Go out with friends
    • Eat out
    • Take a shower
    • Go to school
    • Call my friends
    • Do the laundry
    • Make a favor
    • Do the shopping
    • Go shopping
    • Go swuimming
    • Rest and relax
    • Read a book / magazine
    • Visit a friend
    • Send messages
    • Watch the news
  • 12. Future with GOING TO
    • We use Be + Going to + Simple Verb to indicate an action that we plan to do in a specific time, in a short future
    SEMP I am going to have dinner a home tonight. You are going to call your parents. Maria is going to have an exam tomorrow. They are not going to come to the party. I am not gonna be a lazy person anymore.
  • 13. What about you?
    • Find a person who´s gonna....
      • Have a party in Spring Vacation.
      • Go to church this Sunday.
      • Visit some relatives soon.
      • Take a nap this afternoon.
      • Swim in the pool tomorrow.
      • Watch a movie at the cinema.
      • See his/her boy/girlfriend today.
  • 14. Future with WILL
    • We use WILL + Simple Verb to indicate an action that we plan to do in an unspecific time, in a long future, when we really don´t know they could happen.
    SEMP I will get married in three more years. You will see a ghost in the restroom. Maria will have three babies. They will not come to the party. I won´t be an arrogant and selfish person.
  • 15. Find a person who will ...
      • Live in General Teran in 10 more years.
      • Go to the moon.
      • Visit Egypt someday.
      • Marry his/her boy/girlfriend in 5 years.
      • Travel around the world.
      • Have 4 babies.
      • Be an excellent student.
      • Pass this subject.
  • 16. What are you gonna do tonight?
  • 17. Future Plans
    • My family and I are going to travel to Mexico in Spring Break.
    • We´ re thinking about visiting the Latin Tower.
    • We´ re planning to stay a whole day in Six Flags.
    • We´ re hoping not to spend lot of money.
    • We´ ll go to Cancun next time.
  • 18. Future Plans
    • What are going to do in Spring Break?
    • Where are you going to go?
    • Who are you planning to visit ?
    • What will you do after the vacation?
  • 19. Now, It´s time for practicing in the book! SEMP Contact: sandriux4130@gmail.com