8th lce wokshop 2nd bim 2010


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8th lce wokshop 2nd bim 2010

  1. 1. Código GS-FR-084 B MID TERM EVALUATION Fecha de Versión 2005-11-24 Elaboró: Kathleen Mc. Revisó: Luis Fernando Aprobó: Julia de Pautassi, Farlane Contreras Adriana Callamand, Luis E. Arias Cargo: Coordinadora Depto Cargo: Coordinador Gestión Cargo: Coordinadores de Inglés de Calidad Académicos Fecha: Octubre 19 de 2004 Fecha: Sep. 20 de 2005 Fecha: Febrero 09 de 2005DEPARTMENT: ________________________ SUBJECT:______________STUDENT’SNAME:_________________________________________________DATE: ________________________________ GRADE:________________ LCE SESSION 8 TH GRADE manga1 Read the following article and solve the workshop. In pairs.Manga Review: Batman: Child Of Dreams by Kia Asamiya and MaxAllan CollinsThere have been a few attempts to meld the worlds of disparate worlds of manga andAmerican comics. One of the more successful attempts is Kia Asamiyas manga Batman:
  2. 2. 2Child Of Dreams. First published in Japan in 2000 and making its way to the U.S. threeyears later, Child Of Dreams is not your typical take on the caped crusader. With itsslightly surreal storyline and gorgeous artwork, Child Of Dreams proves that maybe theworlds of manga and American comics arent so different.The manga begins as a TV news crew from Japan comes to Gotham City to do a story onBatman. The crew is led by reporter Yuko Yagi, an ambitious young woman who is a fan ofthe dark knight.The highlight of Child Of Dreams is Asamiyas artwork. Like most manga, the art iscompletely in black-and-white, with no coloring whatsoever. Despite this, even the mostardent American comic fan will find something to love about this artwork. The Gotham Cityscenery in the manga is stunning. Asamiya visited New York for reference before drawinghis version of Gotham - and it shows. Gotham is appropriately dark and foreboding.One manga element not lost in Child Of Dreams is the dynamic panel layout. It is put togood use here, especially in the action sequences. Some may criticize the way Asamiyadesigns characters (their noses are "huge"), but his style is instantly recognizable andsometimes results in greatness. His version of The Joker is particularly good here.Asamiyas Joker manages to make that familiar grin look like the facade of a maniacinstead of just a twisted smile.There are two main issues with Child Of Dreams that keep it from becoming aquintessential Batman work. For one thing, it contains a lot of dialogue. This Englishversion was adapted by Max Allen Collins of Road To Perdition fame. While the dialogueitself feels pretty natural, there is just way too much of it. You can see that Asamiya wantsto underline the themes he presents in the manga, but at times, you wish he would havethe characters express things a little more concisely. Also, the story itself, while intriguing,feels a little superficial.Batman: Child Of Dreams is that rare beast that successfully merges manga withAmerican comics. It stays true to a comic book icon while at the same time retaining theunique qualities of manga. Its a great for a comic book fan looking to try out manga or fora manga fan who wants something very different from whats out right now. It also showsthat there is actually some common ground between these American and Japanesegraphic artforms.http://sterfish.blogspot.com/
  3. 3. 3ARTISTIC REFERENCEIllustration/Graphic Artof Sarah GennerFirst in a series ofthree comic book pages."Me and my Shadow"Drawing inks70cmx100cm2010(IM d1 CT d1 d2)Write down a Magazine Review of the artist Sarah Gerner and her art work (as the MangaReview of Batman child of dreams). Explain the art work according to the concepts sawnduring the term: Eastern and Western elements and conection of the two worlds on the artpiece, the visual elements (line and emphasis), Manga, etc.
  4. 4. 4(IM d2, C d1 d2, M d1 d2)Creation Lab: individually finish your Manga Comic. Remember to take into accountLine (different types and materials- quality work) Emphasis (you as a superhero)Artistic Reference (include one surrealist, dada or cubist, art piece (Man Ray) seen onEXPLORA ART or Sarah Genner) East and West (background and elements).Explain your comic according to the guidelines gives above
  5. 5. 5Exhibit your comic on the wall, fill in the format with the information asked and paste itbesides your comic.Look around the Manga ExhibitionWhich Comic do you like the best?Why?Which one is the most complete? Includes all the elements asked in a clearway?Which one shows the best drawing skills?Which one is the most creative one?Which one shows better EMPHASIS?Title:___________________________ Title:___________________________
  6. 6. 6Artist:__________________________ Artist:__________________________Technique:______________________ Technique:______________________Art Exhibition Art Exhibition th8 grade 8th gradeEast/West Manga East/West Manga nd2 bimester 2010 2nd bimester 2010