British accent


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British Accent

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British accent

  1. 1. Language variety British accent By: Sandrine Charbonneau & Liza Marot Bozza S
  2. 2. Map of England
  3. 3. Geography S In Europe (part of the EU) S United Kingdom S North Sea Island
  4. 4. Geography Influence S Bad weather S Surrounded by sea => more isolated S Had to navigate S Massive explorations & colonizations
  5. 5. Historical Evolution of English S Celts : first occupants of GB S Land invaded by Roman and Germanic tribes S William the Conqueror invaded England, French became the official language
  6. 6. English Language “I like British accents because they are so sexy.” – Justin Bieber S One of the most spoken language S Simplicity (less gramar rules) S Media helped English’s spreading S Many accents in England : Cockney, working class : Normal British :
  7. 7. British vs American Accent
  8. 8. British Expressions S Bobs your uncle - Thats it, there you have it S At sixes and sevens - State of confusion/disagreement
  9. 9. London’s culture S Cultural center, renowned over the world S Innovations (arts, politic) S Arts (music, literature, cinema, architecture, fashion…) S Originality
  10. 10. London’s culture S Mix of traditions and modernity (red phone box, black cabs, police officer’s cap) S Icons (Big Ben, Buckingham Palace) S Frenetic activity of the city
  11. 11. Monarchs S Heritage, symbol S Elizabeth II, actual Queen of United Kingdom and 15 states S Buckingham palace built in 1705 for the Duke of Buckingham S Became British monarchs’ palace in 1837 under Queen Victoria’s reign S Queen’s guards, ceremonial and security
  12. 12. Icons S Routemaster bus, telephone box S Big Ben, built in 1858 S Palace of Westminster, center of political UK life S British Museum, holds +8 millions objects about human culture, one of the largest in the world (free like almost every museums) S Tate Britains, British art collections
  13. 13. Religion S Majority of Christians, most of them are anglicans Westminster Abbey St Paul’s cathedral
  14. 14. Cultural events S Notting Hill Carnival, three days in August, West Indian community, largest street festival in the world S Carnival del Pueblo, first week of August, celebration of Latin American culture S Christmas, New Year, Easter, Labor Day, Colombus Day, Thanks Giving… S Bank Holidays (Easter Monday, Whit Monday between may 11th and june 14, first Monday of August and Boxing day December 26th), bank were closing and no trading could be made
  15. 15. Culture S Pound Sterling (~1.55£/1.00$ Google March 21st 2013) S Driving left S Using pounds, miles, yards and foot and inches as unit of measurement
  16. 16. Famous British S Queen Elizabeth II S The Beatles S Shakespeare S J.K. Rowling
  17. 17. Stereotypes It is always raining there… No… British have crooked teeth… Not crooker than any other countries! British are always drinking tea… YES
  18. 18. Conclusion S Interesting accent S Rich culture diversity