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Hanami and Tanabata Festival
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Hanami and Tanabata Festival


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Hanami and Tanabata festival

Hanami and Tanabata festival

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Hanami Festival
  • 2. Hanami Festival
    • When: SPRING , around April
      • late March to early April (early May on Hokkaido)
      • approximately 2 - 3 weeks
    • Hanami means “flower viewing”
    • Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers, usually meaning sakura (cherry blossoms) or sometimes ume (peach)
  • 3. Hanami Festival
    • Sakura
      • national flower of Japan
      • defines all that is vulnerable about being human
    • Sakura season
      • reminds us that life is fleeting and time is precious
      • Time to reflect
      • cherry blossom cycle is seen as a metaphor for life
  • 4. Hanami Festival
    • started during the Nara Period (710–784)
    • Origin: China
      • members of the royal court would admire the beauty of blossoming flowers each spring
    • Japan adopted it, but focused more on its short life span
  • 5. Hanami Festival
    • Sakura was used to divine that year's harvest as well as an announcer of the rice-planting season
    • Offerings (sake, festivals and poems) were made to the sakura tree's roots
    • Originally practiced by the Imperial court
    • sakura was even adopted as a symbol of samurai life
  • 6. Hanami Festival
    • celebrate with family, co-workers and friends
    • most popular locations are parks, castles, temples, and shrines
    • People stroll or have a picnic under the sakura trees
    • special sakura mochi for the cherry blossom festival
  • 7. Hanami Festival
  • 8. Hanami Festival
  • 9. Hanami Festival
  • 10. Hanami Festival
  • 11. Hanami Festival
  • 12. Hanami Festival
  • 13. Hanami Festival
  • 14. Tanabata Festival
  • 15. Tanabata Festival
    • When: SUMMER, July 7 (seventh night of the seventh moon)
    • Tanabata Festival = Star Festival or Festival of the Star-Crossed Lovers
    • according to a Chinese legend, the two stars Altair and Vega, which are usually separated from each other by the milky way, are able to meet
  • 16.
    • Popular custom : write one's wishes on a piece of paper, and hang that piece of paper on a specially erected bamboo tree, in the hope that the wishes become true
    • huge parades with floats, dancers and lots of fireworks.
    • lots of stands for food and games, usually set up at local shrines
    • Sendai (Miyagi Prefecture) and Hiratsuka (Kanagawa Prefecture) are particularly famous for their elaborate Tanabata displays
    Tanabata Festival
  • 17. Tanabata Festival
  • 18. Tanabata Festival
  • 19. Tanabata Festival
  • 20. Tanabata Festival
  • 21. Tanabata Festival
  • 22. Tanabata Festival
  • 23. Tanabata Festival
  • 24.
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