Create a VIP Customer Experience - Create Customer Loyalty


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Create a customer experience that brings value, makes them feel important, influences their buying choices and delivers on your promise. Here are 4 simple steps to get you started.

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Create a VIP Customer Experience - Create Customer Loyalty

  1. 1. Create A VIP Customer Experience
  2. 2. Create an experience that brings value, makes them feel important, influences their buying choices and delivers on your promise Here are four simple steps to get started
  3. 3. • Stand in your parking lot – what do you see? • Is your office clean, organized, up to date? Beverages? Magazines? • Is your staff clean and kept in appearance, friendly, courteous? • What do your promotional materials look like? Misspellings? • Is your pricing model clear? Appropriate? • Are you prepared and in control? Did you take the time to learn about me? • What is your process? Is it clear and concise?What is your follow up with me? What can I expect from you? Will you show me, tell me, educate me, invite me? • Call your office – do they answer timely, are they friendly, are you on hold? • Look for the way to personalize VIP moments #1 Be the Client ShowYou Care. ShowYourValue.
  4. 4. #2 MakeThem Feel Important • Thoughtful Meetings • A Follow up Call • A Personal Note • A Birthday Card • Business Anniversary Card
  5. 5. #3 InfluenceThem by EngagingThem • Host a speaking event or a webinar • Send a PersonalizedToken • An article or white paper • Advanced notice of an upcoming sale • A product sample • Continue to add services that keep them coming back for more, show you are an expert in your field and you are a growing business. Your customers want to be led and influenced by someone who will show them the right way - YOU.
  6. 6. #4 Deliver OnYourVIP Promise • Value • Important • Influence • Promise Good Isn’t Good Enough. Show Excellence In AllYou Do!
  7. 7. Do the
  8. 8. VIP Action Plan DefineYour BusinessValues DetermineYour Methods of Communication Create An Experience Model Listen forVIP moments to personalize service Make ExcellenceThe Standard In AllYou Do
  9. 9. OurFocusPoint VIP Experience • An Informative, Engaging and Interactive Community • Ways to follow and engage with us through our Focus on Business News, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offering Information, Motivation and Humor • Complimentary Resources – Book Store, Webinars, SlideShare • Educational White Papers, Blogs • Coaching and Consulting for Entrepreneurs • DetailedClient Questionnaires – Pre meeting resources • Engaging marketing materials • Speaking topics that are relevant to today’s business
  10. 10. Thank you Are you to be our nextVIP? CallToday 630-780-1078