Why technology?
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Why technology?



Teaching is no longer standing and delivering....

Teaching is no longer standing and delivering.
The 21st century teacher is now required different skills - and that’s when technology takes part in the picture!

Have a look at this slideshow, if you disagree with making use of technology to teach, if you think you will have more work when you use technology, if you say you have no time for training or if you are technophobic.

Find out the story of two different teachers and their students – One teacher is tech free and the other teacher is completely “E”!

I hope they change your mind!



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  • Sandra, I liked your presentation.
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  • Thanks for your nice comments, Belén & Sergio.
    Feel free to embed and translate my presentation - the point is sharing!
    I'm sure you guys in Spain will improve in terms of embedding technology for teaching and learning. It's a slow process and there are still loads of technophobic teachers out there. Let me know if you need a hand!
    Yeah! It's true! lots of Spanish colleagues writing comments - Love it! Is it because my family background is Portuguese - must be the Iberia brotherhood!!!
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  • Congratulations Sandra !! It´s curious that many of the comments comes from Spain. We are no very good at ICT in education but the ones that are like Thea, we are very communicative ! Congratulations again. Nice work !!
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  • FantasTIC presentation! I would like to use it in my blog. Can I subtitulate it in Spanish and post it??? (with your name of course)
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  • Thanks for that, Paula.
    incredible!!! How didn't I spot that?
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Why technology? Why technology? Presentation Transcript

  • Whytechnology? By Sandra Pires @sandrapires
  • Whytechnology?
  • Are you alreadyembeddingtechnologyin yourteaching?
  • Or... you’re still having second thoughts?
  • Or... you’restill not sure it really works?
  • Oh! I can’tbelieve it?
  • You’re missing out so many good things!!
  • Let me help you making up your mind!
  • This is Phoebe
  • a teacher who is not using technology for teaching
  • these are her resources
  • these are her resources
  • these are her resources
  • and these are her students
  • This is how it is like being Phoebe’s student...
  • Formal
  • Sequential
  • Passive
  • Text-based
  • Private
  • Individual
  • KnowledgeAccumulator
  • Phoebe is getting tiredof doing things alwaysin the same way
  • especially having togo to the photocopierin all her breaks
  • she can’t even supporther students outside theclassroom
  • and her students ???are alwaysforgettingthings
  • z z zsometimes they’re tired and don’t participate that much
  • not to mention ...
  • the shy ones
  • they would like to be ableto create more
  • they can’t access their class resources whenever they want
  • or wherever they are
  • ? ?? ??? ??? ? ? ?They are not given a choice
  • They aren’t challenged z z z
  • They don’thave control overPhoebe’s instructions
  • They have no one else to teach them
  • They have no where else to go to learn more
  • z z z z z zThey’re bored
  • And.. wait until they gojob hunting...
  • Now...somethingdifferent...
  • This is Thea
  • a teacher usingtechnology for teaching
  • these are her resources
  • these are her resources
  • these are her resources
  • these are her resources
  • these are her resources
  • and these are her students
  • And this is how it is like being Thea’s student...
  • Informal
  • Multi-tasker
  • Hands-on
  • Visual
  • Collaborative
  • Social
  • Tech-savvy
  • Goaloriented
  • Make ownmeaningthrough tasks
  • Learn from and with others
  • Thea is happy withher motivated,engaged and activestudents
  • With technologyshe gains andmaintains theirattention
  • offers richerlearningopportunities,
  • provides greateraccess to resources
  • deliversconnections toshared interests
  • makes her studentsfeel part of theclass
  • even the shy ones participate
  • connects with herlearners in and outthe classroom
  • provides mobility
  • exposes learnersto the real world
  • gives themopportunities towork in teamscollaboratively
  • challenges herstudents
  • gives them choiceor control overactivities andinstructions
  • shifts students frompassive sitting to amore activelearningexperience
  • stimulates theircritical thinkingand creativity
  • stimulatesindependentlearning
  • has less absentstudents
  • obtains betterresults
  • A message totechnophobic teachers...
  • “Learning throughtechnology is thesame as learning towalk and talk” Sir Ken Robinson
  • “Learning is driven bylearners.” Sir Ken Robinson
  • Thea is a 21st centuryteacher
  • She is a 6 C s teacher
  • She is...
  • Computer savvy
  • Creative
  • Critical
  • Constructive
  • Connected
  • And
  • Communcative
  • I hope you teach hand in hand with technology
  • Enhance your teaching
  • Challenge yourself and your students
  • be a HAPPIER teacher
  • be a STRESS F REE teacher
  • tech-teach!!!