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  1. 1. inforhealthy Menu  Natural Ways to Lower Blood Sugar – Avoid Diabetes May 28, 2014 Uncategorized As soon as you have eaten, your body breaks down the food into glucose which your muscle and fat cells need for energy. In order for the cells that the cells make use of this glucose the pancreas secrete the hormone called insulin, which allows muscle and fat cells to metabolise the glucose. It is only in recent years that insulin resistance has become important in its own right and recognised as a contributor to metabolic syndrome. And Why Should I Care? Diabetes Type 2, shows itself later in life, so taking care of your blood sugar levels and that of your children will help you to avoid diabetes and its incumbent problems, Your body can become resistant to insulin particularly if there is excess abdominal fat, a lot of stress, high blood pressure or a close family member who suffers from high blood pressure, heart problems or diabetes. The glucose stays in the blood stream, which in turn creates the need for more insulin. The cycle may continue for years until what was a pre-diabetic condition, becomes diabetes type 2, as the pancreas can not longer secrete enough insulin to stabilise the blood sugar. Keeping glucose sugar levels balanced assists in weight loss, as low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) triggers binge eating, which rebounds into high blood sugar which the body will store as fat. Who is at Risk for Insulin Resistance? You are at risk if: You have a body mass index of more than 25 If you are a man and your waist measures over 40 inches If you are a woman and your waist measures over 35 inches If you are over 40 years of age If you lead a sedentary life If you have close relatives with Diabetes, arteriosclerosis, or high blood pressure. If you have metabolic syndrome and are pre-diabetic
  2. 2. If you have had gestational diabetes. Insulin resistance can be managed by reducing the body need for insulin and increasing the cells sensitivity to insulin. A blood sugar monitor or a glucose monitor is a simple device which you can buy to monitor your levels which should be as follows: Before breakfast – Between 80 – 120 This is considered healthy. Before meals – Between 80 – 120 Two hours after you eat – Levels should be 170 or less. Before you go to bed, ideal levels should be 100 – 140 While fasting, ideally stay between 70 – 100 High blood sugar, hyperglycemia can cause damage to blood vessels, increase the risk of heart disease and stroke, also kidney disease, vision and nerve problems. Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Blood Sugar Two important studies, regarding insulin resistance, in Finland and the United States, showed that aerobic exercise and dietary changes reduced the development of diabetes by 58%. Lower Your Glucose Fast Becoming physically active is the fastest way to increase the rate glucose is taken up by the muscle cells and improve the sensitivity of the cells to insulin. 20 – 30 Minutes of exercise daily will do marvellous things for your health and well-being. Apple Cider Vinegar If you consume 2 tablespoons of vinegar just before a high carb meal it will lower your blood sugar level. Vinegar contain acetic acid which inactives certain starch digesting enzymes. It appears to mimic the blood sugar lowering medication Precose. Apple cider vinegar capsules are an excellent natural way to lower blood sugar, keep you regular, and does wonders for lowering cholesterol if taken every morning before eating and around one hour before a large meal! Altering your diet , particularly the carbohydrates in the diet. Some carbohydrates are broken up into sugars and absorbed faster than others and these have a high glycemic index, which increase the glucose level more rapidly. High Glycemic Index Carbohydrates: Unrefined sugars White Bread, Rolls, Bagels Unrefined corn and potato products, e.g. french fries, mashed potatoes, doughnuts, corn chips Low Glycemic Index Carbohydrates:
  3. 3. Search … Recent Posts STDs During Pregnancy Recent Comments Natural Ways to Lowe… on How to Control Tummy fixes → Notifyme of follow-up comments via email. Post CommentPost Comment Higher fiber content – e.g. whole grain breads and brown rice Non-starchy vegetables e.g. Broccoli, green beans, asparagus, Carrots and greens. Remember, the overall profile of the meal itself is more important than the individual glycemic index of foods. Children’s Nutrition Tip: Your children’s (although this applies to everyone), daily allowance of sugar is consistently over stepped by the amount of fruit juices and fizzy drinks they consume. The next biggest sugar culprit is cereal and then cereal bars. Relate topic: How to Control Diabetes that Causes Behavior Problems? Share this: Twitter Facebook Google ← How to Control Diabetes that Causes Behavior Problems? Leave a Reply    Loading... Email (required) (Address never madepublic) Name (required) Website
  4. 4. Tummy fixes Natural Ways to Lower Blood Sugar – Avoid Diabetes How to Control Diabetes that Causes Behavior Problems? Lower Blood Sugar & Reduce Diabetes 2 Symptoms With These Natural Diabetes Treatments on How to Control Diabetes that C… How to Control Diabe… on Lower Blood Sugar & Reduce… Lower Blood Sugar… on How To Detox With Apple Cider… Archives May 2014 Categories Diet plan fitness Health health food STDs Uncategorized Meta Register Log in Entries RSS Comments RSS Create a free website or blog at The Twenty Thirteen Theme. Create a free website or blog at