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Target audience george bowles
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Target audience george bowles






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    Target audience george bowles Target audience george bowles Presentation Transcript

    • Target Audience George Bowles
    • Information The artist we are looking at is Diplo, and the song ‘ Sweet Nothing’ produced by Calvin Harris. Diplo’s original name is “ Thomas Wesley Pentz. He is 34 years of age and was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, United States. The genre of music Diplo is associated with is; Moombahton, Hip Hop, Trap, Dancehall, Reggae Fusion and Electro House. Diplo is very much involved in being a DJ, a producer and a songwriter. From these talents that Diplo has he is able to produce is own music and also help produce music for others. Diplo has also associated with; Nicola Roberts, Azealia Banks, Major lazer, Skrillex, DJ Fresh and Beyonce to name just a few. Diplo is also part of a group called Major Lazer, Which he has been apart of since 2008. Diplo is signed on to the Label “MAD DECENT”. This record label is known for signing groups/people who associate with Trap/Drum&Bass/Dubstep/Dancehall/House music.
    • Demographics Gender: The gender spilt is 58/42% in favour of the men. This shows that the music that Diplo produces is aimed at men and women and from this he gets to maximise his target audience when he produces his music. Because the split between male and female is so close it means that the music he is producing attracts both and from this will increase in fans and sales.
    • demographics Age: The age is at its peak between the ages 18-35. This is because this is the general age in which tend to go out clubbing, and go to festivals, where Diplo’s music is mostly played so they would have more opportunities to listen to it more then the older age groups would. this then attracts the people between these age by keeping his music fresh and young, this will then increase his fan base. The music is very electronic which is one of the main dance genres, this is one of the reasons 18-35 is the most popular age group.
    • Demographics Continued Ethnicity: From these 2 stats ( left ) we can see that the general ethnicity of which listen to Diplo’s music is white, With the US, UK, Canada and Australia being the top 4 countries that listen to his music. We can also determine this from where his fans are based in ‘places’. The Top 4 are; London, New York, Los Angeles and Toronto. The majority of people that live here are white so, this is the evidence that the majority of his fans have a white ethnic background. Class: The class that Diplo is aimed at is ranged from C1-E ( Lower Middle class - students ) The common fan base for Diplo is young and mostly the age of students which is why i have chosen C1-E. But a small minority of young B/A class successors will listen to this music. For example; A young footballer (1825) will use his type of music to pump himself up and get ready for a game.
    • Psychographics The Explorer; Driven by discovery, young in nature, try out new ideas. Difference is what they seek out. The Aspirer; They are driven by others, perceive as being superficial, Their need in life is for a status The Succeeder; posses self confidence, organised, seek reward and prestige, Their need in life is control The Reformer; Own independent judgement, Their core need in life is for enlightenment. The Mainstream; daily routine is fundamental, Mainstream of society, big established brands The Struggler; live for today, aimless, heavy consumers of alcohol and junk food, They seek escape The Resigned; Older people, Enjoy tradition, driven by safety. Their aim is basic: to survive. Diplo’s music is a cross between The Mainstream and The Explorer. Mainstream because his music is in the charts regularly with remixes he has done, he is also mainstream because he lives a normal life with a family and isn’t going out of his way to be different with his personality and style, although he does like to mix things up sometimes with his music. And The explorer because of the music he produces himself which is different and new and it doesn’t make the charts. he is also an explore because he try’s out new ideas, for example loads of his song are in very unique genres of music, so he is seeking out to explore new things.
    • Mood Board
    • How will I attract the audience? The audience we are trying to target are male and female between the ages of 15-34. From our research in the previous slides we have shown that from related artists in which song we are making the video to is the same age group in which we are also trying to attract. To promote and advertise our video, ads will be shown on youtube with related songs, for example, in the same genre of music or when they type in a related artist the song sill come up in the suggesting box. Also a good FREE way to advertise and promote nowadays in twitter and facebook. These are the most popular apps today so by promoting on these social medias we will be able to send a promotional tweet/post to the people of the ages between 15-34. This will then get recognition and will attract, likes/follows on facebook and twitter. On these 2 pages updates will be made daily to show the progression of how we, the group, are doing.