Synergy and cross media convergence


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Synergy and cross media convergence

  1. 1. L.O.• To be able to use the terms synergy and cross media convergence using appropriate terminology in the right context.
  2. 2. Starter: Skyfall and Ill manors• Who can come up with the biggest list of different types of products that were simultaneously released for these two films?
  3. 3. Typical exam question:• What benefits are there when different products come together when a film is produced, distributed and exhibited?• What new experiences do we get?• What are the advantages?
  4. 4. Synergy• Synergy is the simultaneous (at the same time) release of different products to boost both.• Synergy can be used most often by bigger companies as the different elements them (often a media conglomerate) work together to promote linked products across different media.
  5. 5. Synergy• Synergy releasing 2 or more products at once that will promote each other• They have a large effect than if just one product existed alone – they have a mutually beneficial relationship. (this means they are symbiotic).• Film / Soundtrack / Phone / Game• Conglomerates (like Sony) are able to use synergy to boost profits because of their diversity – i.e. they own lots of different companies.
  6. 6. Symbiotic• The film of Skyfall promotes the soundtrack which promotes the DVD which promotes the game which promotes the TV, which promotes the website which promotes the advent calendar which promotes the film etc etc.......• All products are SONY owned.• This is Vertical Integration.
  7. 7. How does synergy work?• Synergy works when different elements of companies (a media conglomerate does this best) promote each other.• Eg a film studio, record label, video game division all create linked products eg the film, soundtrack, video game.• Each distinct element promotes each other.• Sony can use SYNERGY much more as it is a conglomerate which owns various smaller companies (subsiduaries)
  8. 8. Synergy• Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Skyfall is released at the same time as the Sony-owned Soundtrack CD.• Ill Manors film is released the same time as Plan B’s CD and soundtrack.• Sony Electronics released a new TV and new adverts featured Skyfall when promoting it• The DVDs would be advertised on the Skyfall or Ill manors website
  9. 9. In pairs• Write definition for synergy and write out which products Skyfall and Ill Manors released that demonstrated this.
  10. 10. Task• Using your computers how was synergy used with Ill manors and Skyfall.• Do this in 4 groups.
  11. 11. Media convergence• The combining of two or more mediums.• Different mediums are TV / film / computer graphics / radio/ website etc• Media convergence in the film industry can happen in production, distribution or exhibition.• It happens when the music industry comes together with the film industry when Adele releases the new single for Skyfall.
  12. 12. Convergence
  13. 13. Difference between synergyand cross media convergence • Synergy and cross media convergence are quite similar. • The key difference is that cross media convergence involves media products and synergy can involve non media products eg. merchandise. • The distributors of ‘Ill Manors’ cant use synergy in the same way as Sony can, and this is a major disadvantage. • This is one of the key differences to understand. .....its another example of where it is an uneven playing field between conglomerates and small independent companies.
  14. 14. Task• Write a definition for cross media convergence and spell out what is the difference between this and synergy.• How was it used in Ill manors?
  15. 15. Summary: Key terms• Synergy and cross media convergence: 2 or more products being released together to gain exposure from each other’s audience• Tie ins - this isnt really synergy as products are released which have been produced by other companies (other than the production /distribution companies) which are related to the film.• With tie ins, there is not really a symbiotic relationship as its debatable how much publicity the film gets from the products, eg with Tom Ford clothing, the clothes get promoted off the film, but the clothes don’t promote the film in the same way.
  16. 16. Skyfall• Synergy and cross media convergence:• Film and CD, DVD, game (media related products)• Synergy ONLY - film and Sony watches, TVs, computers that have any links to Skyfall. (not media related products)
  17. 17. Ill Manors• Synergy and cross media convergence:• Ill Manors film and Plan B CD, the DVD and Blue Rays, the website.• Synergy ONLY:• Any clothing, calenders, that are released at the same time as the film
  18. 18. Tie ins - Ill Manors• Playing cards• Handbags• T Shirts• Clothing range Adidas• Wallets
  19. 19. Tie Ins Skyfall• Heinekin• Coca cola• VW• Jaguar• Aston martin• Land rover• Swarkovski• Tom Ford clothing• Omega watches• Barber jackets• Sony Vaio Laptops and TVs
  20. 20. Can you write a para with 5 bits of terminology to answer this Q...• How do large companies benefit more from synergy and cross media convergence than smaller companies?