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Nick baldwin bbfc ppt

  1. 1. BBFC Nick Baldwin
  2. 2. U Certificate • A U certificate stands for ‘universal’ and is the lowest age certificate used in films. • This certificate means that anyone, any age can view this film. A film with a U certificate should not contain material that should disturb anyone of any age. • An example of a U rated film is ‘Toy Story’, which the target audience is young children and families.
  3. 3. PG • PG stands for parental guidance. This means young children may need to have an adult with them during the viewing of this film. • PG may also mean that the film may be disturbing to young children around 7 due to mild language and violence. • An example of a PG is the film Frozen which like Toy Story is aimed at young children and families, however it contains some soft violence which young children may find disturbing.
  4. 4. 12 A and 12 • A 12A means that anyone under 12 should be accompanied by an adult when viewing the film in the cinema. • A 12 however means that anyone under the age of 12 can not buy or rent this film with out an adult. • • 12’s usually contain some mild language and violence. An example of a film with a 12 certificate is The Lord of the Rings trilogy, which contains a lot of action which children under 12 may not be able to view.
  5. 5. 15 • A 15 certificate means no one under the age of 15 may view this film at the cinema, buy this film or rent this film. A 15 may include foul language, strong violence, some brief sex and nudity and the use of hard drugs. An example of a 15 is Scary Movie 5 which contains brief sex and nudity, violence and mild language.
  6. 6. 18 • Anyone under the age of 18 may not view this film at the cinema and buy or rent this film. A film rated 18 will usually have unlimited violence, drug use, foul language nudity, sex scenes and nudity. Fully shown sex scenes may be permitted if justified by the context, and sexual references. An example of an 18 is the Saw trilogy which contains strong horror, violence, language and a dark narrative.
  7. 7. R18 • An R18 certificate tells the audience that this film is pornographic and was intended to sexually arouse the audience who have gone to view the film. Like an 18, no one under the age of 18 may view this film in the cinema and buy or rent this film. The film may also only be shown at licensed adult cinemas.
  8. 8. • We rated our film a 15. This is due to it containing intense horror scenes and an intense horror narrative throughout the film. For example someone is attacked and then kidnapped. • It also contains violence such as when the kidnapper attacks the victim and contains language that may offend viewers under 15 years of age.