Introduction to as and tv drama

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  • 1. Welcome to AS Media
  • 2. Lesson ObjectivesTo know: How the AS Level in Media is assessed.To understand: What Section A of the AS examinationentails.To learn: Some key terms that will be helpful inpreparing for the AS exam in January.
  • 3. Media StudiesWhat does ‘media’ actually mean?
  • 4. The AS exam - Section AInvolves studying the key concepts of Media Languageand Representation.You’ll watch a short extract from a TV Drama (4 times)and be asked to write about the ways in which thetechnical codes (media language) have been used toconstruct a particular representation of groups ofpeople.
  • 5. The AS exam - Section AThe question doesn’t really change all that much andwill look very similar to this:Discuss the ways in which ________________ isrepresented in the extract through the:Camera shot, movement, angle and composition.Editing.Sound.Mise-en-scene.
  • 6. The AS exam - Section AWhat will change is the underlined bit. There are 7possible focii for the clip:Gender / Age / Ethnicity / Sexuality / Regional Identity /Disability and Physical ability / Social Class and status.We won’t know what the focus will be so will preparefor all of them.
  • 7. The AS exam - Section AThere are however some things that we do know...The 4 technical codes won’t change.You will have to write about representation.It will be a piece of TV Drama (this is important!).
  • 8. TaskLook at the TV listings - how many different types ofprogramme can you identify?
  • 9. TaskHow are you grouping the programmes together? Whatenables you to do this?
  • 10. TaskHow might what we have just done help in terms ofpreparing for the January exam?
  • 11. Key TermsMedia LanguageRepresentationGenreGeneric conventionsSub-GenreGeneric hybrid