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Cabin in the woods pp
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Cabin in the woods pp


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  • 1. Target Audience Research Edward Dew
  • 2. ‘Cabin in the woods’ is a horror/thriller genre. This is the same genre as our opening and therefore we will have similar target audience’s so this information is useful as it will help us with our research and target audience.
  • 3. This is the target audience for ‘Cabin in the woods’ ‘Cabin in the woods’ The most significant demographic statistic in the category of age for ‘Cabin in the woods’ (horror thriller) is that 65% of the audience were ages between 65%. This is the most popular age significantly as the next highest was 25-35 which was only 26%. This indicates that a younger demographics from teen to young adults will most stereotypically be attracted to this genre of film. The themes related around devil and sin can often be attractive to young audiences as they contain many real life enigmas which enhances the entertainment values. Themes such as gore and violence are stereotypically enjoyed more by 15-24 year olds and this is evident from this data, we will take this into account when producing our film.Evidence of this is the many recent films revolved around this that have been very popular: The last exorcism, the exorcism of Emily Rose, The devil inside etc.
  • 4. the most predominant class category is C1 with 34% of viewers in this category. We will have similar target audience’s so this information is useful as can indicate where to aim our film at. However, this particular example is not as significant as all are fairly similar and therefore the class is not that much of a key factor in choosing where to aim our film.
  • 5. There is 61% of men and 39%. So more men watch this film than woman, we will bare this in mind for our film.m This is extremely significant as we now know to include more elements and conventions enjoyable to men as they are the main market for us. This is because men stereotypically prefer the intense and scary tone and therefore enjoy this genre more. This is due to the key themes of violence, gore and tension which men are more accustomed to than woman and will stereotypically enjoy it more.
  • 6. Psychographics One psychographics for cabin in the woods, and consequently our film is ‘The Explorer’. This person is described as ‘young in nature’ which is similar to our age for target audience and therefore relevant for our research. Explorers are also described as someone who likes new experiences and difference. By watching the horror thriller genre they will be seeking this new experiences as horror thrillers give them different generic pleasures to alternative genre. A Theme is the audience overcoming a challenge along with the protagonist and as ‘explorers’ like a new challenge they will again enjoy this pleasure of the film. As our film also overcomes a challenge and offers a new alternative Explorers will be a large target market for our horror thriller.
  • 7. Media consumption The highest percentage of age watching this genre is 15-24. Similarly, the highest percentage who use social media is by far 14-24 and therefore we know how to reach our target market from this research. Similarly we can see how the older age ranges are less likely to use these social media sites and so we know to stick away from aiming them at this age. From this research we can also see how 66% of households have desktop and 78% have laptops and therefore we know that the internet will be a significant part of our advertising especially for reaching our target market. To increase this further 47% use surfing the web on their smart phones which also supports this key advertising prospect.