Supersize Your Business With Social Media Tools


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How to use social media and social networks to build brand awareness, engage your network, drive traffic to your website and increase your customer base.

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  • Here is a startling statistics: The top social media sites like Facebook & Youtube beats all the porn sites.
  • Before we begin we would like to hear more about youWhy are you here?What do you expect to receive form this presentation?Anyone?In all marketing efforts, as in social media, we must ask these same questions of our customers.Who are they?Why do they use a particular social networking site?Why would someone on this site be interested in my product or services?
  • Now that we know some more about who we are, and why we are here, let’s discuss, briefly, what is “social media”?The best way to define Social Media is to break it down in the two components.Social means living together in communities, it means companionship and in general, it refers to human interactions.Mediais a means for distributing information. So Social Media is the distribution of information that allows for human interactions.Up until recently we had only “mass media”: TV, radio, and print. Mass media wasn’t social.Consumers only received information. We didn’t participate and it is a very expensive way to market our business.So forget mass media [click].Social Media has allowed small business owners to competed with giants like Amazon, Target and even WalmartYou might even want to think of social media as “word of mouth”, but it’s so much more.
  • Google Realtime: In 2009, Google and Twitter struck a deal to include the Twitter feed in Google search results. The agreement expired this past July, and has not been renewed. For the time being Google Realtime has been suspended. They are experimenting with including it in Google+Twitter Search: Search the Whostalkin.comAdd screenshots of each
  • 1. ListenOnce you determine where your customers are you must first listen to them.Use tools like Technorati and Google Search to learn what is been said about your products, services, company, the competition and your industry.2. EngageOnce you have listened to your customers and prospects you will understand how best to communicate with them. You can now create a social media plan that details what to post, when to post, how often to post and where to post what in order to achieve your marketing objectives. Participate, listen, read, and speak with your customers on their terms.3. Relinquish ControlYou will have to give-up the desire to control conversations and interactions on line.At any given moment someone can be posting a positive or negative comment about your company, your products and your services. Join the conversations and address any negative comment. See these as opportunity to improve your products and services3. Give GenerouslyReward your loyal followers/customers.Share information that is of value to your customers and audienceOffer discounts and special deals that can only be found on these media
  • However, you must remember that the main goal of thesesocial networking sites is to provide a platform for an open and honest conversation. And there are some conduct rules 1. The community decides what the rules are2. You are a guest like everyone else and therefore the conduct rules apply to you too3. Be courteous, respectful and polite4. Be transparent5. Be genuine and helpful6. People are there to relax, socialize, and communicateUse these rules to establish the right voice for your company and therefore how you want to be perceived
  • Home Depot is an example of a company that successfully followed these guidelines of listening,engaging, relinquishing control and giving generously. Google “Home Depot” and you’ll find social media everywhere:photos on Flickr, videos on YouTube, wall postings on Facebook. Some of it is negative. Home Depot could not prevent the negative comments.Getting into the conversations and denying the experience would probably make things worse.Instead, they started hosting monthly Kids and Adult Workshops. People took photos and shot videos which ended up on Facebook, Flickr and Youtube.Home Depot created a positive experience. Their customers voluntarily published their positive experience, were very helpful in counteracting the negative comments.Let’s spend the next few minutes discussing a some of these sites and tools, What are their demographics? Who exactly are their users?And how can we, the business owners, and use them as part of our marketing program?
  • Facebook, as you no doubt know by now, is a social networking site and presently has over 750M users.50% of these users login every dayThere are 225 million US users59% of Facebook users are between ages 18 and 44, with the fastest growing group being people OVER 45 years .54% of social media users get their morning news from FacebookWith 48% checking their status as soon as they wake up, some even while in bed.So if most people are on Facebook early in the morning, you need to be there at that time sharingand participating in order to make the most impact.
  • 1. One of the easiest and most effective ways for companies to stand out on Facebook is to create a business 'page'. 2.On Facebook business page you can showcase your products and services using text, photos and videos. You can share information that your customers and prospects will consider valuable. 3. Unlike having a personal Facebook profile, business pages are visible to anyone on the Internet.4. 60% of Fortune 100 companies have Facebook pages and 40% get higher traffic there than on their own website. Stats: March 2011, Adgregate and Webtrends report A good example of an effectiveFacebook Business Page is Retro Lounge & GrillThey use their page to:Get new customersGet feedback from their present customersUpdate customers on specials, discount offer and weekly events And share helpful tips on food and eating well.
  • Here are some ways you can makeTwitter work for youShare. Share photos and behind the scenes information about your business. Users come to Twitter to get and share the latest, so give it to them!2. Respond and Ask. Respond to compliments and feedback in real time. Ask questions of your followersto gleam valuable insights and show that you are listening.3. Monitor and Listen. Regularly monitor the comments about your company, industry, brand, and products.4. Reward. Tweet updates about special offers, discounts and time-sensitive deals.Demonstrate your are a thought leader & an expert in your field. Share links to articles you have written.Champion your stakeholders.Retweet and reply publicly to great tweets posted by your followers and customers.
  • LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 120 million members and it’s growing rapidly. LinkedIn connects you to your trusted contacts. It helps you exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals.Who can benefit from using LinkedIn?B2B – If you are targeting business owners and professionals, LinkedIn is the place to be.You can establish yourself and company as an expert in your industry by actively participating in groups and making valuable contributions to the conversations.There are 44M US professionals on LinkedIn with 2 sign-ups/second
  • Barbara LemaireWhat: "Non-profit connects with key benefactor through LinkedIn” Who: Barbara Lemaire, executive director of New Mexico Direct Caregivers CoalitionWhere: Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States Used LinkedIn to: Secure funding for a non-profit organization. How: While directing development at Barrett Foundation, a non-profit that helps homeless women and children rebuild their lives, Barbara started a LinkedIn Group, “Non-Profit Organizations of New Mexico”. The Group helped Barrett Foundation get noticed by Billington Wines, the maker of Big Tattoo Wines in Virginia, who gives 50 cents of every local sale to a local charity. The company recently entered the New Mexico market and chose Barrett Foundation as their local beneficiary through Barbara's activity in the Group.
  • Started blogging in 2006 for a 1 year trial runJust 6 months of weekday blogging put him in the top 10 for “NYC injury lawyer”Since then he has been ranked in the top 5% of NY injury lawyers 2 years runningHis blog has been in the Top 100 National Legal Blogs, and the only personal injury blog on the list for 3 years straight.
  • Supersize Your Business With Social Media Tools

    1. 1. Presented bySandra McCartyRobert Saunders
    2. 2. Social Media Beats Porn
    3. 3. And You? Who? Why? What?Think the Same of Your Customers
    4. 4. What IsSocial Medialets people:Mass Media Listen be Heard and Express themselves
    5. 5. Social Media Sites & AppsType Notable Sites & AppsNetworking Facebook, Google+, LinkedInSharing Flickr, YoutubeGroups Facebook, Google GroupsMessaging Twitter, FoursquareReference WikipediaBlogs Blogger, Wordpress, Twitter
    6. 6. Social Search Tools• Google Realtime  Included Twitter  ‘Suspended’ in July••  By Site or Media•  Categories  Timelines
    7. 7. ListenEngageRelinquish ControlGive Generously
    8. 8. You Must Remember This… Community Rules Everyone’s a Guest Be Courteous, Respectful,and Polite Be Transparent Be Genuine & Helpful Relax
    9. 9. Home Depot• Negative & Positive• Kids Workshops• Adult workshops• Consumer Photos, Videos, Comments• Result: Created a positive image through consumer sharing
    10. 10. • 750 million users worldwide• 50% login every day• 225 million users in the US  59% in 18-34 age bracket  Surge in 45+ age bracket  54% get morning news from Facebook  48% of adults check when they wake up  28% while in bed with smartphone
    11. 11. Facebook Business Page• 60% of Fortune 100 cos. have Facebook pages• 40% get Higher traffic on Facebook than co. website
    12. 12. 200 million accounts worldwide 1 million+ on Long Island More likely Affluent and Urban41% Biz Owners say it delivers more biz value
    13. 13. Best Uses• Share:  Business Information and Updates  Partner and Customer News• Respond to followers• Monitor discussions• Offers and Specials for followers
    14. 14. • Largest Professional Network (120M)• Business Connections• Exchange  Knowledge  Ideas  Opportunities• Stats  44 million US professionals  2 sign-ups per second
    15. 15. LinkedIn Success Stories• Barbara Lemaire • Jesse Goldman  Barrett Foundation  Business Development  Helps the homeless  Rypple, software co.  Group for non-profits • Uses:• Contact:  Company page  Billington Wines  Polls, Ads, & Events  Gives 50% sales  Market research  Recruiting  Build consumer web traffic & support
    16. 16. • 10 million users• Mobile app• Check-in, Badges• Find Local Business, Attractions• Business Uses:  “Claim” your business and offer specials  For Service Calls and Appearances
    17. 17. Blogs200,000,000
    18. 18. Blogging for Business• Your Space • Don’t Want One?• Great draw for traffic  Comment  Dynamic  Guest Writer  Reach • Reader Stats• Get Personal  14% ↓: 12-17 age group  Interests  32% ↑: 18-34  Local News  16% ↑ : 45+
    19. 19. Tie It All Together• Eric Turkewitz, NYC Personal Injury Lawyer• 2006: Started blogging• Skeptical, he gave it 1 year• Google Rank: Top 10• 6 months• SuperLawyers, 2 years• Top 100 Blawg, 3 years
    20. 20. Presented bySandra McCartyRobert Saunders