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Intro Networks Community Manager Presentation
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Intro Networks Community Manager Presentation


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Presented to IntroNetworks Community Managers - increasing membership in social networking communities

Presented to IntroNetworks Community Managers - increasing membership in social networking communities

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • Sandra, have you seen Nattergalen's webinar on increasing participation yet? Maybe we should trade some notes!

    e-mail me at if you want to chat
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  • 1. Welcome introNetworks Community Managers! SITEconnect: A community for SITE learning professionals Presented by: Sandy Masters Volunteer Community Manager
  • 2. Topics – Increasing Membership:
    • STAR (Situation, Tactics, Action, Results)
    • Ambassador Program
    • Idea for community engagement
    • First Friday’s – Training
    • Advertising in InSITE & Webinars
    • Challenge – Growing membership at the same time as building a thriving community
  • 3. STAR
    • Situation – Society of Insurance Trainers & Educators has almost 1000 members; many factors contributed to the need for an online social networking tool.
    • Tactics – Roll-out; Ambassador program
    • Actions – First Fridays; consistent messaging
    • Results – 307 members have created profiles; 45 SITEconnect Ambassadors
  • 4. Ambassador Program
    • Monthly meetings online
    • Created SITEconnect Ambassador Group
    • Recognition
    • Special Ambassador ribbons for conference
  • 5. Community Purpose
    • To create a place for SITE members to share information and resources as we discover them. This collective collaboration on learning tools and resources will enable us to improve our performance in a way that we could not do alone.
  • 6. Modes of Interaction
    • Viewing activity : people are drawn to a community and the information the community creates by their sense of usefulness of the information
    • Writing : posting activity is higher for those who participate in offline meetings around the community
    • 90-9-1 Rule – Need the Ambassadors Help!
    • Source :
  • 7. SITEconnect Components
    • My Profile
    • Connections/Search
    • Help
    • Groups
    • Resources
      • Attachments
      • Internet sites
      • Really Simple Syndication (RSS Feeds)
    • Forums
  • 8. Importance of Completing Tags
  • 9. Need tags to be seen on pin map
  • 10. Word Selection – Top Tags
  • 11. Log-Ins By Date
  • 12. Contributions of a SITEconnect Ambassador
    • Posting and monitoring a Forum Topic
    • Posting a Resource
    • Reaching out to another SITE member
    • Becoming a Group Manager
    • Write an article for InSITE
  • 13. Ideas for Community Engagement
    • Example that came from an Ambassador
  • 14. First Fridays - Training
    • Personally invite all new members to SITEconnect intro webinar
    • Held monthly
    • From website:
  • 15. Advertising in inSITE/Webinars
  • 16. Continuing Challenge
    • Growing membership at the same time as building a thriving community
    • We have to remember that not all people understand how to use social networking tools to solve problems
    • We need to teach people how to connect, communicate and collaborate in new ways to make their job easier
    • Social Networking Community Managers are pioneers!
  • 17. This presentation is available on Slideshare