Update! 2013 Psychology of Online Giving with Examples!


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2013 Psychology of Online Giving Study from Blackbaud Europe - now with examples of best practice online fundraising techniques!

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Update! 2013 Psychology of Online Giving with Examples!

  1. 1. #psyofonlinegiving The Psychology of Online Giving
  2. 2. #psyofonlinegiving Join the conversation! Connect with us #psyofonlinegiving #LCDConf
  3. 3. #psyofonlinegiving • Conducted via a YouGov Plc UK online survey between November 8 – 11, 2013 • Total sample size was 2088 UK adults (aged 18+) About the study
  4. 4. #psyofonlinegiving Growth in online fundraising Online Fundraising is growing year-on-year
  5. 5. #psyofonlinegiving Growth in online fundraising 14 86 2013 Organisations Reported Accepting Online Donations No Yes 30 70 2012 Organisations Reported Accepting Online Donations No Yes Source: SONI 2013 and 2012, Blackbaud Europe
  6. 6. #psyofonlinegiving 40% of UK consumers said online giving is their main way of donating to a cause
  7. 7. #psyofonlinegiving
  8. 8. #psyofonlinegiving Top 5 Reasons People Donate Online #5 “Paying it forward” #4 For my own self-worth #3 A personal connection to a particular cause #2 In response to a campaign for a particular cause #1 To support a friend/family member in doing something good
  9. 9. #psyofonlinegiving Chapter Section SlideUpward Trends
  10. 10. #psyofonlinegiving Upward trends Social Sharing Social Sharing has “traditionally” been used to generate awareness for causes and campaigns • 15% of respondents reported “sharing” that they’d donated via a social network • Rises to 25% among 25-44 year olds
  11. 11. #psyofonlinegiving
  12. 12. #psyofonlinegiving Upward trends Mobile Fundraising Mobiles are quickly becoming the preferred device for accessing the Internet • 17% of respondents said they’d donated via a smartphone or tablet
  13. 13. #psyofonlinegiving
  14. 14. #psyofonlinegiving Caution! • 1 in 5 of respondents did not notice the charity they were supporting • Possible causes: • Just donating to a friend • Likely using a 3rd party website • Lack of information about the charity/campaign • Little to no follow up for online donations (lack of data?)
  15. 15. #psyofonlinegiving Nearly half of respondents indicated they’d like to have easy access to further information about the cause
  16. 16. #psyofonlinegiving
  17. 17. #psyofonlinegiving
  18. 18. #psyofonlinegiving We’re not a large charity, so for us the personal touch is really important to keep our brand in the minds of our supporters and keep them close to the organisation. Blackbaud Heroix helps us do this, which in turn will change short-term fundraisers into long- term supporters of the Charity - David Rees, Fundraising Manager at Hope for Children
  19. 19. #psyofonlinegiving • How prominent is your campaign brand during the donation process? • Start to Finish – across all mediums • How easy is it to learn more about your charity or cause? • Are you able to reinforce your message with updates on campaign success/results? • How up-to-date is your website? • How accessible is your website? • Mobilisation • Less adept users
  20. 20. #psyofonlinegiving In summary üLeverage technology and tools to support the growing #s of online donors üEnsure you offer a variety of methods for support – web, social, mobile, direct mail, face-to-face, etc üAdopt a multi-channel approach üEncourage social sharing – and take part in the dialogue where appropriate üPrepare for mobile üBe vigilant about your brand and message – make sure your intended message is out there üMake it easy to support, share, learn and participate
  21. 21. #psyofonlinegiving Thank you! Don’t forget to download the report and catch our Top Tips for Online Giving Visit: https://www.blackbaud.co.uk/psychologyofonlinegiving If you have any questions, please email: solutions@blackbaud.co.uk Or connect @BlackbaudEurope & @SandraLuther