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Tl presentation a frame

  1. 1. Discussion of Presentation By Andrew Fairchild, NYC EducatorBy Sandra Jacques, Jake Lederman and Amy Gilbeaux
  2. 2. Objective:To make the learning of biological principles sointeresting that there is effortless active learningof the part of the student Set Up: Mug Shot of Bill Gates A brutal CRIME was committed- A teacher was responsible Evidence was left behind Find the perpetrator using scientific techniques
  3. 3. Students gathered EVIDENCE and used modern forensic scienceto analyze their samples• DNA/ Fingerprinting using PCR• Finger Print analysis• Fiber sample collectionStudents were able to reach out via SKYPE to NYCdetectives and experts in the field offorensic science Dr. Henry Lee
  4. 4. Scaffolding was used to build knowledgeabout forensic science techniques: Knowledge of Understanding DNA sequences PCR/DNA amplificationStudents gained valuableexperience fromtheir exposure tomodern scientific toolsand from their interactions withprofessionals in the field
  5. 5. Students then had to present their evidence to a JURY of their peers who assessed them on the quality of their argumentsStudents were able to incorporate written andoral skills in their presentations . This project helped kids to not only gain a more complete understanding of required Biological Principles (NYS Core L.E. /Literary Standards), but they were also able to see science in ACTION
  6. 6. Our job as educators is to guide students towards self-directed learning Plant Earth physiology Science /reproduction Amy wants to find Jake wants to introduce kids new and interesting to a huge range of Earth ways to talk about Science topics plant reproduction Sexual Reproduction/ Biochemistry Sandra wants students to appreciate genetic diversity within a species.
  7. 7. TEACHER CENTERED STUDENT CENTERED Focus is on instructor  Focus is on both student and instructor  Instructor models ad Instructor talks student students interacts with listen instructor and with one another Instructors lead  Students take discussion leadership role, learning becomes their responsibility
  8. 8. Engage: pique curiosity with : a captivating themeExplore : students answer their own questions using the scientific method and hands on lab techniquesExplain: instructors answer questions guided by student interestElaborate: students expand knowledge with projects using in-depth lab skillsEvaluate: students evaluate each other, instructor evaluates content knowledge
  9. 9. Student centered learning• acknowledges different learning styles• allows kids to grasp technical skills in addition to mastering content• students can see science as it applies in the real world• gives students the confidence necessary to learn on their own
  10. 10. Let’s put an ENDto instructionthat kills motivationand innovation!
  11. 11. Thanks, Jake and Amy for their valuable input…Special Thanksto Andrewfor an informativesession!