DTC Wine Workshops - Three Tools to DRIVE SALES!


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Grow your Direct to Consumer Wine business in the Tasting Room, through Social Media Management and Monitoring and by using Preference Based Marketing. Have meaningful conversations that education and convert into long term buyers.

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  • Note: All attendees have been muted for today’s Webinar. Please feel free to type questions into chat window and I will address as many as possible the last ten minutes. Grab your coffee and let’s get started!
  • Sold first SAAS compliancy model software to major US and International corporations and law firms in 2005. INSZoom.com Builds automations, integrations and customizations to reduce headaches, red tape and ensure managers are alerted about important changes in compliance. Heavy data migration and data mining processes.
  • We’re taking a project management approach to helping wineries set up new DTC wine division or to expand and make improvements to existing. By using proven methodologies, proper combination of technology and processes are put in place using best practices.
  • I promised to provide you with tools you can begin using today to improve your DTC sales division and here are three.
  • We’re taking a project management approach to helping wineries set up new DTC wine division or to expand and make improvements to existing. By using proven methodologies, proper combination of technology and processes are put in place using best practices.
  • 78.1% of the population uses the internet at mid-year 2012, according to Internet World Stats, December 2012*.   $1.35 billion in wine was shipped in 2012*.
  • Customer Service is top of mind for DTC Wine Workshops and we ensure that every project is managed with YOUR needs in mind.
  • First = shop your website OR ask your spouse or friend to shop it from various devices. Calendar time every couple of months to shop your e-commerce site and ensure your customers are happy with the shopping experience.Ease of navigation – how easy is it to buy? How does mobile version render on various devices?E-Commerce shopping cart best practices include one page, secure check out (Amazon feel)E-Commerce merchandising best practices – Vin65 - http://www.vin65.com/blog/5-Tips-for-Effective-Ecommerce-MerchandisingWhat is the member experience verses random online buyer? Do members get the VIP treatment? Do you remember their name, birthday, anniversary?Is content fresh, informative, relevant, interesting, and updated on a regular basis?How easy is it to sign up for a club or register for an event?Is your brand competitive and attracting new online shoppers?Shipping Promos for first time shoppers?Using online Marketplaces to attract new audiences based on your target demographics, price point, etc.?Allowing build your own club or case? Mix and matchhttp://www.vin65.com/blog/5-Tips-for-Effective-Ecommerce-Merchandising
  • Reply with empathyPut yourself in your customer’s shoes and try to understand why they’re upset. Try to imagine how you would want a business owner to respond in that situation.Ask questionsAmy and Samy are also notorious for their indignant replies to negative restaurant reviews on Yelp. Instead of being defensive, try to clarify on the situation and why the customer is unhappy. This also shows that you’re serious about getting the issue resolved.Stay professionalAvoid injecting your personal opinions and beliefs into the conversation. Make the goal to resolve the conflict at hand, not to win an argument.Hold conversations privatelyInstead of handling the negative mention in the comments section, invite the customer to call or email your customer support department. If necessary, encourage them to contact you directly.Moderate your social mediaTrolls do exist. Just because someone is dissatisfied with your business doesn’t give them permission to post spam and flame your Facebook page. Create a social media policy, make it available to the public, and boot those who violate it.Take advantage of constructive criticismSometimes a customer’s negative social mention can help you to improve your products and services for the future. Use feedback to your advantage when it is constructive instead of dismissing it.Apologize when neededNever act too big to apologize if the problem was on your end. A simple apology can do a lot to diffuse the situation.
  • Use Site Stats to understand which online channels your visitors are coming fromPlan your social strategy based on greatest online traffic sourcesAnalyze data and revisit your Social Strategy every few monthsStay current with Luxury Brand Marketers – Mercedes, BMW, Nordstrom, The Ritz. What are they doing differently? How are they catering?
  • Subscribe to Social Media today to get brought up to speed on latest trends, expected mention response times, etc. http://socialmediatoday.com
  • At the bare minimum, set up free Google alerts around your brand(s) and possibly top customers (individual and corporations). Write a note of congratulations on a promotion, wedding, company acquisition, etc.
  • Free version of VinTank Basic keeps you updated of all online mentions about your brand. No need to check several outlets each day, let software do it for you. Announcement last month that Vin65 and VinTank are building an integration to track social ROI to contact record in CRM. What does this mean for your marketing team?
  • Check out the various options that VinTank offers wineries and stay on top of the social conversation.
  • Wineries have a huge advantage when it comes to understanding customer preferences. Every transaction reveals information about tastes, preferences and price points your customers are comfortable with. You have the ability to create meaningful conversations through online messaging, email and print marketing campaign.
  • Wineries have a huge advantage when it comes to understanding customer preferences. Every transaction reveals information about tastes, preferences and price points your customers are comfortable with. You have the ability to create meaningful conversations through online messaging, email and print marketing campaign.
  • Set up your Favorite Reports folder to understand who your biggest spenders are and reach out to thank them! Do you have a new release coming out next quarter, run a segmented list of buyers against that varietal and give them the good news with a VIP invitation to a barrel tasting or release party.
  • Use Dynamic Content email messaging to create a message that is friendly and familiar. If you know Alyssa loves your cabs, invite her a guest to your upcoming release party.
  • Excellent example of dynamic content emails. One glance I know this brand – reinforcing brand experience with custom messaging, links to customer account, order tracking number, drill downs to read the book reviews, etc. This is now the EXPECTATION NOT THE EXCEPTION.
  • So I gave you three tips for quick improvements to your DTC Sales Division. You can begin making improvements on your own of use DTC Wine Workshops to help you get set up.
  • I will take you through a few slides about how we work and wrap up with Q & A in just a bit.
  • Your management team has knowledge necessary to build a solid DTC Sales Plan. We all know that turn over in the wine industry is high and successful wineries formulate project plans and build training manuals to ensure that valuable time and information isn’t lost during times of transition.
  • Your e-commerce website is the center of your DTC Sales Division and I recommend Vin65 for several reasons. Now at 800 customers strong, the Vin65 team constantly innovates by building solutions that help grow your bottom line and serve your customers. Mobile POS for I Pad released last year and just released Mobile POS for IPHONE this past month. Has integrations with VinTank, Vintners’ Alliance, many fulfillment houses including parent company WineDirect, mature integration with ShipCompliant.
  • One of me and I represent a team of DTC marketing consultants and designers who are the best in the industry. I conduct all discovery and set up every Workshop based on unique needs. Plug in subject matter experts where it make sense. Social management, content & blog services, email marketing, telemarketing, brand identity and strategy are some of the services available.
  • Bare minimum – social, mobile and brand strategies need to be in place and updated annually.
  • Every Workshop kicks off with a Discovery period. Your management team completes a brief questionnaire so that DTC Wine Workshops is brought up to speed around where your DTC Division is currently at and understands your most important initiatives.
  • I’m not going to go in great detail about the three flavors of Workshops and Services, but will send you a copy of the presentation with that information post Webinar if you like. You can also find under Services tab on my website.
  • DTC Wine Workshops - Three Tools to DRIVE SALES!

    1. 1. Welcome to DTC Wine Workshops Overview Webinar - August 27, 2013
    2. 2. A bit about me….. 15 year Sales and Marketing Management background in Technical Sales, supporting companies that include: Jelly Belly, Gallo Winery, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Sutter Health and Microsoft. Compliance Management, System Integrations, Process Automation, Change and Project Management Specialties. My move to the Wine Space….. While working for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM services company, I managed The Winery CRM product and helped wineries improve Sales, Marketing and Customer Service departments. I transitioned to the DTC Wine E-Commerce arena a few years ago and worked for eWinery and Vin65. Why I started DTC Wine Workshops…… A growing need for wineries to implement new technologies and processes necessary to compete and thrive in a constantly growing and changing DTC Wine Sales environment. I help wineries MAKE THE RIGHT MOVES. Favorite Wine: I started drinking White Zin back in the day and now enjoy everything from buttery chardonnays to full bodied petite sirahs. It really depends on the day!
    3. 3. TODAY - Gain a Fresh Perspective
    4. 4. TOP 3 THINGS YOU CAN DO TODAY TO Improve Your DTC Sales Division EMPOWER Your Tasting Room Staff SET UP a Social Media Monitoring Plan USE Data to CATER to Customers
    5. 5. #1 EMPOWER YOUR TASTING ROOM STAFF Hold a monthly meeting to revisit your Game Plan, Update Messaging, Provide Tools staff can use to WOW the Customer
    6. 6. Understand WHERE your Visitors are coming from and CONNECT! Shipping Incentives are the most valuable offer post tasting room
    8. 8. Does your staff have TOOLS and TIME to have MEANINGFUL CONVERSATIONS?
    9. 9. MEANINGFUL CONVERSATIONS ARE A MUST 10% influence the purchasing behavior of the other 90% Malcolm Gladwell - The Tipping Point
    11. 11. Because consumers have more choice and less time, Wineries need to set up a Social Strategy to stay on top of the conversation End to End Service #2 Set Up a Social Monitoring Plan
    12. 12. Know the RIGHT MOVES to make when monitoring, creating content and building audience
    13. 13. CREATE a Daily Rhythm
    14. 14. MONITOR Online Conversations – Daily and Weekly Summaries
    15. 15. MONITOR Online Conversations – Let Technology do if for you!
    16. 16. MONITOR Online Conversations – Let Technology do if for you!
    17. 17. # 3 Use DATA to CATER to customers
    18. 18. Take the Time to Segment and Sort Preference Based Marketing WINS
    19. 19. CREATE Content and Promotions based On Preferences
    20. 20. CREATE Content and Promotions based On Preferences
    21. 21. Does Preference Based Marketing DRIVE SALES?
    22. 22. Use DATA to CATER to customers – Create Dynamic Content Emails
    23. 23. Use DATA to CATER to customers
    24. 24. Because a HAPPY customer is your greatest ASSET, DTC WINE WORKSHOPS uses Proven Methodologies that deliver RESULTS
    25. 25. Keep It Simple DTC WINE WORKSHOPS Delivers DTC Best Practices through a Workshop Series using Project Management Tools
    26. 26. DTC Managers INPUT MATTERS MANAGER INVOLVEMENT throughout the Workshop Series is KEY to Long-Term Success Club, Store, Tasti ng Room and Operations Managers KNOW THE PRODUCT KNOW THE CUSTOMER
    27. 27. Best Practice Consulting using the BEST DTC Technology Strategic Partners DTC WINE WORKSHOPS has selected partners who are reputable, knowledgeable, innovative & honest to ensure you MAKE THE RIGHT MOVES
    28. 28. DTC WINE WORKSHOPS Select Technology Partners
    29. 29. DTC WINE WORKSHOPS Select Marketing Partners
    30. 30. DTC Wine Workshops deliver:  Site Evaluation  Project Plan (for implementing a DTC Wine sales division or improving upon existing)  Expert Recommendations  Brand Experience Plan  Technology Training  Social Strategy  Mobile Strategy Technology is only as GOOD as how it’s USED
    32. 32. WEEKLY STATUS REPORT Provides COMPLETE VISIBILITY into Project Progress
    33. 33. DTC Wine Workshops PACKAGES OR PROJECTS DTC Sales Set Up DTC Sales Tune-Up DTC Sales Boost Project-by-Project
    34. 34. Thank You DTC Wine Workshops (925) 577-3326 www.dtcwineworkshops.com