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  • 1. Ken Wasetis . President, Contextual Corp. ken.wasetis@contextualcorp.com http://www.contextualcorp.com
  • 2. WHAT ABOUT Open Source CMS since 2001 Written in Python / Runs on Zope App Server Top 2% Open Source Project (see: ohloh.net) 300 Solution Providers in 57 Countries Over 200 CORE Plone developers worldwide Available in 40 Languages on Most Common Operating Systems (*nix, Mac, Windows) http://www.contextualcorp.com
  • 3. WHAT ABOUT Full Version = Free Version IP Owned / Managed by Plone Foundation Most Secure Major CMS Tool (see: cve.mitre.org) Excels at 'Enterprise' Level CMS Needs (Workflow, Structured Content, Integration) Used by FBI, United Nations, Oxfam, Novell, Nokia, eBay, Gap Inc., Discover Magazine... http://www.contextualcorp.com
  • 4. WHAT IS IT USED FOR? Simple Web Publishing Enterprise Content Management / Publishing Personalized Portals Intranet (Sharepoint Replacement) Extranet (for clients, partners, employees) Corporate, Government, Non-Profit, all... http://www.contextualcorp.com
  • 5. WHY DON’T I HEAR MORE ABOUT IT? Developer Base Is More on Technical Side (Versus Designer Side) Solution Providers Always Busy No 'Company' Behind Plone Foundation Started Marketing Plone Last Year http://www.contextualcorp.com
  • 6. How Can I Get IT? Funny You Should Ask... (demo) Go to Plone.org and download free copy Install in 5 Minutes (single file download) Create, Publish! No Muss, No Fuss! http://www.contextualcorp.com
  • 7. WOW! LETS SEE IT! Here we go! http://www.contextualcorp.com
  • 8. Case study Brett Wangman President of partner company Believes in the open source force! http://www.contextualcorp.com
  • 9. Ken Wasetis President, Contextual Corp. ken.wasetis@contextualcorp.com http://www.contextualcorp.com