Operating an ir office


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Operating an ir office

  1. 1. Operating an IR OfficeMichael Hadley, Methodist University,Sandra Nicks, Belmont Abbey CollegeNancy Raynor, Peace CollegeRoss Griffith, Wake Forest University 1
  2. 2. METHODIST UNIVERSITY•Established in 1956•Enrollment of 2,416 Students•Freshmen to Sophomore Retention 61%•6-Year Graduation Rate 39%•Reaccredited by SACS in 2009 with no recommendations
  3. 3. Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness• Reports to the Vice President for Planning and Evaluation• Staff 3 people + 2 half-time people in Planning and Evaluation for a total of 4.
  4. 4. TASKS• Respond to External and Internal Information Request (IPEDS, NCHED, etc)• Coordinates the Faculty and Staff Evaluation System• Support Campus wide Assessment Efforts• Coordinate Institutional Survey Research Efforts• Support Academic Testing and Analysis
  5. 5. CHALLENGES AND STRATEGIES CHALLENGES STRATEGIES• Responding in a timely • Communicating with manner your campus• Being spread too thin contingents• Legacy Administrative • Trying to anticipate System information needs• Survey Fatigue • Effective use of technology • Temporary Staff
  6. 6. BELMONT ABBEY COLLEGE •Established in 1876 •Enrollment of 1,734 Students (866 Traditional, 868 Adult) •BA & BS Degrees •Freshmen to Sophomore Retention 69% •6-Year Graduation Rate 33%
  7. 7. Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness• Reports to the Vice President for Academic Affairs• Staff – Director (Full-Time) – Assessment and Research Analyst (Full-Time) – Research Associate/Office Manager (Part-Time) – Survey Coordinator (Part-Time) – Student Worker/Technology Specialist (Work-Study)
  8. 8. DUTIES• SACS Liaison• External Statistical Reports (IPEDS, NCHED, etc)• Internal Data Requests (2010-115 Requests, 225 Hours)• Coordinate Academic and Administrative Assessment Programs• Assist with Strategic Planning Coordination• Coordinate Institutional Survey Research Efforts (25 Planned Surveys each Year)• Assist with Academic Testing (SAILS & Computer Competency Exam)• Course Evaluations (2010-930 Courses, 633 Hours)
  9. 9. CHALLENGES AND STRATEGIES CHALLENGES STRATEGIES• Data System • Work Closely with IT and• Course Management other Admin. Offices System • Innovation & Creativity• Coordinating Duties (Google IR Site, Free• Assessment Follow-Up Technology, Student Workers)• Doubts over Numbers • Use Psychology to• Time Motivate Others• Budget • Support Each Other
  10. 10. Peace College•Founded in 1857•Student to Faculty 1:11•91% graduate in 4 years•Internship in major•Job Placement 92%•Adult Ed Program
  11. 11. Office of Institutional Planning & Effectiveness• Single permanently employed staff• Reports to Provost & Registrar• Oversees Assessment of Institutional Health• Facilitates Academic & Administrative Annual IE Unit Reporting• Manages Academic and Administrative Annual Program Reviews• Administers Institutional Testing (CLA)• Responds to 6 surveys• Prepares Executive Summaries on Test Results and Research• Provides Professional Development on Assessment 11
  12. 12. Managing the Office of Institutional EffectivenessChallenge Strategy• Overtime • Time Management• Chain of Command • Accessibility• Collection of Data • Data Collection Team• Review of Annual IE Unit • Academic Division Reports Chairs/Administrative Leads • Staff Testing Proctors & IT• Testing of 100% First-year • Unit Leads and Senior Students• Program/Unit Evaluations 12
  13. 13. Questions ?????????