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Sloan-C Mobile Mastery



Learn more about Mobile Learning and the Sloan-C Mobile Mastery Series.

Learn more about Mobile Learning and the Sloan-C Mobile Mastery Series.



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  • Goes beyond the walls of traditional learning.

Sloan-C Mobile Mastery Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Sloan-C Mobile Learning Mastery Series
  • 2. Sloan-C Programs & Resources • Membership: Lower prices on conferences, workshops, publications; full website access. • Workshops: Over 100 each year ($169 for members; $269 non-members) • College Pass: lowest prices on bulk workshops (25, 50, 75 & 100 seat options) • Certificate Program: Online teaching & learning • Blended Learning Mastery Series • Mobile Learning Mastery Series • 3 Annual Conferences: Blended, Emerging Tech, Annual Online Learning
  • 3. • Workshops : * Make a Great First Impression : Engaging Introduction Activities July 26-28, 2013 * Spice-Up you’re your Weekly Announcements Using Multimedia July 29, 2013 01:00 pm - 3:00 pm ET • Webinar: The Sloan-C Certificate Program : Case Studies from Alumni July 30, 2013 2:00 pm ET • Conference : 19th Annual Sloan Consortium International Conference on Online Learning November 20-22, 2013 Lake Buena Vista, FL Join us for Upcoming Sloan-C Events Upcoming Webinars
  • 4. Share Today… • Share Thoughts/Questions • Tweet Today –#SloanC –#Mobile
  • 5. Webinar Agenda
  • 7. Attending Today… I am attending this webinar today, because … A. I am already registered for the Mobile Learning Mastery Series. Trying to learn more about what to expect. B. I am considering to register for the Mobile Learning Mastery Series and trying to find out more about the program and if I can expect to learn mobile techniques to implement in my classes. C. I do not know anything about Mobile Learning or Teaching. Trying to find out what it is and if it is suitable for me. D. I am tasked by my institution to attend and get a better understanding of what is being offered through Mobile Learning Mastery Series.
  • 8. Meet our facilitator … Scott Hamm Director of Mobile Learning Research Abilene Christian University
  • 9. Meet Mobile Mastery Graduates … Torria Bond, Ph.D. California Baptist University Instructional Designer Online & Professional Studies
  • 10. Torria’s takeaways • The series improved my course development skills with mobile technology. • Gained confidence to encourage faculty to consider mobile devices in their course design practices. • The best part of the series was the opportunity to gain diverse perspectives on my own.
  • 11. Meet Mobile Mastery Graduates Omar S. Lopez, Ph.D. Texas State University - Round Rock Campus Assistant Professor Department of Occupational, Workforce, and Leadership Studies
  • 12. Omar’s takeaways • Well balanced readings between practice and research relevant to mobile learning. • Well designed curriculum scope and sequence • Prepared me to pursue on-learning practices using mobile applications, and has launched me into a research agenda in digital learning using mobile applications. • Has changed how I assess students’ learning from Bloom’s lower levels to higher levels.
  • 13. Overview of Sloan-C Institute Provides a place for professionals to engage in professional development about online teaching and learning with peers and experts. - Certificate Program - Mastery Series - Workshops - Webinars
  • 15. Your Mobile Device • Survey – What mobile device do you currently use? a. Apple iPad / iPhone b. Android tablet or phone c. Windows tablet or phone
  • 16. Favorite Educational Mobile Device • Share in Chat: –What is your Favorite Mobile Educational Device To Currently Use? –How do you use it to teach or learn?
  • 17. Mobile Devices • What Are They? – Tools Used in Motion • Examples: –Smart Phones –Tablets –Laptops –Connected Media Devices
  • 18. By The Numbers • 77% of the world’s population has access to a mobile network (Kuhulska-Hulme & Traxler, 2005) • 91% of American adults had cell phones, with 56% of American adults having smartphones as of May 2013 (Pew Research Center, 2013).
  • 19. Learning Mobile • Having a device is not equal to learning. • Planning and pedagogy need to direct learning. • Use technology to enhance learning.
  • 20. Definition of Mobile Learning Learning across multiple contexts, through social and content interactions, using personal electronic devices. (Crompton, Muilenburg, and Berge, 2012)
  • 21. Mobile Learning • Transforming Education –Accessing Content –How We Learn • Interplay Between Two Concepts
  • 22. Mobile Opportunities • Convenient • Learning Engagement/Active Learning potential • Informal learning opportunities • Increased communication between teachers learners, and content • Can provide scaffolding opportunities
  • 23. Mobile Challenges • Highly device specific • Learning curve for teacher/student • Need to develop multiple access points for data
  • 24. Potential Mobile Uses • Connecting with a community • Keeping record of ideas and taking notes • Enhance depth and breadth of Information
  • 25. The Series… • Three workshops – Explore relevant research – Use research to help in designing an effective blended teaching and learning environment. • Reflection/Application – Time in between workshops – Apply concepts and skills from workshop
  • 26. Mobile Mastery Series Built Around Strategy Pedagogy ResearchSupport Implement
  • 27. • Analyze research related to mobile learning designs, student learning and satisfaction, and assessment • Develop a mobile course design plan with outcomes and objectives Research and Design Teaching Techniques Assessment Techniques
  • 28. Research and Design Teaching Techniques Assessment Techniques • Analyze teaching methods and learning activities for use in your mobile learning environment • Develop a teaching unit that includes mobile learning options
  • 29. Research and Design Teaching Techniques Assessment Techniques • Understand assessment considerations and strategies when integrating mobile activities • Develop an assessment plan for your mobile learning activities
  • 30. Dates of Series • Program Runs: –September 6th – November 8th • Cost: –$599 Dollars
  • 31. Developing Mastery Provides: • Rethink instructional process. • Develop a theoretical framework for incorporating mobile pedagogy.
  • 32. Why Mobile? • Embrace Change – Become an educational innovator. • Innovation can produce enhanced learning potential. • Encourages lifelong learning.
  • 33. Questions
  • 34. Thank You For Attending
  • 35. References Crompton, H., Muilenberg, L., & Berge, Z. (2012). A historical overview of mobile learning: Toward learner centered education. In Berge, Z., & Muilenberg, L. (Eds.), Handbook of Mobile Learning. New York: Routledge. Kukulska-Hulme, A., & Traxler, J. (Eds.). (2005). Mobile learning - a handbook for educators and trainers. London: Routledge