Mountain West Digital Library as a Service Hub for the Digital Public Library of America: Updates and Plans


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Webinar from the Mountain West Digital Library
Sandra McIntyre, MWDL Director
Rebekah Cummings, MWDL Assistant Director/Outreach Librarian

The Mountain West Digital Library (MWDL) provides a central search portal to over 800,000 digital resources from memory institutions in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, and Hawaii. As a program of the Utah Academic Library Consortium for the last twelve years, MWDL brings together 122 partners, including academic libraries, public libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, and government agencies, to share expertise and resources for digitization, hosting, and aggregated search. As one of the first six Service Hubs to the Digital Public Library of America, MWDL provides the on-ramp for DPLA participation to memory institutions in the Mountain West.

Sandra and Rebekah will talk about how MWDL became a Service Hub for the DPLA and what being a Service Hub entails. They will also discuss upcoming MWDL/DPLA announcements and events such as the digitization mini-contracts program and the DPLA Community Representatives program.

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  • SANDRASome of our newest partners:Brigham Young University Howard W. Hunter Law LibraryFamilySearch InternationalLDS Church History LibraryUniversity of IdahoBoise State UniversityIdaho Commission for Libraries Utah Division of Arts and Museums
  • SANDRA(Transition to Rebekah after this slide)
  • REBEKAHSearch interface section – Here is a screenshot of DPLA You can see on the homepage the various ways that you can search DPLA
  • REBEKAHMap search of Utah. As you would expect we have the most item about Utah in MWDL, but we only hold about 10% of the items that show up in a keyword search for Utah. Power of the aggregation. Using geospatial metadata in new and interesting waysFacets are revealed when you click on the orange “Show” button in the upper right-hand corner. You can also hide the facets
  • REBEKAH Another way to search DPLA is through looking at their exhibits…For the next round of exhibits, more images were selected from MWDL than any other DPLA hub. Speaks to the quality of our content.
  • REBEKAHSuper set of books. 1.7 million books from Hathi Trust alone
  • REBEKAH And now Sandra will show you her favorite App...
  • SANDRA Why us?deep staff expertiseexperience in maintaining a successful regional collaborativematurity of our service offeringsize and diversity of format types in our existing collection
  • SANDRACommunity engagement will happen next summer
  • SANDRAAnna going to ¾ time
  • SANDRAPIYA: academic libraries partnering with public libraries and family history centers
  • SANDRANow Rebekah will talk about how expansion of services mirrors the growth of DPLA itself.
  • REBEKAHLike us, Hubs have been ramping up all over the country and new hubs have been added. DPLA recently released a “State of the Collection” that showed how their numbers have increased since their launch in April. In only six months…
  • At the launch of DPLA, MWDL was the largest contributor of content. Now that the HathiTrust has contributed 1.7 million open openly available books to the collection, we are the second largest contributor to DPLA.
  • REBEKAHIn 2013 alone, we’ve had over 108,000 visitors.
  • REBEKAHIn the last six months, referrals from DPLA constituted 70% of all referrals to the MWDL site. The total pie is all referrals to the site.
  • REBEKAHDan Cohen welcomes the crowd at the DPLAfest reception at Boston Public Library
  • REBEKAHDPLAfest 2013
  • Image for future
  • SANDRAPutting it all together
  • REBEKAH Will probably evolve in future years into a “Mountain West Digital Library Conference”
  • REBEKAH One place our task forces report back is through MWDL webinars…
  • Mountain West Digital Library as a Service Hub for the Digital Public Library of America: Updates and Plans

    1. 1. MWDL as a Service Hub for the Digital Public Library of America: Update and Plans Sandra McIntyre, MWDL Director Rebekah Cummings, MWDL Assistant Director December 5, 2013
    2. 2.
    3. 3. MWDL Hosting Centers (“Hubs”) Salt Lake Comm. College Utah State Archives Univ of Nevada Utah State Las Vegas Library Univ of Nevada Reno Utah Dvsn Arts Idaho & State Museums Archives Arizona Memory Project Northern Arizona Univ Weber State Univ Univ of Idaho Utah State Univ Family Search Utah Valley Univ LDS Church History Souther n Utah Univ Montana Memory Project Stacks (Idaho) BYU Univ of Utah Snow College Mountain West Digital Library Boise State Univ.
    4. 4. Tiered services • Collection Partners • Hosting Hubs • MWDL Central MWDL
    5. 5. Partners In these states: • Utah • Nevada • Arizona • Idaho • Hawaii • Soon: Montana
    6. 6. DPLA Digital Hubs Pilot Create the on-ramp for memory institutions – libraries, archives, and museums – to contribute content to the Digital Public Library of America
    7. 7. What is the DPLA?
    8. 8. National partners • Institute for Museum and Library Services • Smithsonian Institution • National Archives & Records Administration • Harvard University • New York Public Library • Boston Public Library • • • • • • • ARTStor Univ. of Virginia Libraries Univ. of Illinois Urbana-Cham. Internet Archive Hathi Trust Creative Commons Biodiversity Heritage Library
    9. 9. Finding items
    10. 10. Search by Location
    11. 11. Search by Timeline
    12. 12. Exhibitions
    13. 13. Apps
    14. 14. DPLA Bookshelf
    15. 15. Powerful research tool • Read the entire book • View related materials • Cataloging information in a user-friendly interface
    16. 16. Apps OpenPics An open source iOS application for viewing images from multiple remote sources (including DPLA).
    17. 17. Apps OpenPics An open source iOS application for viewing images from multiple remote sources (including DPLA).
    18. 18. “Leverage the existing infrastructure of the nation” Digital Hubs Pilot Service Hubs 1.Digital Commonwealth (Massachusetts) 2.Digital Library of Georgia 3.Kentucky Digital Library 4.Minnesota Digital Library 5.South Carolina Digital Library 6.Mountain West Digital Library
    19. 19. Digital Hubs Pilot Goals • • • • Lay foundational infrastructure for DPLA Conceive and test models Empower memory institutions in the region Catalyze relationships between local residents and their history • Inspire engagement among libraries and their local communities
    20. 20. Digital Hubs Pilot Value “What’s in it for us?” • Funding and support for MWDL • New level of services to memory institutions • Broadening our partner base • Time to work out long-term sustainability • Learning from other collaboratives • National recognition and prominence • Seat at the table for influencing DPLA’s direction
    21. 21. Project Timeline Date Phase Fall 2012 Project Setup Jan.–April 2013 Phase 1: Sharing Metadata with DPLA April 18, 2013 DPLA Launch at May-July 2013 Phase 2: Ramping Up Aug.-Dec. 2013 Phase 3: Expansion of services Jan.-Sept. 2014 Phase 4: Refining service and funding models
    22. 22. Phase 1: Sharing Metadata 1. Metadata mapping to DPLA’s Metadata Application Profile 3 (MAP3) 2. Ingestion via harvest mechanism 3. Metadata licensing
    23. 23. Metadata mapping
    24. 24. Harvest mechanism • Ingestion of metadata from MWDL’s Ex Libris Primo into DPLA database – No OAI available – Figured out way to use Primo X-Services • Discovered ALL of our metadata inconsistencies!
    25. 25. Data Licensing • “The vast majority of metadata is not subject to copyright restrictions.” • Freely shareable metadata promotes innovation. • DPLA provides free and unencumbered access to metadata: to harvest, collect, modify, or otherwise use.
    26. 26. Data Licensing • At MWDL, we include metadata in the DPLA by default. • Collection managers may opt out for some or all collections at any time.
    27. 27. Launch
    28. 28. Phase 2: Ramping up • Grant-funded librarian positions – Rebekah Cummings Assistant Director/Outreach Librarian – Anna Neatrour Digital Metadata Librarian • New workspaces and equipment • Increased coordination with hosting institution, Univ. of Utah Marriott Library
    29. 29. Phase 3: Expanding services • New repositories – – – – – – – – – – Arizona Memory Project Utah Division of Arts and Museums Northern Arizona University UNLV Digital Commons University of Idaho FamilySearch Montana Memory Project Stacks: the Idaho Digital Repository Boise State University Snow College Digital Repository
    30. 30. Phase 3: Expanding services • Hubs: Support for regional hubs/digitization centers • Partners: Services for a larger number of libraries, museums, and archives
    31. 31. Phase 3: Expanding services • Digitization projects – “Pioneers in Your Attic” scanning events – Digitization mini-contracts program
    32. 32. Phase 3: Expanding services • Training projects – Webinars – Toolkits on MWDL website – In-person workshops
    33. 33. DPLA Progress Report April 2013: • 2.5 million records • 16 hubs • Records from over 400 memory institutions December 2013: • 5.3 million records • 21 hubs • Records from over 1,100 institutions
    34. 34. Participation in DPLA Types of partners in DPLA
    35. 35. We’re #2!! #1 - Hathi Trust #2 – Mountain West Digital Library #3 – Smithsonian Institute
    36. 36. Impact on MWDL Usage • MWDL usage statistics May 2013 – November 2013 • Visits are up 80.45% over last year for this time period
    37. 37. Impact on MWDL Usage • Increase in referrals to MWDL website
    38. 38. DPLAfest2013
    39. 39. DPLAfest
    40. 40. DPLA Community Reps Thank you to our DPLA community reps! Jennifer Birnel, Montana Memory Project Jessica Breiman, University of Utah J. Willard Marriott Library Xiaolian Deng, Salt Lake County Library System Dustin Fife, San Juan County Library System Cory Lampert, UNLV University Libraries Sam Passey, Uintah County Library Robert Shupe, Logan Public Library
    41. 41. Phase 4: The Future • Refining the services model • Refining the funding model
    42. 42. Phase 4: Refining models Current governance and funding • Utah Academic Library Consortium • Foundational partner: University of Utah Marriott Library • Temporary funding: Digital Public Library of America • New grant: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
    43. 43. Phase 4: Refining models Needs assessment
    44. 44. Phase 4: Refining models • Advisory Committee representing all categories of MWDL partners
    45. 45. Phase 4: Refining models Hubs Meeting • March 2014 (Exact date/location TBD) • MWDL decision-making – – – – Infrastructure Services to Partners Price List Future services • Opportunity to connect with regional hub managers – Share best practices – Find out what other digital libraries are doing – Discuss important digital library topics
    46. 46. Phase 4: Refining models Partnership Summit • May or June 2014 (Exact date/location TBD) • Decision-making by all partners – Partnership Agreement – Sustainability for MWDL services • Discussion of future services
    47. 47. Frontiers: Task Forces • Geospatial Discovery Task Force • Institutional Repositories Task Force • Linked Data Task Force • Digital Preservation Task Force • Data Curation Task Force
    48. 48. Frontiers: Training Winter Webinar Series Month MWDL Partner Series Date Digital Tech Topics Date November Partnering with the Mountain West Digital Library Tuesday, 11/26 11:00 am December MWDL as a Service Hub for the Digital Public Library of America: Update and Plans Thursday, 12/5 11:00 am Harvesting Using the Open Archives Initiative Protocol: What can your OAI stream tell you? Tuesday, 12/17, 11:00 am January Hosting Hubs Update: Services, Pricing, and Highlights Tuesday, 1/7, 11:00 am Digital Asset Management System Options: Report of the DAM Review Task Force at the University of Utah Libraries (Kinza Masood/ Anna Neatrour) Tuesday, 1/21, 11:00 am February Partnering with the Mountain West Digital Library Thursday, 2/6 11:00 am Geospatial Discovery: Initial recommendations from the task force (Kristen Jensen/Liz Woolcott) Thursday, 2/20 11:00 am March Cultural Heritage Initiatives: Arizona Memory Project and Montana Memory Project (Richard Prouty/ Jen Birnel) Tuesday, 3/4 11:00 am Geospatial Interfaces: How to use good metadata once we have it (Michelle Olsen and the Geospatial Discovery Task Force Subgroup) Tuesday, 3/18 11:00 am
    49. 49. DPLA Project Reflections • Increased access to MWDL partner content • Building out MWDL program • New level of services to our region’s memory institutions • Broadening our partner base • Assistance in working out long-term support of those services • Learning from other collaboratives • National recognition for UALC and MWDL
    50. 50. Questions? • Sandra McIntyre Director (801) 585-0969 • Rebekah Cummings Assistant Director/Outreach Librarian (801) 587-8893