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This powerpoint is based off of Garr Reynolds' article, "Top Ten Slide Tips."

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  • This presentation is based on Garr Reynolds, “Top Ten Slide Tips”
  • It is important to keep slides as simple as possible
    you want your audience to be focusing on you, not on your presentation
    This avoids distraction
  • The less words on a slide the better.
    The more bullet points and text on a slide, the more distracted your audience will be.
    You could be talking about a slide point while your audience is trying to copy words or read words you are not saying.
  • Transitions can be a good, captivating feature for a presentation, however they can be a distraction if they are not used properly.
    They can also become corny if too many are used.
  • Low quality, pixelated, or clip art images show that the presentation may have been lazily put together.
    Pixelated images look very poor in a presentation and can be fixed by using a larger version of the photo.
  • Visual themes should be used to help captivate an audience.
    Stock themes can be boring and dull.
    Everyone has seen a stock theme multiple times.
  • Charts that effectively portray your message should be used when appropriate.
    It is important to use charts that show your data in a correct format.
  • Color can be used to portray different moods and messages.
    This should be utilized to help you get your point across to your audience more affectively.
  • There are certain fonts that can be read more easily than others.
    If you use text, make sure the font is easy to read even from far away.
  • Video and audio can be great a great way to help portray or support different ideas in your presentation.
    Make sure, if used, they are appropriate and high quality
  • Slide sorting can be used to help get your message across in a more affective way.
    make sure your slides flow in a logical sense.
  • Scott And power point tips

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