Pepsi IPL Brand Buzz Report


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Did the IPL6 Title Sponsorship pay off for Pepsi? What was the impact on Brand Buzz? A sneak preview from Digital Agency Experience Commerce.

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Pepsi IPL Brand Buzz Report

  1. 1. www.experiencecommerce.comPEPSI IPLBBI REPORT
  2. 2. www.experiencecommerce.comPEPSI IPLWHO STOLE THE SHOW?OBJECTIVE: Gauging Pepsi’s brand connect with consumers around IPL. Was it worth it? Measuring the contribution of conversations to brand equity.PRELUDE:The main ingredient or the pull factor of IPL has always been its controversies—itsassociation with Bollywood, which provides the game with the much neededtraction: the exact tinge of sauciness to keep consumers glued to this entertainmentextravaganza.The questions here are:Did the engagement around IPL pay off, and how?Did the attention it garnered provoke a meaningful reaction in favour of the brand?What did the conversations and mentions translate to?KEY PLAYERS:The key players in this show besides brand IPL were the respective Teams, PrimarySponsors, and the Celeb Owners, their Bollywood counterparts who scrambled allover each other to grab their share of eyeballs. Now that IPL is over, let’s look at howPepsi fared. (All the data has been collated from 3rd April to 26th May)
  3. 3. www.experiencecommerce.comTHE PEPSI DRP (DIGITAL RATING POINT)LET’S LOOK AT PEPSI’S OVERALL PERFORMANCE:Pepsi started slow, gearing up only during the 2nd week of IPL with a growth rate of50%. It managed to stay steady until its BBI scores fell again by 4% during the 2ndweek of May. But in the last 2 weeks of IPL, Pepsi shot up with a 20% growth.GROWTH RATE:Did the engagement around IPL affect the brand’s overall digitalperformance? The 94.1% jump from pre-IPL suggests that the answer is anastounding ‘Yes’.
  4. 4. www.experiencecommerce.comHOW DID IT FARE AGAINST ALL THE OTHER IPLBRANDS AND SPONSORS?COMPARING OVERALL BBI SCORES:Both Vodafone and Pepsi piggybacked on IPL—they rode this wave right to the top.Pepsi put itself in top gear towards the end of the tournament and zoomed pastChennai Super Kings, who had dominated BBI IPL charts since the tournamentbegan.Nokia is the only one brand among sponsors whose admirable BBI score can’t beattributed solely to IPL. The brand’s digital strategy maintains its score throughout theyear, IPL or no IPL.Does this mean that brands like Pepsi are overly depended on events like IPLto be visible in the digital space?BBI SCORES:DOES A HIGH BBI SCORE INDICATE GOOD PERFORMANCE?
  5. 5. www.experiencecommerce.com1. POPULARITY:LET’S LOOK AT HOW MUCH OF THAT BUZZRESONATED THROUGHOUT THE DIGITAL SPACE.THE PERFORMANCE BREAKDOWNThe Popularity score is an indication of users’ activities on multiple platforms, theamount of content (mentions) generated, and the level of engagement on its webasset.Pepsi’s Popularityscore mirrors thesame ups and downsof its overallperformance andalso indicates thatbrand activity was atits lowest from 7th-15thMay, and highestfrom 19th-26th May.What impacted thesescores?One of the variables to have impacted the scores is: Low traffic to the site in thesame period (refer to chart below).Comparing traffic patterns ofPepsi to those of other brandsindicates that unlike Pepsi,other brands have enjoyedstable inflow of trafficthroughout the season. Thisrippled pattern seen withPepsi is also common inbrands that heavily rely on‘media’ to draw traffic to theweb asset.
  6. 6. www.experiencecommerce.comBUZZ VOLUME OR THE AMOUNT OF CONTENTGENERATED ALSO IMPACTS POPULARITY SCOREAND WHERE DID THESE MENTIONS COME FROM?BUZZ VOLUME:Below is a graph that captures just how much volume the brand generated andwhere it generated its mentions.The massive volumes on Twitter and News overshadowed all the other digitalchannels. Although the brand started out relatively strong, it slumped mid-IPL andended the season in a big peak.On one hand, this indicates that the audience on Twitter responded well to brandactivity, but on the other hand, there are big volumes of News, which on digital islikened to the traditional ‘one-way’ communication channel where mentions don’ttranslate to Conversation or Engagement.
  7. 7. www.experiencecommerce.comLET’S ANALYSE THE SENTIMENTS BEHIND THEMENTIONS:There are more Neutral mentions than there are Positive mentions. What counts asNeutral mentions?Most ‘Mentions’ during IPL did not carry any sentiment behind them; they did notexpress any opinion or feeling towards the brand in any respect. They were simplyrobotic responses to questions dished out during the brand’s engagement activitieson social platforms.These mentions in turn contribute towards brand exposure rather than brand equity.HERE’S WHAT THE KEYWORD ANALYSIS TELLS US:Most of the keywords associated withthe brand have more to do with theusage of “PepsiIPL”, it being the titlesponsor of IPL 6 used in conversationsaround teams, players, andperformances. These conversations arenot directly related to the brand, norare they about the brand;; they’resimply about its association with IPL.SENTIMENT ANALYSISPositive MentionsNegative MentionsNeutral Mentions
  8. 8. www.experiencecommerce.comTHE POSITIVE:NOT ALL CONVERSATIONS WERE BADPositive Conversations for Pepsi consist of the variables:1. Brand I Love2. Is Good For Everyday3. Good Brand Image (a mention or conversation that compliments the brand forits actions/activity)Today these conversations, especially with IPL around, are few and far between, sothe brand needs to provoke more of the following conversations:These are a handful of conversations that were both sincere, and at least one ofthem unprovoked. Does the lack of conversations that were unprovoked by‘Contests’ indicate a lack of connect with the brand itself? Quite possibly.Emotion Behind Postive Sentimentbrand I love good branding
  9. 9. www.experiencecommerce.com2. ENGAGEMENTWERE THE FANS ENTERTAINED?Unlike Popularity,Engagement kept to asteady growth line. Itreached its peakduring the first week ofMay and retained ituntil the end of thetournament.IPL GAMES BROUGHT TO YOU BY PEPSITo engage users, multiple contests were conducted on the brand’s asset, and socialmedia was used to drive users to the gameplay.But were they really interested in more games?Not as much, because theyreally just wanted to talkabout cricket. It was alwaysall about cricket. They couldhave stopped forrefreshments if prompted, butinstead they were asked toleap further into moregameplay.As the graph above clearly shows, fans were more interested in talking about theirown team, battling it out, expressing their joy/disappointment, or indulging in jokesby mocking “Sir Ravindra Jadeja”.
  10. 10. www.experiencecommerce.comDEPTH OF PARTICIPATIONTHERE ARE THOSE WHO WATCHED, BUT HOW MANYPLAYED FOR PEPSI?For all the contests and gamesconducted by the brand, a total of954 unique authors were engagedaround the brand’s activity on digital.The number of unique authors indicates two things:1. The total number of NEW users who were exposed to the brand, and2. The ones who contributed towards brand (Pepsi) content or participated ‘ONCE’in any one of the engagement activities online.Below is a chart showing unique authors by platform: the chart clearly illustrates thatmost of the unique authors originated from Twitter and Facebook. The period from28th April to 11th May saw an increase in Unique Authors’ Entries from YouTube,particularly on 8th May when Pepsi Atom TVC was uploaded.UNIQUE AUTHORS BY PLATFORM:
  11. 11. www.experiencecommerce.com3. CONVERSATIONDID ENGAGEMENT PROVOKE CONVERSATIONS?Even though Pepsi led thecharge in terms ofConversation at the start ofIPL, Nokia clearly leveragedthe medium to provokemore conversations thatare not limited to IPL, whichis perhaps one thing thatworked to their advantage.WAS IT PEPSI OR IPL?Twitter was extensively used to engage with fans (as indicated in the graph above),but the most prized property was being a part of the official hashtag this IPL:#PepsiIPL.This is a clear indication:1. Of users preferring #IPL to #PEPSIIPL, as they do not feel compelled to use theofficial hashtag unless there’s something in it for them (contest = gratification)2. That most users are talking about skipping Pepsi because they think that thebrand doesn’t lend itself naturally to conversations around ‘cricket’, that is, nocontext. #OhYesAbhi garnered a mere 856 mentions.
  12. 12. www.experiencecommerce.comBRAND CONVERSATIONSWHAT WORKED?The chart below showcases the Top 3 posts that received the maximum number ofcomments.The value of comments as a variable is relatively high due to the added effort put inby the users, as compared to a ‘Like’. Has this effort paid off for the brand?All comments on the page were solely the result of contests around cricket. All of the3 posts leveraged IPL on the platform; the brand itself seemed to take a backseatand not actively and contextually blend itself in conversations with the users.Posts TotalCommentsDateTwo cool captains will competeagainst each other in today PepsiIPL match. Who are you supportingChennai Super kings ya RajasthanRoyals? Batao oh yes abhi!!!3795 27-04-2013Found the seriously talented playerhiding here. Pepsi IPL VIP Box Racecode – Gambhir2547 11-05-2013Tonight the Knights will fight with theKings! Who do you think will win thebattle?2439 27-04-2013
  13. 13. www.experiencecommerce.com4. VIRALITY:MEASURING THE REACH OF ACTIVITIESVirality Scores tell us if brand generated content was sharable. The chart belowmirrors the trend on all other dimensions—both the highs and the lows.Reach sheds a light on the measure of influence earned by the brand, which is alsothe number of unique authors for the brand during the IPL campaign period.Together, the graph illustrates how viral content might not translate to ‘Unique (New)Authors’, whose numbers indicate a measure of brand exposure.VIRALITY SCORES AND REACH:0123456789100102030405060708007-04-201309-04-201311-04-201313-04-201315-04-201317-04-201319-04-201321-04-201323-04-201325-04-201327-04-201329-04-201301-05-201303-05-201305-05-201307-05-201309-05-201311-05-201313-05-201315-05-201317-05-201319-05-201321-05-201323-05-201325-05-2013Virality REACH
  14. 14. www.experiencecommerce.comBRANDED CONTENT THAT WORKEDTOP VIRAL CONTENTTOP TWEETS:The first 2 posts are contest posts with the maximum retweets. They simply indicatethe increased exposure of the contest. The 3rd tweet on the other hand is a ‘BrandTweet’, focusing not on IPL but on the brand itself.Pepsi Post Retweet Count DateIf this tweet crosses a thousand RTs before midnight,we will reveal a big surprise for you tomorrow!#PepsiIPL328 01-04-2013Wanna watch a #PepsiIPL match in the Pepsi VIPBox? Go to and score runsnow now now!54 06-05-2013All you need in this scorching heat is a chilled Pepsi.RT if you agree ;) 06-05-2013TOP VIDEO:Among all of Pepsi’s Brand ambassadors, Priyanka Chopra’s video seems to havegarnered the maximum number of view for the brand.MOST VIEWED VIDEO NUMBER OF VIEWSPepsi IPL 2013 playlist: Pepsi IPL Oh Yes Abhi PriyankaChopra Film 7,21,060Do 7 lac views really qualify as viral? Here’s the most viewed video on RCB.MOST VIEWED VIDEO NUMBER OF VIEWSThe most viewed RCB video: Virat Kohli drives Chris Gaylearound Delhi in his Audi4,09,37,380For Pepsi, Virality and Reach simply translated to increased exposure, notmeaningful perhaps, as the content most shared was focused and centered oncricket and not the brand itself.
  15. 15. www.experiencecommerce.comTHE COMPETITION Coca-Cola IndiaWhile Pepsi outdid Coke in the run for title sponsor for IPL, Coke stuck to itssponsorship of team Delhi Daredevils.Although the digital scores of Delhi Daredevils don’t equally match those of Coke, itdoes indicate that the brand rode on the team it sponsored, not unlike Pepsi, but itdefinitely didn’t enjoy the same kind of exposure that Pepsi did.THE MOVEAlthough Pepsireigned this IPL,making its presencealmost unavoidable,Coke broke this holdto steal perhaps alittle bit of thunder.010020030040050060070080090010007-4-20139-4-201311-4-201313-4-201315-4-201317-4-201319-4-201321-4-201323-4-201325-4-201327-4-201329-4-20131-5-20133-5-20135-5-20137-5-20139-5-201311-5-201313-5-201315-5-201317-5-201319-5-201321-5-201323-5-201325-5-2013Overall BBI ScoresDD Pepsi
  16. 16. www.experiencecommerce.comWHILE PEPSI PLAYS GAMES, COKE IS BUSY BUILDING ANDMENDING BONDS, SPREADING HAPPINESS.Stories are not made but told,and Coke proved that with the“Coke vending machine”,which was placed in 2countries (India and Pakistan),hoping to connect individualsthrough a series ofheartwarming and simplegestures that prove that we arein fact not so different as forceswould have us believe.The strength of the story of this campaign, which began pre-IPL, end of March, stillresonates throughout the web.This is the kind of Brand Equity that Pepsi should aim for—an idea, a revolution thatprovokes and strikes a chord. Make them feel it.
  17. 17. www.experiencecommerce.comKEY TAKEAWAYS Pepsi definitely made an explosive mark on IPL, just by being its title sponsor. Thissponsorship translated to maddening exposure, which as multiple reportssuggest further, resulted in brand recall, which is not surprising. But this exposurewas the direct result of its relationship with IPL. In other words, brand Pepsi took aback seat and was overpowered by ‘cricket’.This exposure is less meaningful when it’s not supported by sentiment for thebrand itself. Will Pepsi sustain this recall? Will fans engage sans carrot? Pepsi leveraged IPL with multiple contests toengage users throughout the season. The engagement focused on and tookadvantage of their love for cricket with “tempting” gratifications that everycricket fan would die for, but will fans engage with the brand once that carrot isretracted? Coke proved that meaningful engagement doesn’t always requirethe traditional ‘what’s in it for me’, just a powerful idea to connect.Is piggybacking on IPL or any other event the right digital approach? Themedium allows the brand to meaningfully engage with its fans, but in the end,cricket was too overpowering for the brand to compete with. The brand simplybecame the 3rd wheel between the fans and their game.