Harvest Company Presentation 2011 2012


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Harvest Company Presentation 2011 2012

  1. 1. Company presentation We  help  companies  make  money  online  Amsterdam,  2011-­‐2012  
  2. 2. Harvest is a unique consulting firm with a clear framework andfocus: We help companies make money on the webHarvest  online  business  development  framework:  three  ingredients  form  the  basis  of  our  work             Strategy  and   Consumer  insights   mone:za:on     Thorough  analysis  and     Consumer  centric  thinking  in   conceptual  thinking   value  proposiAon     Vision  development  and     CreaAve,  yet  pragmaAc   business  modeling   soluAons  based  on     Overall  picture  of  online  in   consumer  insights   its  mulA-­‐channel     Strong  commercial  gut  feel   environment   on  what  consumers  want   Make  it  happen     Powerful  in  execuAon     In-­‐depth  specialists  in  online     One  stop  shop  including   technical  implementaAon   2  
  3. 3. Harvest specializes in six online practices, creating strategic as wellas tactical solutions for our clients Media   Commerce   Publishing   Social  Media   Gaming   E-­‐commerce   E-­‐Retail   B2B   Harvest  helps   Harvest  supports   Harvest  supports   Harvest  has   Harvest  supports   Harvest  helps   major  internaAonal   social  media  in   (casual)  gaming   experAse  in  many   retailers  (click  and   tradiAonal  B2B   publishers  to  make   moneAzaAon,  as   companies  with   tradiAonal  (click   brick)  and   companies   the  transiAon  from   well  as  other   adverAsing,  in-­‐ only)   manufacturers   leverage  the  online   a  pure  offline  to  a   companies  aiming   game  revenue  and   e-­‐commerce  fields   (brands)  in   opportunity,   on-­‐  and  offline   to  leverage  social   their  mobile   ranging  from   leveraging  the  web   ranging  from  lead   company   media   strategy     classifieds  to   in  the  most   genera:ng  to  full-­‐ ver:cal  portals   opAmal  way     fledge  B2B     (e.g.  job,  travel,  …)   e-­‐commerce   Strategic   Long  term   sustainable  revenue  growth   Tac:cal   Short  term     (1-­‐6  months)  top  line  growth   3  
  4. 4. Harvest expertise is captured in pragmatic packages that optimizeyour existing business…Op:mizing  exis:ng     Adver:sing   Product  Defini:on   Harvest  Academy  business:    seven  pragmaAc  packages   How  to  op:mize  your  adver:sing   Leveraging  product  for  business   Turn  your  employee  into  rock  stars     pixel   success     Training  by  consultants  on     Combine  short  term  revenue     Ensure  your  business  goals  are   online  topics:  mobile,   increase  with  a  solid  long  term   realized  by  your  product   adverAsing,  strategy,  commerce,   plan     Create  or  improve  your  product   etc.     Get  most  out  of  your  premium   with  our  immediately  acAonable     Cross-­‐learning  with  other   pixels   implementaAon  plan  and   companies  or  tailored  for  you     Set-­‐up  your  remnant  inventory   interacAon  designs     Unique  training  methodology,   analyAcal,  lean  and  mean   experienced  trainers  and   1   2   inspiring  atmosphere   3  Mone:za:on  quick  scan   AdSense  op:misa:on   Harvest  Share  &  $ave  buXon   Business  performance  dashboard  From  good  to  great   Take  your  revenues  to  the     Accelera:on  word-­‐of-­‐mouth   Insights  from  vast  data  sets    IdenAfy  opAmisaAon   next  level     An  average  Facebook  Wall  Post     Automate  data  harvesAng  from   opportuniAes     To  opAmize  your  AdSense,   leads  to  3.2  new  visitors   mulAple  sources    PracAcal  projects  with   tesAng  and  tweaking  is  essenAal     Low  involvement  categories     Automate  visualisaAon  of  the   detailed  execuAon  direcAons     Harvest  helps  to  start  and   need  an  extra  push  to  share   business  KPIs    Top  line  growth  of  current   opAmize  Adsense     Harvest  Share  &  $ave  bu^on  is     Professionalise  overview  needed   revenue  streams     We  have  a  double  digit  growth   an  off-­‐the-­‐shelf  soluAon  to   to  opAmise     internaAonal  track  record   reward  visitors  to  share  their   purchase   4   5   6   7   4  
  5. 5. …or help you kick-start a new business opportunityNew  businesses:     Mobile   New  business  development   Social  commerce  seven  pragmaAc  packages     Seizing  the  mobile  opportunity   Entering  new  markets  with  new   Where  marke:ng  &  commerce     Mobile  is  rapidly  growing,  both  on   concept   become  one   phones  as  tablets     Most  online  companies  already     Enormous  traffic  and  Ame  spent  on     Companies  are  struggling  to   have  strong  cards  in  several   social  media  provides  an  opportunity   combine  successful  consumer   markets     for  social  commerce   acAvaAon  with  solid  business     New  opportuniAes  in  other  online     Social  commerce  is  not  just  opening  a   models  for  mobile     markets  can  be  found  by  smart   shop  on  Facebook,  it  is  about  driving     Harvest  helps  to  deliver  an   analysis  and  creaAve  thinking   sales  through  sharing   acAonable  mobile  strategy,  with  a     Harvest  makes  a  business  plan  for     Harvest  can  create  a  product/service   solid  business  case,  ready  to  be   a  new  concept  to  develop    an   social  commerce  strategy,     implemented   online  footprint  in  a     including  a  live  f-­‐store  &     1   new  market   2   tracAon  plan   3  Market  entry  strategy   M&A  support  I   M&A  support  II   Se^ng  up  a  direct  to  consumer  (D2C)  How  to  enter  the  Dutch  and   Unique  opportunity  to  acquire  real   Ramp  up  your  start-­‐up   How  brands  can  expand  their  role  in  the  European  market   gems     Harvest  understands  the  world  of   value  chain    High  level  market  scan       General  mismatch  in  culture  and   start-­‐ups  as  well  as  professional     Sefng  up  an  online  D2C  is  a  way  for    Map  market  entry  strategy  into   approach  between  start-­‐ups  and   consulAng   brands  to  expand  their  role  in  the   acAon  plan   corporates     Harvest  professionalizes  your   value  chain      ExecuAon  acAon  plan  and     Harvest  is  able  to  bridge  the  gap   newly  acquired  business  for  the     However,  online  and  retail  are  not  in   document  learnings   and  to  select  the  best  targets   long  term…   the  DNA  of  tradiAonal  manufacturers       Harvest  provides  ready-­‐to-­‐   …  and  helps  to  execute  low     Harvest  can  help  brands  to     execute  investment  opportuniAes     hanging  fruit  to  ignite     set-­‐up  an  online  D2C  channel     including  investment     growth  immediately   for  a  manufacturer   proposals   4   5   6   7   5  
  6. 6. Case example: Consumer Electronics manufacturer opens awebshop to start selling directly to consumersSitua:on   Ac:ons   Results  achieved  Client   Analy:cs   Analy:cs    Worldwide  CE  manufacturer  opens  a     Pricing  analysis     IdenAfied  most  promising  product/ webshop  to  sell  D2C  in  10+  countries     Analysis  on  promising  product-­‐market   market  combinaAons,  and  applied  a     combinaAons   sales  and  promoAonal  focus  there    Challenge     Product  life-­‐cycle  analysis     Generated  insights  on  market    Both  online  and  retail  are  not  in  the     Paid  search  analysis   opportuniAes,  products   manufacturers  DNA       Team  dashboard   Process  and  planning    Objec:ve     MarkeAng  calendar   Process  and  planning    Assist  client  in  stream-­‐lining  their       Forecast  +  planning  tool     Stream-­‐lined  sales  process  by   D2C  channel  and  achieving  a  60%     Automated  offer  report   implemenAng  standard  steps.   year-­‐over-­‐year  growth   Delivered  corresponding  planning  and     reporAng  tools     Traffic  Dura:on       Managed  paid  search  agency  to    9  months   Traffic   opAmize  paid  search     Boosted  traffic  from  paid  search:  sales     IdenAfied  top  affiliates  and  closed   uplil  of  60%   deals  for  most  prominent  markeAng   moments  of  the  year     Stream-­‐lined  affiliate  strategy   6  
  7. 7. Case example: Optimize monetization for a leadingsocial networkSitua:on   Ac:ons   Results  achieved  Client   How  Harvest  helped   Revenue    Social  Network  Company     Develop  a  2010  moneAzaAon  strategy     Triple  digit  growth  of  network     adverAsing  revenue  Challenge     Lead  the  moneAzaAon  team     Double  digit  growth  of  the  premium    MoneAzaAon  on  this  social  network   services  revenue   was  besides  media  sales  under     Professionalize  this  team,  processes   performing  both  in  terms  of  revenue   and  dashboards   Professionalism   as  level  of  professionalism     A  professional  moneAzaAon  team  up       Pick  up  three  short-­‐mid  term   and  running  Objec:ve   opportuniAes,  formulate  and  run     Real  Ame  dashboards  developed  for    Increase  revenue  and  professionalize   pracAcal  projects  in  premium  services   monitoring  performance   the  moneAzaAon  business   and  network  adverAsing     Ready  for  the  future  Dura:on     Re-­‐launch  and  professionalize  the  self     Developed  a  two  year  moneAzaAon    12  months   service  adverAsing  business   strategy  and  acAon  plan         7  
  8. 8. Case example: Optimizing the advertising revenue for aglobal leading casual games platformSitua:on   Ac:ons   Results  achieved  Client   How  Harvest  helped     Over  EUR  500k  addiAonal  revenue    Casual  Games  Company     Perform  a  quick  scan  to  idenAfy  quick   from  quick  wins  idenAfied  and     wins  and  biggest  improvement  areas   realized  during  this  project  Challenge    AdverAsing  revenue  and  performance     Ran  quick  win  opAmizaAon  projects     Annual  adverAsing  revenue    grew   was  low  compared  to  benchmarks,   (new  and  improved  adverAsing)   double  digit  numbers   while  investments  in  Ame  and  effort   were  high     Strategic  assessment  of  adverAsing     AdverAsing  performance  (eCPM)     proposiAon  leading  to  high  level   improved  significantly    Objec:ve   adverAsing  strategy    OpAmize  adverAsing  in  terms  of     AdverAsing  team  involvement  shiled   performance  and  revenue,  while     Redefined  the  premium  and  regular   from  mostly  tacAcal  to  more  strategic,   decreasing  the  investments  in  Ame   adverAsing  inventory  on  the  plaporm   moving  our  clients  adverAsing   and  focus   business  up  the  value  chain         Zoom  in  on  improvement  areas  to    Dura:on   idenAfy  subopAmal  processes  and    6  months   front-­‐end  and  back-­‐end     implementaAons     Ran  mid-­‐long  term  improvement   projects  to  improve  adverAsement   relevance     8  
  9. 9. Case example: Helping a publisher to seize the B2Blong tail potentialSitua:on   Ac:ons   Results  achieved  Client   Client  ac:on     Just  three  months  aler  finishing  the    Major  internaAonal  publishing     The  client  had  several  info  websites  in   project,  80%  of  the  roadmap  has  been   company   place  for  the  workflow  tools   implemented  by  the  publisher  and       However  online  markeAng  was  sAll  in   there  has  been  a  step-­‐change  in  both  Challenge   its  infancy  and  the  conversion  of  the   traffic  and  conversion    This  publisher  was  only  selling  their   info  websites  was  dramaAc   workflow  soluAons  to  major     pharmaceuAcal  companies  in   How  Harvest  helped   parAcular  regions  via  a  sales  force,     Helped  to  sAmulate  cross-­‐sell   while  there  was  a  huge  long  tail   between  products  and  leverage  high   potenAal  of  smaller  companies  and   traffic  properAes  in  the  publishers   students  to  be  served  all  over  the   online  porpolio     world       Improved  conversion  of  the  info     websites  by  analyzing  the  conversion  Objec:ve   funnel  and  opAmizing  the  flow    Provide  a  strategic  roadmap  that     IdenAfied  new  sources  of  high  quality   leverages  the  unique  opportuniAes  to   traffic   seize  the  long  tail  potenAal    Dura:on    2  months     9  
  10. 10. Case example: NL market entry of a Germanloudspeaker brandSitua:on   Ac:ons   Results  achieved  Client   How  Harvest  helped     Successful  launch  of  a  rapidly  growing    Loudspeaker  manufacturer  and     Develop  an  internaAonal  roll-­‐out   business  in  NL   retailer   strategy  for  NL,  containing:     -­‐  CompeAAve  landscape     150%  revenue  growth  in  3  months  Challenge   -­‐  Product  and  pricing  analyses    The  client  was  a  leading  loudspeaker   -­‐  Local  adjustments  to  product     Lowering  CPO  with  80%   brand  in  Germany,  yet  unable  to  roll-­‐ -­‐  Branding  and  markeAng  strategy   out  successfully  abroad     Set  up  professional  dashboards,       Create  a  roll-­‐out  plan  with  a  detailed   tracking  etc.  Objec:ve   overview  of  prioriAes,  acAons  and    Launch  a  successful  online  business  in   responsibiliAes     Strategic  insights  leveraged  in  UK  and   NL,  while  gathering  key  insights  in  a   home  market  Germany   roll-­‐out  playbook  for  the  rest  of     Kick-­‐start  the  roll-­‐out  in  NL  by  sefng   Europe   up  partnerships,  make  traffic  deals,     connect  with  local  contacts  Dura:on    4  months     Gather  the  roll-­‐out  insights,  translate   them  into  pracAcal  yet  internaAonal   insights  and  capture  them  into  a  roll-­‐ out  playbook     10  
  11. 11. Case example: Monetization quick scan for ainternational product comparison playerSitua:on   Ac:ons   Results  achieved  Client   How  Harvest  helped     One  of  the  two  new  revenue  streams    Company  operaAng  6  product     High-­‐level  traffic  and  revenue   has  been  set-­‐up  (with  the  help  of   comparison  sites  across  4  countries   analysis,  split  per  country  and  site   Harvest)  and  is  projected  to  account     for  6-­‐12%  of  revenues  aler  one  year  Objec:ve     Pareto  analyses  on  products,    To  determine  if  and  how  this  player   categories,  and  retailers     The  customer  has  indicated  that  they   could  grow  sales  (and  profits)   also  believe  in  the  second  new       Deep-­‐dive  analysis  per  revenue   revenue  stream  but  they  can  only   stream  on  front-­‐end  and  rate   start  working  on  that  as  soon  as  Dura:on   structure   resources  are  freed  from  the  first    6  weeks   project       Two  new  major  revenue  streams   were  developed     In  2  of  the  3  exisAng  revenue  streams   Harvest  idenAfied  opportuniAes   projected  to  increase  revenues  with   5-­‐15%   11  
  12. 12. Harvest serves an international portfolio of pure online playersand click-and-brick companies    "Harvest  is  without  any  doubt  one  of  the  very  best  e-­‐consultancy  companies  in   the  world.  Excellent  knowledge  and  experDse  strategically,  tacDcally,  and   operaDonally,  always  with  clear  focus  on  top  line  results”     Francine  van  Dierendonck,  Sr.  Director  and  Head  Global  Philips  Flagship  Store   "The  moneDzaDon  quick  scan  that  Harvest  carried  out  for  Compare  Group   highlighted  tacDcal  improvements  with  direct  upside  and  a  strategic   opportunity.  The  Harvest  team  is  very  professional  and  has  great  knowledge   of  e-­‐retail  and  online  in  general.”     Ben  Kerkhof,  CEO  Compare  Group   "Harvest  supported  Experteer  in  their  go-­‐to-­‐market  in  the  Netherlands.  The   professionalism,  drive  and  in-­‐depth  knowledge  of  the  Dutch  online  were  key  to   the  success  of  the  project  and  the  launch  of  experteer.nl”   Nina  Zimmerman,  Head  of  Europe  Experteer   "Harvest  combines  a  strategic  view  on  creaDng  online  success  with  the  power   to  execute.  Passion  for  the  online  business,  dedicated  to  deliver  results.  And   above  all,  a  pleasure  to  work  with.”   Marc  de  Vries,  CEO  Hyves   12  
  13. 13. The Harvest team brings in a useful combination of skills andexperienceSkills  and  experience  form  the  Harvest  team       Analy:cal   “Data-­‐driven:  insights   through  profound  analysis”   Pragma:c   Entrepreneurial   “Results  focused     “Strong  commercial     and  street  smart”   The  Harvest  team     gut-­‐feel”   combines  years  of  experience  in   online  business  development,   strategy  consul:ng  and  retail   Inspiring   Crea:ve   “Fun  to  work  with”   “Out-­‐of-­‐the-­‐box  soluDons”   No-­‐nonsense   “Tell  it  like  it  is”   13  
  14. 14. We practice what we preach: Harvest adVentures brings onlinestart-ups to the next level in a short periodStart-­‐up  development  phases  over  :me   The  Harvest  adVentures  proposi:on     Only  acAve  in  our  fields  of  experAse  and   non  compeAAve  with  exisAng  clients   (Rev)  growth   “Exit”     Aler  the  first  tracAon  has  been  proved,   Harvest  adVentures  steps  in  and  acquires   ±10-­‐20%     Harvest  brings  the  venture  to  the  next   level  in  terms  of  revenues,  operaAons,   VC  or    Angel  level   team  structure,  business  strategy,  leverage   network   Harvest   adVentures     Harvest  has  a  trusted  network  of  investors   TracDon  proven:   Harvest  steps  in  as   to  hand  over  the  venture  to  the  next   accelerator   investor   6  months   Time   14  
  15. 15. Harvest brought Offerti.nl, the first adVenturesstart-up, to the next level within a yearIn  Q4  ‘10  Harvest  acquired  a  50%  share  in  Offer:.nl,  an  online  plalorm  for  business  services  and  work     Q4  ‘10:    Get  the     H1  ’11:    Quick  wins  and   H2  ‘  11:    Professionalize  and   basics  right   operaAonal  excellence   funding   Ac:ons   Ac:ons   Ac:ons     Re-­‐brand  and    new  site     Materialized  quick  wins     Winner  in  key  verAcals     Get  the  basics  right     Executed  2011  growth  plan     Trained  staff  and  hired  future  GM     OpAmized  markeAng  spending     Hire  the  right  staff     Search  for  investor  and  closed  deal         Result   Result   Result     30%  decline  of  CPL     50%  revenue  growth     60%  revenue  growth     New  site  live     Hired  new  team     Significant  funding   15  
  16. 16. Feel free to reach out to us for more information Harvest  –  Online  Business  Development       Herengracht  262-­‐266     1016  BV  AMSTERDAM     The  Netherlands     E:  info@harvestamsterdam.com     T:  +31  (0)  20  4277796     I:  www.harvestamsterdam.com   16