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Industrial Brochure English Industrial Brochure English Document Transcript

  • Rope Access operations Equipment supply and inspection Consultancy instruction and training course
  • From way back the Cairn has been known as a beacon for travellers in inhospitable terrain. Upon seeing the Cairn, many a lost traveller would sigh a breath of relief. The Cairn symbolizes safety and security. The Cairn thus also represents the core values of Height Specialists. In all our work, safety and You can rest assured: Height Specialists is your beacon when it comes to solving problems and performing work in hard to reach places. Height Specialists Dynamoweg 26-28 2627 CH Delft The Netherlands Tel : +31 (15) 2565662 Fax : +31 (15) 3807957 Are you interested? We will be more than happy to advise on your personal situation and provide a tailormade solution.
  • INDUSTRIAL Your partner at work at height Welcome! Your advantage with Rope Welcome to Height Specialists Industrial, your Access partner for work at height or locations that are hard to access. We can reach high and/or poorly accessible locations quickly and safely Height Specialists has been active since 1995, Your business operations and supporting and performing industrial work at environment will experience far less height using Rope Access. With the help of rope obstruction in comparison to the use of other access methods; in many cases business processed will even be allowed to locations or locations at height to perform their continue as usual The working location is prepared in the morning and vacated in the evening, Height Specialists works according to the greatly reducing the risk of unlawful entry guidelines of the Industrial Rope Access Trade In most cases Rope Access is the more Association, the recognized international standard economic alternative to other access for industrial rope access. methods for working at heights Rope Access is an ecologically sound and sustainable working method Rope Access is by far the safest method for working at heights Height Specialists offers you a wide array of solutions. We can perform almost all assembly, painting, maintenance, repair and/or inspection work for you in a broad range of locations. We employ an extensive and professionally trained workforce that can also take on larger-scale operations for you. In case you would want to have your own staff perform the work, we also provide training courses on the use of personal protection equipment, fall arrest and work positioning equipment and rope access courses. These courses can be provide at your location, or you can make use of our training facilities.
  • Definition of Rope Access Industrial climbing or Rope Access is the professional use of rope techniques and specific materials to reach difficult working locations. Rope Access is a good alternative for –or complement to- conventional access systems like scaffolding, suspension bridge installations and tower wagons. Rope Access techniques and materials have been specifically developed for operations in the manufacturing industry, construction and similar areas of application. These techniques have advanced considerably over the last 20 years and conform to occupational health and safety standards and international guidelines for working at height. Our view on Rope Access To us a clearly organized approach of a job is key to all safe working systems, including work at height. This can be summed up in several key points. Before starting out on a job, a risk analysis is made to identify and prevent potential hazards equipment training and instruction courses regarding tools required, access materials and protection materials. These courses follow international standards and are regularly audited by the governing bodies All materials are logged and inspected systematically according to the relevant quality management systems Each project is assigned its own supervisor to guarantee the safety and quality of the operations Each completed project is followed by a detailed evaluation with the purpose of developing and improving operations even further. Are you interested? We will be more than happy to advise on your personal situation and provide a tailormade solution.
  • INDUSTRIAL Application of Rope Access the nature of the job requires working and positioning by means of ropes. Examples are: High-rise buildings Bridges Shafts Masts and towers Atriums Monuments Factory Buildings Off-shore oil rigs Wind turbines Our services Consultancy and advice Materials Inspections Training courses Performing jobs, including: Maintenance Cleaning Assembly and mounting Paintwork Electricity Inspection Non-destructive testing (NDT) Re-tightening
  • Materials, consultancy and inspection Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Height Specialists possesses the expertise to advise and support you when it comes to working at height. in personal protection equipment that perfectly match your working situation. And we can do so at very competitive prices. work/activities at height. Employers are legally responsible for using/providing proper materials. So just contact Height Specialists to make sure that your personal protection equipment match the jobs and competencies in the best way possible. Consultancy and inspection As a training centre, operational IRATA-member and supplier we can provide you with all possible information and advice regarding work at height. The quality and condition of personal protection equipment is matter of life and death. Therefore they cannot be used until materials conform to unambiguous quality requirements and are regularly inspected. For example, according to European Norm EN365, fall protection must be inspected by an expert at least once a year. Our experts will be glad to advise you on a quality management system and/or assist in Height Specialist can also assist you in preparing the compulsory Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RIE). This is an obligation under the ARBO, VCA and ISO occupational health and safety regulations and standards. We will prepare an action plan and will advise you on the working procedures to be adopted, the materials to be used and the training courses required. Height Specialsts knows exactly what the requirements are for you to comply with when working at height. Are you interested? We will be more than happy to advise on your personal situation and provide a tailormade solution.
  • INDUSTRIAL Working at height is a specialism. The hazards involved just cannot be underestimated. Rope Access is a safe method for working at height as long as proper instruction and training is give, the applicable Safety-conscious behaviour is of prime interest when using personal protection devices. This is another area in which Height Specialists can support you. Apart from supplying the required materials and advice regarding safety plans and procedures we can also train your people in the correct use of these materials and their proper functioning on the worksite. Our consultants have many years of experience and know-how concerning work at height and the various safety aspects implied by ARBO, VCA and ISO-standards.
  • Height Specialists Shop Height Specialists supplies from stock all materials required for industrial climbing and work at height by These include harnesses, ropes, helmets, descenders and ascenders, lifelines and clothing. Just order our catalogue, or simply contact us if you have any questions about what we can offer you. Your advantage at the Height Specialists Shop You will be advised by and purchase from an IRATA operational member company and training centre You can always be in touch with the latest developments and user experiences You will receive competitive prices and terms of delivery You can get a combination of advice, purchase, training and inspectio Just browse our online shop at Are you interested? We will be more than happy to advise on your personal situation and provide a tailormade solution.
  • INDUSTRIAL Instruction and training courses Height Specialists provides a wide range of training courses. If required, these can be combined with advisory sessions, required personal protection equipment, maintenance packages, follow-up sessions and rescue materials. Our starting point is to offer a training course that matches the practice of your working environment. Apart from having gone through many training courses and instructions themselves, the instructors of Height respond to all questions course participants may have, and give practical examples of situations in which techniques may be applied. This enables participants to acquire knowledge and skills in line with their own practical situation. As training classes never exceed 8 participants, quality, personal attention and the best possible training results are guaranteed. Training courses and sessions can be arranged in our own training centre, but also held in other locations desired by you. We offer training at all IRATA levels: Trainee Technician (level 1) Operative Technician (level 2) Supervisor Technician (level 3) We also offer practical training courses: Working at height (for management too) Personal fall protection Rescue operations In-company operations Theatre crew operations
  • Training facilities Height Specialists has its own training centre containing all Large practice room Theory classroom Outside training locations with an altitude of 50 metres IRATA and safety organisation is to promote a safe working system both nationally (UK) and internationally. IRATA aims to management systems, training and the materials to be used. The strictness of the demands and procedures translate into extremely low accident and incident levels among IRATA members, setting benchmarks for the industry. Because of the safe working methods implied, IRATA is the internationally accepted standard for working at height. to these IRATA standards. Within the scope of rope access work, we have the largest number of through regular audits if its member companies conform to the IRATA guideline to guarantee quality, safety, training and logged work experience. Are you interested? We will be more than happy to advise on your personal situation and provide a tailormade solution.
  • INDUSTRIAL Your very best partner for Rope Access jobs, materials, advice, inspection and training and instruction courses. Curious to see what Height Specialists can do for you? Just contact us to get acquainted, no strings attached. Height Specialists Dynamoweg 26-28 2627 CH Delft The Netherlands Tel : +31 (15) 2565662 Fax: +31 (15) 3807957