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  1. 1. International Program 2012-2013
  2. 2. In a world of service, there is one name that standsout among others – Lions Clubs International.“In A World of Service” - calls on Lions to not onlycelebrate our world of service but to expand ourimpact, rising up to meet new challenges.
  3. 3. The dedication, preparation, and TEAM work involved to enable a car, often exceeding 200 miles per hour, to complete the race incident free and win!!
  4. 4. Successful race teams employ a well thought out strategy, and devise a formula for excellence.
  5. 5. The winning formula is:Dedication + Preparation + Teamwork = EXCELLENCE.
  6. 6. “In order for a team to be effective, each member of theteam must work in unison, while fulfilling their individualrole. No one team member is more important than theother.” – Wayne Madden
  7. 7. Global Service Action CampaignsEngaging youth in AugustWorking with the blind and visually impairedin OctoberFeeding the hungry in December and JanuaryWorking to improve the environment in April
  8. 8. Protecting 150 million children from measles inour new partnership with the Bill and MelindaGates Foundation.
  9. 9. I am asking Lions toparticipate in a year-long initiative calledthe Reading ActionProgram – a campaignto improve literacyrates and promotereading. – Wayne Madden
  10. 10. Service Begins With Eachof Us“Making yourself availablefor someone to talkto, being patient, sharingwhat youve learned fromovercoming similarproblems, running anerrand, or giving someonea ride, are just examples ofwhat you can do.”– Wayne Madden
  11. 11. Celebrating Our Service –Join the Lions World ofService Photo and TwitterRelayCelebrate our around theclock and around the worlddedication
  12. 12. Expanding Our Impact – Join The Reading Action Program“The more you read, the more things you’ll know. The more thatyou learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr. Seuss, author of children’sbooks
  13. 13. Lions Can Help ThroughThe Reading ActionProgram (RAP)Developing after schoolreading programsReading to children atlocal librariesContacting your localschool and asking how youcan help
  14. 14. Donating books and/orcomputers to yourlocal school or libraryVolunteering as tutorsthrough a local schoolWorking with localliteracy experts andagenciesWorking to promotebraille literacy
  15. 15. Or, perhaps your club can come up with its own program.However you choose to approach the problem ofilliteracy, be pro-active, not reactive.
  16. 16. Reading Action Program AwardsEach club that documents a reading or other literacyactivity through the online service activity reportingsystem will receive a specially designed “ReadingAction Program” club banner patch.
  17. 17. Reading Action Program AwardsEach club that documents a reading or other literacy activitythrough the online service activity reporting system will receive aspecially designed “Reading Action Program” club banner patch.
  18. 18. Each district governor whose district achieves at least 50%club participation in literacy programs will receive a“Reading Action Program” plaque to commemorate theirsuccess.
  19. 19. Make A RAP VideoEach club has an opportunity to make a RAPvideo.The video can be no longer than 2 minutes, andthe subject must be about how to get childrento read.The top winning video will be played during oneof the plenary sessions at the InternationalConvention in Hamburg, Germany, and the clubwill receive a special recognition award.
  20. 20. The “World of Service” Awards Best Long-Term Reading Action Program Project (club, district and Leo club)Best Reading Action Program Rap Video (club and Leo club)
  21. 21. The “World of Service” Awards Best Youth Engagement Project (by club or district)Outstanding Service to the Blind or Visually Impaired (club, district and Leo club) Outstanding Environmental Impact Project (club, district and Leo club) Best Hunger Relief Program or Activity (club, district and Leo club)
  22. 22. The “World of Service” Awards Lion and Leo of the Year
  23. 23. The 2012-2013 World of Service Fast Start Awards A key to finishing strong is to have a strong start whenever possible.Cruising Speed Level: two new clubs or positive netgrowth by October 31Passing Speed Level: Five new clubs AND positivenet growth by October 31
  24. 24. Preparation Is A Key Element of Our Formula For Excellence“Most people have the will to win. Few have the will toprepare to win.”Bobby Knight, retired basketball coach
  25. 25. Building Stronger Clubs, Growing Membership – Join The Pursuit of Excellence Women are the single fastest growing segment ofour membership, and an important part of our Lions team.
  26. 26. Building Stronger Clubs, Growing Membership – Join The Pursuit of ExcellenceMake four “pit-stops” throughout this year – one per quarter.
  27. 27. Building Stronger Clubs, Growing Membership – Join The Pursuit of ExcellenceFocus on achieving The Club Excellence Award and the District Governor Team Excellence Award.
  28. 28. Calling On All Lions To Be Agents of ChangeOne excellent way is to gothrough the Club ExcellenceProcess (CEP) workshop in yourdistrict.Club Presidents – I want also tohear from you.“presidents meet the president”program.
  29. 29. The Future Is NowIf you don’t currently sponsor a Leoclub – make that part of your club’sgoals this year.”Engage the youth of your community.Invite young people to participate inyour service activities, and let themtake an active role in the planningprocess.
  30. 30. In A World of Individuals, LionsKnow The Value of TEAM work“Coming together is a beginning.Keeping together is progress.Working together is success.”Henry Ford, American IndustrialistTeamwork encouragescreativity, allowing everyone anequal opportunity to contribute.
  31. 31. In A World of Followers, Lions Lead The Way“Leadership and learning are indispensable to eachother.”John F. Kennedy, Former U.S. President
  32. 32. The race always favors the driver who is thoroughlyprepared, the better prepared a driver is at the start ofthe race, the better his or her chances for success atthe end, and that a strong daily focus on preparationcan make each day a successful part of the overall race.
  33. 33. Visit the online Leadership Resource Center.Teamwork and leadership in LCI are now linkedtogether more than ever with The Global MembershipTeam (GMT) and Global Leadership Team (GLT) whotogether provide a structure for ongoing membershipgrowth and development of new leaders.
  34. 34. In A World of Instant Communication, Lions Are Connecting To OthersElectronic communication provides the most effective means to connect withpeople around the world in real time.Increasingly, Lions members, clubs, districts and multiple districts are online.
  35. 35. LCI will continue to expand our methods ofconnecting to members and the generalpublic as we expand our worldwide impact.
  36. 36. LCIF – The “Foundation” of Our World of Service Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) supportsLions’ compassionate works by providing grant fundingfor their local and global humanitarian service efforts. We’re also working with partner organizations to do even more.
  37. 37. LCIF – The “Foundation” of Our World of ServiceThe Lions Quest program is LCIF’s most comprehensive program for youth.
  38. 38. Lions – Start Your Engines“Drivers, start your engines.”The crowd begins to cheer in anxious anticipation of the start of the race.Like an auto race, it is important we get a good start as we begin our 95thyear of service.But it’s also important to remember that our year, and our service toothers, is not a one lap race.