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Automation Software

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Presentation that sell the features of Automation Software

Presentation that sell the features of Automation Software

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  • 1. Office Automation-“Ingenuity at work”Sandeep KaurGuru Nanak Dev Engineering CollegeDecember 27, 2012
  • 2. ComputingComputing is defined as Counting Calculating using the devices. Theorigin of computing started with early man who used fingers, stones,sticks, marks on walls, sand etc.2 of 11
  • 3. Origin of ComputingAncient Counting and Calculating devices are :• Abacus• Napier’s Bones• Slide Rule3 of 11
  • 4. Abacus• Developed in 3000 B.C by chinese.• Built with wood beads.• Used in schools shopkeepers.4 of 11
  • 5. Napier Bones• In 1617, Napier invented ’Napier’s Bones’.• Multiplication tables were written on bones, ivory, silver, wood.• Simplified multiplication, division, square roots cube roots.5 of 11
  • 6. Python• Dynamic & powerful programming language.• Easy language to work on.• High level programming.• Platform Independent.• OSI-approved open source license.• Often used as a scripting language.6 of 11
  • 7. Django• Open source web application framework.• Written in the Python programming language.• Follows the Model View Controller architectural pattern.• Ease the creation of complex, database-driven websites.• Emphasizes re-usability.7 of 11
  • 8. Features of the Software• Open Source• User Interactive Software• On-line• Dynamic• Role dependent interface• Product/Catalog• Distance Calculation through map• Search module• Universal (Can be changed according to application/work)• Report generation• Single click installation• User and developer documentation8 of 11
  • 9. Work Flow using Software9 of 11
  • 10. Future ScopeStill there are many more things or areas which can be added to theproject to make it more reliable. These remaining areas may be:• Receive the payment on-line through e-billing.• Managing the labs work through software.• SMS Service.• Module to fax the documents automatically to theClients/Employee.10 of 11
  • 11. Any Question?11 of 11