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Microprocessor based software developnent
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Microprocessor based software developnent

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  • 1. --AZFAR SHAIKH F.Y.Bsc-IT FIFTY(50)
  • 2.  It is simply a computer that enables the user to write, modify, debug & test programs. In a microprocessor-based development system, a microcomputer is used to develop software for a particular microprocessor. Generally, the microcomputer has a large R/W memory(typically, 8M to 64M),disk storage, and a video terminal with an ASCII keyboard.
  • 3.  The system (I/Os, files, programs,etc.) is managed by a program called the operating system. The hardware & software features of a software development system are described in the next sections.
  • 4.  Software development system includes an ASCII keyboard, a CRT terminal, an MPU board with 8M to 64M R/W memory and disc controllers, and disk drives. The disk controller is an interfacing circuit through which the mpu can access a disk & provide Read/Write control signals. The disk drives have Read/Write elements, which are responsible for reading and writing data on the disk.
  • 5.  At present, most systems are equipped a 3.5- inch disk stores 1.44M bytes of information. The storage capacity of a typical hard disk in a pc is 2.2G(giga) bytes or higher.
  • 6.  It is made up of a thin magnetic material (iron oxide) that can store logic 0s and 1s in the form of magnetic direction. The surface on the disk is divided into a number of concentric tracks, & each track is divided into sectors. Data are stored on concentric circular tracks on both sides(known as doubled-sided). At the edge of the disk there is a ‘notch’ called write protected notch.
  • 7.  Another type of storage memory used with computers called a hard disk. In general the disk is fastened in a dustfree drive mechanism. It is highly precise & reliable. It requires sophisticated controller circuitry. It is more stable than the floppy disk. They are available in various sizes & their storage capacity is quite large in the order of gigabytes.
  • 8.  A cd-rom is a optical disk that uses a laser beam to store digital information that can be read with a laser diode. The disk is immune to dust and mechanical wear because of its optical nature. It comes in various size(3.5-14inch) and stores huge amount of data from 100mb to several gb.
  • 9.  The operating system of a computer is a group of programs that manages or oversees all the operations of the computer The computer transfers information constantly among peripherals such as a floppy disk, printer, keyboard and video monitor. Its also stores user programs under file name on a disk
  • 10.  Each computer has its own operating system. Known as MS-DOS(Microsoft Disk Operating System), OS/2(Operating system 2), Windows95(98) and UNIX. MS-Dos is being replaced by newer operating system such as Microsoft Windows 95 (windows 98), IBM, OS/2 (Operating System 2) and UNIX.
  • 11.  It is designed to handle 16-bit data word and 640k memory system and disks with quad(high)- density disk format with memory capacity of 720K and 1,200K. Similarly, it can support a hard disk and includes a hierarchial file directory. It supports: Multitasking Telecommunications multimedia
  • 12.  It is a multitasking operating system, meaning the user can run multiple applications concurrently. WINDOWS 95(98): it is a 32-bit single user o/s designed by Microsoft. It has graphical interface and it supports the use of mouse, icons and menus. It is also a multitasking o/s similar to O/S2 WINDOWS 98 is an upgraded version of windows 95.
  • 13.  It is a multiuser, multitasking o/s. It was designed for mini computers but it is now used on various machines ranging from Microcomputers to Supercomputers. It is widely used in: Engineering Scientific Research Environment
  • 14.  It is well suited for Networking and Graphical environment. Eg:- Solaris (it is widely used in high end microcomputers such as workstation and network servers) (It was designed by Sun microsystem) (It is capable of handling 64 computers and is being upgraded to 128 computers)
  • 15. THANK YOU