Increasing population in_belize_real_estate


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Increasing population in_belize_real_estate

  1. 1. Increasing Population in Belize Real EstateBelize has an approximate population ofmore than 300,000 to date today and thepopulation of tourists that visits thecountry has also increased in the pastmonths. The population of immigrantshave also increased, especially the expatswho have come from all corners of theglobe in order to start a new life in these peaceful lands.Belize is a wonderful country in Central America that was recently given independenceby the British Nation a couple of decades ago and has now flourished in their own.Promoting tourism and residency in the country, Belize real estate is one of the mostsought after properties in Central America because of its friendly price tags andbeautiful structures. That is why a lot of people around the world aren’t afraid to leavetheir homes and live in this unfamiliar yet beautiful place of paradise.Nothing beats being able to go to the beach whenever you want when living in this partof the globe. Not to mention the hospitable and friendly locals who live here. The peopleof Belize are a jolly lot who loves to celebrate, they have the most festive and colorfulcelebrations of holidays, including an eclectic music.Despite the curious mix of ethnicities and races, the locals of Belize range fromMestizos, Gringos, Mayans, Asians, Africans, Caucasians and more, their main languageremains to be English. Living in these parts won’t leave you vexed on learning a newlanguage. Spanish is also widely spoken in the area.
  2. 2. Expatriates in the country prefer to live in places where the beach is accessible. So townsthat are near the beach are often the favorite places where expatriates purchasetheir Belize real estate property. There are a lot of decent homes available for peopleinterested in being an expat in this country. Ranging from the simplest of homes to themost luxurious mansions on the beach shore, a lot of people can purchase a home that istwice as grand as the ones they own back home but half the price here.That is simply because Belize remains to be a developing nation that has their currencypegged to the US dollars at the ratio of 2:1. It means that $2 Belizean dollar is equivalentto $1 US dollars.It is easy and cheaper to get a luxurious home here, especially in the prestigiouscommunity of Sanctuary Belize. The community is offering financial options that willhelp those who want to purchase a home here but is on a budget.Sanctuary Belize is ideally located in the center of two wild life reserves and is onlywithin minutes to the Great Blue Hole and Belize barrier reef from the shore.A few hours and you can already reach the Mayan structures that were built thousandsof years ago. The community has world class amenities, offering the best lifestyle andliving experience in Belize.Considering living in Belize is one thing that can be quite risky but is worth it. Livingcloser to paradise surely is a wonderful thing anyone would take