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Eco friendly belize_real_estate_and_vacation_h

  1. 1. Eco-friendly Belize Real Estate and VacationHomesOur environment has obviously beentaking a lot of damages and losing itsluster. A lot of environmentalist proteston purchasing vacation homes for thefact that developers as they say destroynature to satisfy the increasing demandsof the people who wish to have a vacationhome off in some Caribbean paradise in Central America.They need not worry anymore since Belize real estate have the answer to that.There are a lot of vacation homes to be found in Belize but not all of them are eco-friendly. If you are looking for eco-friendly vacation home then there is no other place tofind them than Sanctuary Belize.Homes here are not only built by the best in the land but are also made of high-qualityeco-friendly materials. The developers who build houses here for purchase are worldrenowned and are also respected. The designs of homes here are absolutely exquisiteand are always a curious masterpiece in the eyes of spectators.The community of Sanctuary Belize offers the best experience for those who wish tohave a luxurious vacation home here and for those who wish to live here permanently.The total land area of the community is 14,000 acres and the remaining 11,000 acreswill remain untouched while the rest would be used for residential and other structures.Homes being eco-friendly here means you are also doing Mother Earth and also
  2. 2. enjoying the advantages and beauty of having a vacation home off in the Caribbean. Aplace you can definitely be proud of and be excited to go to any time of the year.Situated between two wild life reserves, the community can truly be a pure naturalhabitat for both residents and animals. Some of the animals living around the area areendangered species who continue to thrive and live without any worries of harm.The equestrian center in the community provides the opportunity for residents to roamaround the place while mounted on a horse. There are a lot of bridle paths that keeps asurprise at every turn. Residents are welcome to volunteer in either one of the wild lifereserves.The first Jaguar reserve in the world is literally the community’s backyard. Surroundedby completely abundant and protected flora and fauna, the community provides itsresidents convenience by way of providing everything they would need when living here.The Marina Village is the focal point of the community where residents can shop witheverything they would need and even dine in one of the fine restaurants available. Theyacht club for boat lovers lies next to the Marina Village in the Sapodilla Lagoon.You may think that this place may be quite expensive but the truth is, Sanctuary Belize,despite the luxury and lovely homes it posses comes with a pocket friendly price tag soyou can afford it even if you have a rather tight budget. Nothing should ever hinder youfrom buying a vacation home that appeals to the preservation of nature at the same timegiving the best there is inBelize real estate properties.