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Belize Real Estate Your Key to an Affordable Vacation Home
Belize Real Estate Your Key to an Affordable Vacation Home
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Belize Real Estate Your Key to an Affordable Vacation Home


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Published in: Travel, Business, Real Estate
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  • 1. Belize Real Estate Your Key to an Affordable Vacation HomeEver dreamt of staying in your ownvacation home only to think it’s too pricey,especially today when it feels like realityis slapping you every day with the truth oftoday’s economic progress? It seems asthough this vacation home is nothingmore than a distant dream right?Well, that’s when you’re wrong. Giving upon your dream vacation home issomething you shouldn’t even thinkabout. If you want a vacation home thatwill definitely fit your budget and match your lifestyle then the Belize real estate marketwill provide you with solutions. Affordable vacation homes can be found in Belize,perhaps waiting for you on a beach shore or sitting in the middle of a forestcommunity.The homes come in unbelievably low rates and even luxurious homes are pricedabout a fraction of how much you would probably pay on the same home in yourcountry. It is also a matter of choosing the home that you want. With the sudden surgeof Belize real estate sales in the past years, the availability and number of homes andcommunities has increased to accommodate the rising demands of foreignerswanting to own homes in the country.Homes in communities such as Sanctuary Belize are the most sought after luxurioushomes in the country because aside from its reasonable prices, the place bespeaks agrand and new approach to nature. Bearing an abundant and protected rainforest, thecommunity is home to residents in wonderful abodes that are built by only the bestdevelopers known worldwide, using only the best materials into creating these eco-friendly homes that will definitely fit your budget.There are also private cayes available in this community. Although their prices may behigher than homes, having a private caye can really make you feel as though youhave your own little secluded piece of paradise.The community of Sanctuary Belize is located between two wildlife reserves and is themost ideal location to live in when it comes to accessibility. Living here means you areconveniently near a lot of places such as Belize City to the north, the Mayan pyramidsthat took thousands of years to build, scuba diving spots such as the Great Blue Holeand the Belize Barrier Reef, the beach which can be steps away from your home, themountains that can be in your backyard and so much more. Adventures and surprisesare waiting for you in every corner.When it comes to convenience, the community provides everything for its residents.Relinquishing the need to leave the community unnecessarily if your supplies are low,you can easily visit the Marina Village to get supplies, or dine in one of the finest
  • 2. restaurants in the country.The Yacht Club, private resort and spa and Equestrian Center are available for theresidents whenever the need arises to make use of them.All these and more at a very reasonable and affordable price range you can afford inBelize. So, don’t give up on your dream vacation home.