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在Windows azure平台上進行資料庫處理及架構設計

在Windows azure平台上進行資料庫處理及架構設計



在Windows azure平台上進行資料庫處理及架構設計

在Windows azure平台上進行資料庫處理及架構設計



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  • Slide Objectives:Understand that while there are physical SQL Server boxes behind the scenes, when connecting to SQL Database, you are not connecting to a physical server, but to a TDS endpoint.Transition:The key to understanding SQL Database is understanding while SQL Database is SQL Server, we do not interact with them in the same physical manner. Speaking Points:In an on-premises environment, we typically have physical access to the actual SQL Server server.In Windows Azure, we do not have physical access to the actual server.Notes:It is important that the attendee understands that it IS INDEED SQL Server at the platform layer. There are physical boxes running SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition. However, due to the nature of the Azure environment to provide the high-availability and scalability necessary, access to the physical boxes is currently not supported.
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在Windows azure平台上進行資料庫處理及架構設計 在Windows azure平台上進行資料庫處理及架構設計 Presentation Transcript

  • About.me Sky Chang Windows Azure 微軟最有價值專家 天空的垃圾場 blog.sanc.idv.tw • ASP.NET MVC • Visual Studio ALM • Windows Azure
  • Global Footprint
  • Agenda  SQL Server 2014 in Azure VM  Deploy a database to SQL Server in a WindowsAzure Virtual Machine  SQL Server Backup and Restore to Azure Blob Storage Service  WindowsAzure SQL Database  WindowsAzure SQL Data Sync  How to choose
  • SQL Server 2014 in Windows Azure VM
  • A Continuous Offering From Private to Public Cloud
  • SQL Server in Azure VM SQL Server  OS SQL Server
  •   
  •    DB http://blog.sanc.idv.tw/2013/08/windows-azure-sql-server-in-vm.html
  • Deploy a database to SQL Server in a Windows Azure Virtual Machine
  • Deploy to Azure VM  SQL Server 2014  VM port 11435 
  • SQL Server Backup and Restore to Windows Azure Blob Storage Service
  • Data-Tier Application Framework  Script   dacpac bacpac  SQL Server 2005  db
  • Backup and Restore to Azure Blob Storage  DAC  bacpac dacpac  SQL Server DB  SQL Server 2012 SP1 with cu2 http://blog.sanc.idv.tw/2013/08/windows-azure-sql-serverdacazureblob.html
  • Windows Azure SQL Database
  • A Continuous Offering From Private To Public Cloud
  • Server …
  • SQL Database  SQL Server database   HA 
  • Architecture  Client Layer - SQL Database .  Services Layer – Client layer Platform layer .  Platform Layer – Services layer .  Infrastructure Layer – OS.
  • Create Database… Use Familiar Technologies Transact-SQL Languages .NET Framework (C#, Visual Basic, F#) via ADO.NET C / C++ via ODBC Java via Microsoft JDBC provider PHP via Microsoft PHP provider Frameworks OData, Entity Framework, WCF Data Services, NHibernate Tools SQL Server Management Studio (2008 R2 and later) SQL Server command-line utilities (SQLCMD, BCP) SQL Server Comparison 專注於邏輯 vs. 實體的管理 Database and log files自動放置 高可用性副本 – 每個資料庫都會自動放置三份 每個Table都需要建立clustered index 最大為150 GB Unsupported SQL Server Features 使用命令,分佈式的transactions, 分佈式的views Service Broker Common Language Runtime (CLR) SQL Agent Native Encryption *Backup / Restore
  • :
  • Server identity and access control SQL ( )  sa  :  loginmanager:  dbmanager:
  • Database identity and access control  .  dbo.  Database dbo .  CREATE / ALTER / DROP USER  sp_add_rolemember
  • Securing your data IP SQL Database  IP  SQL Database Portal RESTAPI  disable/enable WindowsAzure
  • SQL Database Management Portal  tables, views, stored procs  SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) Visual Studio IDE Database    SQL Server (2005 and above) SQL Database
  • Connecting To SQL Database  TDS (Tabular Data Stream) protocol over TCP/IP  SSL ASP.NET EXAMPLE: <connectionStrings> <addname="AdventureWorks"connectionString= "Data Source=[server].database.windows.net; Integrated Security=False; Initial Catalog=ProductsDb; User Id=[login]; Password=[password]; Trusted_Connection=False; Encrypt=true;" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient"/> </connectionStrings>
  • Import & Export  Blob   Import
  • Windows Azure SQL Data Sync
  • Data Synchronization  Microsoft Sync Framework technology  Code  SQL Database or SQL Server 
  • Syncing Between SQL Server And SQL Database Local Cloud E.g. 遷移期間 E.g. 不同應用程式共享資料 多地點(分公司) 在各地點分享資料 資料集中在cloud
  • http://blog.sanc.idv.tw/2013/08/windows-azure-sql-database-data-sync.html
  • How to choose
  • SQL Database vs. SQL Server in Azure VM  是否需要完整兼容SQL Server產品  想要的控制權與成本  數據庫的規模與要求 http://blogs.msdn.com/b/windowsazure/archive/2012/06/26/data-series-sql-server-in- windows-azure-virtual-machine-vs-sql-database.aspx
  • SQL Server inside Windows Azure VM Windows Azure SQL Database 遷移現有的應用程式 快 中 建立新的應用程式 中 快
  • SQL Server inside Windows Azure VM Windows Azure SQL Database 硬體管理 無 無 軟體管理 (Database & OS) 中 無 機器高可用性 自動 不需要 數據高可用性 需手動建立 內建標準功能 花費 中 低
  • Scale Model SQL Server inside Windows Azure VM Windows Azure SQL Database Scale-Up X-Large VM (8 cores, 14GB RAM, up to 16 TB disk space) 不支援 Scale-Out 需手動設定 內建功能
  • Control & Customize SQL Server inside Windows Azure VM Windows Azure SQL Database OS and VM 完全控制 不可控制 SQL Server Database 兼容與功能 完整支援SSIS, SSAS, SSRS 較大的 SQL Server功能
  • Hybrid SQL Server inside Windows Azure VM Windows Azure SQL Database 加入AD 可 不可能 Azure Data Sync同步 支援 支援
  • Manageability SQL Server inside Windows Azure VM Windows Azure SQL Database 資源管理與安全級別 SQL Instance/VM Logical DB Server 工具支援 現有的SQL Server tools 包含SSMS, System Center和SSDT 現有的SQL Server tools 包含SSMS, System Center和SSDT
  • 如何獲得百萬跑車? 2013/09/30 前, 只要依照規定啓用 MSDN 訂閱隨附的 WindowsAzure 權益, 即有機會將北美預 估零售價 118,600 美元的Aston Martin V8 Vantage Coupe 開回家. 詳情請參閱WindowsAzure 網站 : http://www.microsoft.com/taiwan/windowsazure/
  • start now. http://WindowsAzure.com
  • blog.sanc.idv.tw Thank You
  • TechDays 2013 http://www.microsoft.com/t aiwan/techdays2013/