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Good phrases Good phrases Presentation Transcript

  • Good Phrases
  • An amazing idea came rushing into his head.
    MrHoppy's mine was spining like fly wheel.
    Quivering with exitement.
    In the dead of the night. The silience was deathly.My heart pounded with exitment.
    A beautiful crisp day.A buzz of whispers.My hair stood on end.I was shivering with fear.They took of the warp speed.
    I was fresh out of stale ideas. My paws flew over the keys. He squeacked with a smirck. A present that will leave you bursting with ideas.
  • 1) As hot as an oven at Greasy Rat Cafe.2) My closet was bursting with gifts.3) Roar with laughter.4) Race off before I could answer.5) Hotter than a burrito at spicy mouse smoke house.
    1) I yelled in panic.2) My mood was beginning to lift.
    1) Noise that made her legs break into a run.2) The girl's face creased into a grim
    1) The woman complained in a whinining voice2) As she breezed in3) Dashed through reception
  • 1) My head was spinning faster than the cyclone at the Mousey Land Amusement park.2) I'm as boring as a slice of plain American Cheese at a gourmentcheese shop.3) He began screaming at the top of his lungs.4) My heart began beating wildly.5) My whiskers were blushing.
    Good Weather1.It was a blistering hot afternoon.
    2.The sky was full of cotton-wool clouds.
    3.The morning air filled my lungs and I felt fresh and exhilarated.
    4.Night fell. The setting sun cast an orange glow over the evening sky.
    5.As the sun set, the horizon turned to shimmering gold.
    Bad Weather1.A loud peal of thunder woke him from restless sleep
    .2.The rain pitter-pattered on the roof.
    3.Rain pelted down from the sky
    4.The sun disappeared behind heavy clouds
    .5.The howling and the roaring of the terrible wind frightened us.
  • Descriptive words –Eyes1.They goggled ( looking with wide-open eyes , surprised) in amazement .
    2.He stood gaping ( looking with an open mouth in great surprise at someone or something) at her.
    3.She glared ( look angrily) at him
    4.She spent her evening poring ( to look or the study carefully) over textbooks.5
    .She peered ( looked with difficulty) to see who was in the room.
    Descriptive words – face / Feet1.The boy scowled ( made an angry expression) at her.
    2.He grimaced with pain when he tried to stand.
    3.He trod ( walked) heavily and reluctantly to the classroom.
    4.He paced ( walked quickly with long steps)the room up and down nervously.
    5.He stomped ( walked with heavy steps intentionally)to his room and closed the doors behind him.
    6.He sauntered ( walked in a relaxed way) in the park enjoying the breeze
    .7.He scurried for shelter when the storm began.
    8.The people scampered ( ran in small steps playfully or in fear) off out of the burning building.
    9.She hobbled ( walked in an awkward way because of injury) with a walking stick.
    10.She saw him coming and crouched ( bent and lowered) behind the bush
  • Zero hour
    The time when something important is to begin is zero hour.
    Zero tolerance
    If the police have a zero tolerance policy, they will not overlook any crime,
    no matter how small or trivial.
    Zigged before you zagged
    If you did things in the wrong order, you zigged before you zagged.
    Zip it
    This is used to tell someone to be quiet.
    Zip your lip
    If someone tells you to zip your lip, they want to to shut up or keep quiet
    about something. ('Zip it' is also used.)
  • .
    Yank my chain
    If some one says this to another person (i.e. stop yanking my chain) it means
    for the other person to leave the person who said it alone and to stop bothering them.
    Yellow press
    The yellow press is a term for the popular and sensationalist newspapers.
    Yellow streak
    If someone has a yellow streak, they are cowardly about something.
    A yellow-bellied person is a coward.
    If you have a yen to do something, you have a desire to do it.
    Yeoman's service
    (UK) To do yeoman's service is to serve in an exemplary manner.
    Someone who always agrees with people in authority is a yes-man.
    Yesterday's man or Yesterday's woman
    Someone, especially a politician or celebrity, whose career is over or on the
    decline is yesterday's man or woman.
    You are what you eat
    This is used to emphasise the importance of a good diet as a key to good health.
  • You what?
    This is a very colloquial way of expressing
    surprise or disbelief at something you have heard. It can also be used
    to ask someone to say something again.
    You're toast
    If someone tells you that you are toast, you are in a lot of trouble.
    You've got rocks in your head
    (USA) Someone who has acted with a lack of intelligence has rocks in their head.
    You've made your bed- you'll have to lie in it
    This means that someone will have to live with the consequences
    of their own actions.
    Young blood
    Young people with new ideas and fresh approaches are young blood.
    Young Turk
    A Young Turk is a young person who is
    rebellious and difficult to control in a company, team or organisation.
    Your belly button is bigger than your stomach
    If your belly button is bigger than your stomach, you take
    on more responsibilities than you can handle.
    Your call
    If something is your call, it is up to you to make a decision on the matter.
    Your name is mud
    If someone's name is mud, then they have a bad reputation.
    Your sins will find you out
    This idiom means that things you do wrong will become known.
  • 1) She laughed heartily.2) He burst into fits of laughter.3) He was all smiles when he saw his PSLE results.4) They were saturated with happiness.5) The winner jumped for joy.6) His bother laughed till his sides hurt
    1) Flames swept over them.2) After awhile, a loud explosion rocked the building.3) The scene was chaotic.4) Smoke and sparks were whirling in all direction.5) Many corpses were charred beyond recognition.6) Horrible scream filled the air.
  • 1) She felt surrounded by angels of joy.2) Felt jubilant.3) glow of happiness.4) giddy with joy.5) flushed with happiness.6) twinkled with happiness and she grinned from ear to ear.7) bursting with joy.8) all smiles.9) shrill with excitement.10) pulses raced.11) tingled with excitement.
  • 1) My mom turned red with fury.2) She clenched her fist and shook with fury.3) My brother stormed into the bathroom in anger.4) In a blind of fury, he smashed the chair against the wall.
    1. It was still dark, but in the wet moonlight outside the window she could still see shimmer of raindrops on smooth banana leaves.2. Dawan liked this part of the day the best of all, when the waves of afternight twined so gently around the slow swirls before-dawn.3. Somewhere in the distance, the crowing of a rooster drilled through the fluid stillness.
  • 1Without warning, the MRT train jerked to a halt and everything turned pitch dark. Panic invaded the carriage I was in. Some of the commuters screamed at the top of their voice and burst into tears. Fear ripped into my lungs, robbing me off all oxygen. I could hear my own pulses and my heart palpitating with the chilling fear that was setting in. The carriage was soon a buzz with nervous chatters and some lights from mobile phones illuminated the carriage.•2 The train came into a sudden halt. The light in the carriage started flickering and the whole train was engulfed in darkness.• 3The train was plunged into total darkness! The train was in total chaos and fear snaked around my heart as I adjust to the darkness.
  • •.1Fire spread itself throughout the whole building like locusts destroying everything in its path. Everywhere, people were taking off in all directions with fear visibly etched on their faces. The fire changed from orange to blue as the temperature rose like the thick black fumes that were stretching skywards•2 Pandemonium broke out, people dashed off in fear, hoping to escape from the clutches of the raging fire. The howling wind fed the raging flames and the fire sang a grim tune triumphantly as it burnt. The repugnant burning scent filled the air as the ravenous orange flames swallowed up the bui9lding.•3 The orange clutches of fire wrapped its fiery fingers around the whole building, turning the whole building into a gloomy black. The roaring flame escalated ferociously when aided by the strong winds. The entire building was transformed into an incinerator with its strong flames, cremating everything into ashes.• 4Everything and anything that can be burnt was fried in the fiery cauldron of yellow flames. Smoke and sparks were whirling in all direction. The sharp shrill of alarm reverberated through the whole building.
  • • 1The young driver sped recklessly on the highway. The bus zipped past cars and lorries and was traveling at a speed on 120km/h with 20 passengers on board! Suddenly, the bus veered abruptly to the right and plunged into a ravine, crashing into a tree.
    •2 The driver’s foot riled the accelerator and pushed the taxi to its limits precariously. All of a sudden, the car in front of them braked. The driver slammed his foot down, attempting to salvage the situation with an emergency brake.•3 The tyres blazed the rough cement road as it screeched with a deafening sound. The car went free-wheeling and turned turtle before coming to as stop.• 4A deafening blast rose into the air. The car had crashed into a tree. The windscreen shattered into smithereens. Thick layers of burnt dust puffed out of the rattling engine. Traffic came into an immediate total standstill.
    • 1Armed with rifles, the four masked robbers rushed into the bank and held up the staff members and the customers at gunpoint.• 2“Don’t move!” the robber bellowed. Silence hung in the air as time stood still. All the customers and staff members raised their trembling hands and crouched in fear.
  • • In mere seconds, punches were thrown. Fists were sent flying. A fight had erupted! I watched in horror as the two men wrestled each other to the ground. One of them had already owned a bloody lip.• Their heated argument turned into violence. The two men exchanged blows. Bystanders cowered in fear and leapt out of their seats to escape from any fury that might come from either of the two men.• Like a relentless murderer, he went head-on with John. John swung his fists and hit his cheeks. The sudden punch cracked across his cheeks, bursting the fine blood vessels in his mouth. Instantly, he could smell blood which was pooling beneath his tongue.
  • quailing culprit
    quaint peculiarities
    qualifying service
    quavering voice
    queer tolerance
    quenchless despair
    querulous disposition
    questionable data
    questioning gaze
    quibbling speech
    quick sensibility
    quiescent melancholy
    quiet cynicism
    quivering excitement
    quixotic impulse
    quizzical expression
    quondam foe
    racial prejudice
    racy humor
    radiant happiness
    radical distinction
    raging billows
    rambling looseness
    rampant wickedness
    rancorous animosities
    random preconceptions
    rank luxuriance
    ranting optimism
    rapacious speculation
    rapid transitions
    rapturous adoration
    rare endowment
    rarefied humor
    rashly overrated
    rational discourse
    ravenous eagerness
    ravishing spectacle
    raw composition
    reactionary movement
    ready sympathy
    realistic portrayal
    reanimating ideas
    reasonably probable
    rebellious thought
    reciprocal influence
    reckless lavishness
    recognized authority
    recondite description
    reconstructive era
    recovered composure
    recumbent figure
    recurring doubt
    reddening dawn
    redoubled activity
    refining influence
    reflective habits
    refractory temper
    rudimentary effort
    rueful conclusion
    ruffled feelings
    rugged austerity
    ruling motive
    rumbling hoarseness
    ruminating mood
    rural imagery
    rustic simplicity
    rustling forest
  • refreshing novelty
    regal countenance
    regretful melancholy
    regular recurrence
    relatively mild
    relaxed discipline
    relentless justice
    religious scruples
    reluctant tolerance
    remarkable sagacity
    remedial measure
    remorseless logic
    remote epoch
    renowned achievement
    repeated falsification
    repelling vices
    repentant sense
    reprehensible action
    repressed ardor
    reproachful misgiving
    repulsive spectacle
    reputed disposition
    requisite expertness
    resentful flame
    resilient spirit
    resistless might
    resolute daring
    resonant gaiety
    resounding blare
    resourceful wickedness
    respectful condescension
    resplendent brightness
    responsive throb
    restless inquisitiveness
    restorative influence
    restricted meaning
    resultant limitation
    retaliating blows
    retarding influence
    retreating footsteps
    revengeful scowl
    reverent enthusiasm
    revolting cynicism
    revolutionary tradition
    rhapsodical eulogy
    rhetorical amplification
    rhythmical movements
    richly emblazoned
    righteous indignation
    rightful distinction
    rigid propriety
    rigorous reservation
    riotous clamor
    ripe reflection
    rising misgivings
    riveted attention
    robust sense
    rollicking mirth
    romantic solitudes
    rooted habits
    roseate tints
    rough brutality
    roundabout approach
    rousing chorus
    royal exultations
    rubicund tinge
    rude awakening
  • You can't take it with youEnjoy life, enjoy what you have and don't worry about not having a lot, especially money...because once you're dead, 'you can't take it with you.' For some, it means to use up all you have before you die because it's no use to you afterwards.
    You can't teach an old dog new tricksIt is difficult to make someone change the way they do something when they have been doing it the same way for a long time
    You can't unring a bellThis means that once something has been done, you have to live with the consequences as it can't be undone.
    You could have knocked me down with a featherThis idiom is used to mean that the person was very shocked or surprised.
    You do not get a dog and bark yourself
    (UK) If there is someone in a lower position who can or should do a task, then you shouldn't do it.
    You get what you pay for
    Something that is very low in price is not usually of very good quality.
    You reap what you sow
    This means that if you do bad things to people, bad things will happen to you, or good things if you do good things.  It is normally used when someone has done something bad.
    You said it!
    Used to say you agree completely with something just said.
    You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours
    This idiom means that if you do something for me, I'll return the favour.
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