Teenage smoking


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Teenage Smoking : its Hazardous effects , Passive Smoking , Facts & Figures

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Teenage smoking

  2. 2. IntroductionSmoking has become a very commonhabit among the teenagers nowadays.Teens have become a specific target fortobacco companies and peer pressure.So the main objective of our project is tofind out The main influencebehind teenage smoking. Long term effects ofbecoming a teen smoker.
  3. 3. First we need to find what actually acigarette consists of
  4. 4. AddictionAddiction What causes Nicotine to be addictive?What causes Nicotine to be addictive?– Nicotine binds to receptors in the brain thatNicotine binds to receptors in the brain thatactivate the reward system (limbic system)activate the reward system (limbic system)– The smoker is rewarded for smoking whichThe smoker is rewarded for smoking whichthen positively reinforces the smokerthen positively reinforces the smoker– Nicotine alters brain function in a fashionNicotine alters brain function in a fashionthat requires nicotine in order to maintainthat requires nicotine in order to maintainnormal levels of dopaminenormal levels of dopamine(neurotransmitter that acts in limbic(neurotransmitter that acts in limbicsystem).system).
  5. 5. What smoking causes? Smoking affects the developing parts ofbrain. Nicotine alters brain density. Increases stress and anxiety. Increases the chances of addiction. Leads to substance abuse in later lifein later life.
  6. 6. The Teen Mind The Teen Mind differs from the Adult Mind The Limbic System, which is the center foremotion, is well developed in adolescence. The Frontal Cortex, which controls emotion, isnot fully developed. Psychosocial This is a period of turmoil and a search foridentity. Teens often turn to peers to aid in the searchfor identity.
  7. 7. Addiction inAddiction in TEENSTEENSTeens seeks sensation to smokingTeens seeks sensation to smokingbecause of their emotional nature.because of their emotional nature.Nicotine acts on the same parts of theNicotine acts on the same parts of thebrain which controls emotions.brain which controls emotions.Teenagers often start smoking due toTeenagers often start smoking due toheavy influence by their colleagues.heavy influence by their colleagues.Teens are often misguided by theirTeens are often misguided by theirfriends regarding smoking.friends regarding smoking.
  8. 8. National StatisticsNational StatisticsEach day nearly 3000 teens have theirEach day nearly 3000 teens have theirfirst cigarette.first cigarette.Smoking starts generally in earlySmoking starts generally in earlyadolescence that is by the age of 16.adolescence that is by the age of 16.65% of the teens agreed that their65% of the teens agreed that theirparents are aware about their smokingparents are aware about their smokinghabits.habits.90% of the teens have agreed to the90% of the teens have agreed to thefact that tobacco is injurious to health.fact that tobacco is injurious to health.75% of teenagers have attended75% of teenagers have attendedanti- smoking sessions.anti- smoking sessions.
  9. 9. CausesCauses Peer Pressure.Peer Pressure.90% of the total teens90% of the total teensagreed that their firstagreed that their firstcigarette has came fromcigarette has came fromtheir friend. Peers have atheir friend. Peers have atremendous impact on atremendous impact on aperson’s decision. Mostperson’s decision. Mostteens agreed toteens agreed to “everybody is doing“everybody is doingthat”that” philosophy.philosophy. During early teenageDuring early teenageyears teens desperately try to fit andyears teens desperately try to fit andremain cool, to achieve this they joinremain cool, to achieve this they jointhe smokers crowd.the smokers crowd.
  10. 10. CausesCauses Independence.Independence.For most of the teenagers smokingFor most of the teenagers smokingwas the sign ofwas the sign ofindependence. Nearlyindependence. Nearly85% of the teens85% of the teensagreed to the fact thatagreed to the fact thatthey look cool whilethey look cool whilesmoking, and weresmoking, and wereaware about theaware about theconsequences of smoking.consequences of smoking.
  11. 11. Causes Relieves stress and anxiety.Most of the teens view smoking as tool to relievefrom work and study related stress. They alsobelieve that smoking helps them to relax andrejuvenate their mind.
  12. 12. CausesCausesMedia.Media.Media has a great impact on a teen’sMedia has a great impact on a teen’sdecision to smoke. Smoking is oftendecision to smoke. Smoking is oftenportrayed as a sign of glamorous andportrayed as a sign of glamorous andmacho in mass media. Smoking scenes inmacho in mass media. Smoking scenes inthe films leave a mark on teen’s mind andthe films leave a mark on teen’s mind andthey try to emaculate them. Portrayal ofthey try to emaculate them. Portrayal ofsmoking scenes in the movies is the majorsmoking scenes in the movies is the majorcause of teenage smoking.cause of teenage smoking.
  13. 13.  Parents.Parents.It is also viewed that teens have turned toIt is also viewed that teens have turned tosmoking by seeing either of their parentssmoking by seeing either of their parentssmoking.smoking.
  14. 14. What can be done?Prohibit smoking.Educate children.Parental guidance.Decode advertisements.Decrease exposure andaccess.Stopping the trend.Anti advertising.
  15. 15. Prohibit smokingProhibit smoking Smoking should be strictlySmoking should be strictlyprohibited in public place likeprohibited in public place likegardens, parks, theatres etc.gardens, parks, theatres etc. Moreover cigarette and tobaccoMoreover cigarette and tobaccoshops should be ban atleast in theshops should be ban atleast in theradius of 2 km near theradius of 2 km near theschools and colleges.schools and colleges.
  16. 16. Educate childrenChildren should be well educatedabout ill-effects of smoking.Children should be encouraged toactively participate in anti-smokingseminars and drives.
  17. 17. Parental guidanceParents can play an importantrole in motivating teenagers toquit their habits.Moreover parents should keepan close eye on their childrensuch as: Keeping a watch on child’sspending etc.
  18. 18. Decode advertisements.Advertisements and filmsdepicting smoking scenesshould be censored by thecensorship board.
  19. 19. Anti- advertisingAnti- advertising• Advertisements featuringthe ill effects of smokingshould be featured infilms and in betweenbreaks and films.
  20. 20. SURVEY
  21. 21. 05101520253035404550Smoke Don’tsmokesmokingstatistics1. Do you smoke if yes at what agedid you start smoking? 15 to 17 60% of theteens startedsmoking at earlyteenage. General agegroup was betweenyears.
  22. 22. 2. Are your parents aware aboutyour smoking habits? 40% teens agreed thattheir parents wereaware about theirsmoking habits. aware40%unaware60%
  23. 23. 3. What about your friends? Dothey smoke? Nearly 65% ofthe friends werefound withsmoking habits.010203040506070smoke don’tsmokefriends
  24. 24. 4.4. Do you have any familyDo you have any familymembers smoking?members smoking? 45% of teens had45% of teens hadeither of theireither of theirfamily havingfamily havingsmoking habits.smoking habits.05101520253035404550556065707580859095100smoking non smokingsmokingnon smoking
  25. 25. 5.5. How many cigarettes you smokeHow many cigarettes you smokein a day and from where do youin a day and from where do youget it?get it? The general agreement found wasThe general agreement found wasbetween 2-4 cigarettes per day.between 2-4 cigarettes per day. They generally get their daily doseThey generally get their daily dosefrom their friends.from their friends.
  26. 26. 6.6. Are you addicted to aAre you addicted to aparticular brand ofparticular brand ofcigarettes?cigarettes? Nearly 50% of the teens were addictedNearly 50% of the teens were addictedto a particular brand.to a particular brand. The prominent ones are:The prominent ones are:Four square.Four square.Marlboro hard.Marlboro hard.Gold flakes etc.Gold flakes etc.
  27. 27. 7. Are you aware about theconsequences of smoking? 80% of the teenagers were about theconsequences of smoking. Most of them knew only about cancerbut were highly unaware about theother important consequences.
  28. 28. 8.8. Have you ever tried to quitHave you ever tried to quitsmoking?smoking?47% of the teenagers havetried to quit smoking.40455055TRIED NOTTRIEDSMOKERS
  29. 29. 9. What are your views regarding anti-smoking campaigns?In India anti-smoking campaignsare not intensified more NGO’sshould come forward and takeinitiative to stop teenagesmoking.
  30. 30. Conclusion• Stay away with“CHALTA HAI PHILOSOPHY”“CHALTA HAI PHILOSOPHY”• Smoking TORTURES your HealthNo-Smoking NURTURES yourhealth.• Smoking is a stupid habit forstupid people.
  31. 31. By,By,Mohit Malde.Mohit Malde.Monish Jain.Monish Jain.Sanchit Gangar.Sanchit Gangar.Dharmil Mehta.Dharmil Mehta.Sagar Darji.Sagar Darji.Pradeep Dubey.Pradeep Dubey.