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  • Hello Everyone, we are team NSIT and we present mirage.
  • In Android app market- there are various kinds of apps. Apps to communicate.
  • Apps to play
  • Apps for the slutty teens.
  • Inseminate knowledge.
  • Apps for dreaming in the day.
  • Apps to flirt.
  • Apps just for the lazy days.
  • Apps for explorers
  • Apps for the moment.
  • Apps for everyone.
  • But before we started working on this app we decided to create something that everyone is curious about.
  • Yes…
  • Now you don’t need the magic mirror to tell what you will look like when you will grow old.
  • The venetian princess.
  • Or the hot blonde.
  • We provide you the kaleidoscope for how you look old.
  • Here is our app-mirAGE.
  • Now we explain the same with our demo image of Halle berry.
  • And this is how she will look like in a 2050 bond movie.
  • Here are the demo options for How to use/ choosing different types of available masks, loading the image and subsequent saving and sharing the image.
  • in the application- we can choose from 8 different masks.
  • we can also control the opacity, rotation, height, width for adjusting the mask.
  • Now we can save the image
  • And sharing it on all the major channels.
  • Like- facebook, bluetooth,gmail, messaging client or any other option you can even think of.
  • And now we will give you the preview for the same.
  • And these are some insights of version 2.0
  • Some sample demos.
  • The top line is the UI thread. The second, third, fourth, and last line represent where the application code is running. The fifth line represent when the finalizer is run for garbage collection.
  • It is supported on android version 2.2 and up, and it has been aplha tested on the following devices.
  • And stop thinking- trust me you will get addicted.
  • Thank you.

mirAGE-The Age Mirror mirAGE-The Age Mirror Presentation Transcript

  • mirAGE- The Age Mirror Team ID- 1255NSIT, University of Delhi
  • apps to play
  • apps for Slutty teens
  • But We decided to create something that everyone is Curious about…
  • Wait what…?
  • Like the venetian princess…
  • Or like the hot blonde…
  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/whiteafrican/2938685296
  • Whats in it..?
  • minimalistic design, social sharing, incredible fun :D
  • Version 2.0 and many more to come-?• iOS support• More features for the tablet support• mirAGE-o-meter
  • Timeline panel of the APPlication
  • Compatible OS • Android 2.2 & aboveTested On Mobile Handset Android OS Screen Size Samsung Galaxy Fit 2.2 240x320 pixels, 3.3 inches HTC Incredible S 2.2 480x800 pixels, 4.0 inches Samsung Galaxy 551 2.2 240x400 pixels, 3.2 inches Samsung Exhibit 4G 2.3 480x800 pixels, 3.5 inches LG Optimus Hub 2.3 480x800 pixels, 3.5 inches
  • Stop thinking, you will get Addicted!! http://www.flickr.com/photos/marcoarment/2035853550
  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/lollaping/3327541574
  • Thank you!!