Peer Review Etiquette
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Peer Review Etiquette

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This presentation goes over what students must accomplish in terms of their demonstrative speech reviews.

This presentation goes over what students must accomplish in terms of their demonstrative speech reviews.

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  • 1. Peer Review Etiquette By Ms. Sanchez
  • 2. Criticism Expectations
    • When giving and receiving criticism for this assignment, take these points into consideration:
      • Spelling, grammar, and mechanics count, so run your responses through a word processing document and edit accordingly
      • Write criticism in paragraph format
      • Be polite and specific
      • You must respond to each group’s presentation
      • Look at your evaluation rubric and judge the different groups according to those standards
  • 3. Giving Criticism
    • As you view the different presentations of the other groups, take note of what you think the group did well on, as well as what aspects could use improvement.
    • Take into consideration what the groups and their final products are being graded on (See rubric).
    • Start with what the group did well on and be specific.
    • Next, discuss what the group did not do so well on. Again, provide specifics.
    • Offer suggestions and alternatives for the parts in which the group did not do so well on. Again, be specific.
    • Respond politely and respectfully.
    • End on a positive note.
  • 4. Receiving Criticism
    • Do not take criticism as a personal attack. Instead, think of it as a way to better your work.
    • As much as possible, thank each person for their criticism and respond to their suggestions. Be polite and courteous.
    • If you feel that you are being unfairly criticized, that is, you feel that you are being criticized for something outside the demonstrative speech, or are being attacked, inform the teacher.
  • 5. These are the criteria in which you will be graded on for your peer reviews…
  • 6. Peer Review Criteria
    • Spelling, grammar, mechanics, and format: There were no spelling, grammar, or mechanical errors. Student wrote responses in paragraph format.
    • Courtesy: Student responded in a polite tone and ended evaluation on a positive note.
    • Specifics: Students provided specific details about what groups did and did not do well on.
    • Total: Student responded to all group presentations.