MM Bagali Team Working Bagali [Compatibility Mode]


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MM Bagali Team Working Bagali [Compatibility Mode]

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MM Bagali Team Working Bagali [Compatibility Mode]

  1. 1. bagali mm kles’
  2. 2. TeamTogether Each Achieves More
  3. 3. Why People DontCooperate Better
  4. 4. Whose WhoPurpose don’t knowDon’t know what Team IsAttitudePersonality MattersNo Reward, If work in TeamDon’t Recognize ……Achievement FeedbackMutual AccountabilityRoles ResponsibilitiesLack of Clear Communications
  5. 5. Mutual ResponsibilityTeam SizeTeam PurposeTeam LeadershipTeam RoleUnrealistic ExpectationsToo Much too soonNon Performance X Performance
  6. 6. Team ….. Damage ?MoraleMotivationDisciplineProductivityConflictsBusiness loseAdjustmental problems
  7. 7. Personality MattersHow we develop Team Personality
  8. 8. Environment Experience Education
  9. 9. Negative attitudes and Team Working Implications?
  10. 10. Having and working on EGO Cant do attitude They dint tell me I don’t have time I know betterI know more than anyone else This a weak team Team Never Workssssss
  11. 11. Positive attitudes and Reflections onTeam Development
  12. 12. Smile with AllTurn daily activity into Team adventures Change ,,,,, Look for the Positive Make a Habit of Doing in Team Develop an Attitude of Gratitude Build positive Self Esteem Stay away from Negative Influences
  13. 13. Don’t take it personally Make your surroundings FUN Don’t critics, condemn, and complain Don’t make fun, joke, and lose talk, fishy Don’t laugh on others for reasonsThank / Sorry / Excuse / I am sorry…when needed
  14. 14. Work cultureCompetitive rewardsFreedom to work and innovateOpen, transparent and caring organisationPerformance-driven rewardsHigh degree of Team autonomyHighly empowering culture
  15. 15. Strategies for TEAMPsychological Feeling
  16. 16. Challenging work assignmentsStrong corporate governance and citizenshipWork content and Meaning in itFreedom of Team workingHealthy relationships at workOpportunity for high level of exposure
  17. 17. Sense of belongingnessRecognizing contributionsInspire to do Best Team Work EverydayWork on employee dream
  18. 18. Stages of Team Building Forming Storming Norming Performing
  19. 19. Team BuildingBehavioral Touch @Work
  20. 20. Show Respect for Other PersonsEgo keep it dawnBe FriendlyBe SympatheticAppeal to Nobler Motives
  21. 21. Speak to People: GreetSmile: CordialCall People by Name: The Best music is ....N a m eBe GenerousHumor and good humor
  22. 22. Leaders andLeadership @ Work for Team Building
  23. 23. Result orientedUncriticalMore SubjectiveEmpathicRespects allParticipative approachSincere
  24. 24. Encourages at all timesMotivation orientedHuman Resource orientedSelf-interestedLooking for new challengesLoyal & truthfulOpen communicatorVisionary
  25. 25. Empowerment @Team Working
  26. 26. Make Accountable for ActionsAllow Open Door and TransparencyPromote Informal RelationsDefine the PurposeDevelop Ownership CultureRecognitionPassion workplaceDon’t hold unto dataCreate Opportunity
  27. 27. TOP Best Employers in India 2003 and theTeam Working Attributes
  28. 28. Procter and Gamble India Flexible and TransparentOrganisation Global Oppournity Variety of Exposure Diverse Experience Performance recognition
  29. 29. American Express(India) Strong Global Brand Value based environment Many People Practices
  30. 30. National Thermal Power Corporation(NTPC) Learning and Growth Competitive rewards Oppournity to grow and learn Performance oriented culture
  31. 31. Johnson and Johnson Strong values of trust, caring, fairness Respect within the Organisation Training and Learning oppournity Competitive rewardsInnovative HR programmes and practices
  32. 32. GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Performance driven rewardsOrganisation that believes in growing our own timber Comprehensive learning programmes Challenging work content Competitive rewards
  33. 33. TATA SteelOrganisation Philosophy and Culture Freedom to innovate
  34. 34. Colgate-Palmolive IndiaOpen, Transparent and caring organisation Respects all Career Planning Global Career oppournity
  35. 35. Wipro Company Brand Oppournity High Degree of AutonomyInnovative People Programmes
  36. 36. TCS The group Brand Equity Strong Corporate Governance Best in Class People Practices Challenging AssignmentsOppournity to work with fortune 500 clients
  37. 37. MindTree Consulting Work Content Work Culture Growth Oppournity
  38. 38. Philips India The company brand Freedom to working Recognition of performanceOpen and Transparent culture
  39. 39. TATA Motors The company BrandHigh degree of people oriented Challenging work content Meet need of High Achievers
  40. 40. MicroSoft India Freedom to InnovateDevelop, Adapt and Change Products Flexibility at Workplace Work-Life Balance Freedom to choose Career Paths
  41. 41. Thanks all, very much