MM Bagali, MBA HRM HRD Skills and Competency


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MM Bagali, MBA HRM HRD Skills and Competency

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MM Bagali, MBA HRM HRD Skills and Competency

  1. 1. EMPLOYABILITY skillsemployers use as important selection criteria for mba graduates M M Bagali, PhD Jain University, India Brand Ambassador, Asian HR Board, India /
  2. 2. The World Economic Forum The Boston Consulting Group [2011] Talent crisis will affect everyregion/sector/company/country of the world in the coming years
  3. 3. The Biggest and the Only Worry for Management Grads??
  4. 4. Job Getting Good Job Getting Job in TimeGetting Job with Best Compensation
  5. 5. Employability Skillsemployers use as important selection criteriafor Management graduates Eight Points
  6. 6. Exhibits Technical/Professional Expertise
  7. 7. Fundamentals are strong
  8. 8. Good at Numbers
  9. 9. Business AcumenCommercial awareness
  10. 10. Branding yourself…Personal presentation
  11. 11. Develops Strategic Perspective
  12. 12. Communicates Powerfullyand Broadly
  13. 13. Can work with diverse community
  14. 14. The 9 best Skill????
  15. 15. • ????
  16. 16. SolutionWhat Can MBA / Education sector do
  17. 17. Solution 1current education-to-employment systemundergoes significant changesemployability
  18. 18. Solution 2have some global certification programmade ready
  19. 19. Solution 3a competency / skill development strategy,not just a Planto have
  20. 20. Solution 4collaborate with Industry and BusinessPartnersget connected
  21. 21. Solution 5establish Relationships with Corporate /Organisationget connected II
  22. 22. Last Solutionraising the Bar for Educationgive more
  23. 23. All time Skills• Ability to work under pressure• Confidence• Leadership• Problem solving• Negotiation• Communication
  24. 24. The 9 best and crucial Skill ????
  25. 25. • Am I Good Human Being
  26. 26. happy to behere
  27. 27. Any questions or comments about the presentation can be sent to /
  28. 28. Additional ChecksGeneral Aptitude: Communication and interpersonal skills:• Verbal ability Interacts with the other members in the team• Analytical skills o Articulates and communicates ones thoughts• Writing skills o Projects ones knowledge on the topic discussed• Comprehension o Comprehends the information discussed• Reasoning o Listens to the others views in the team o Shows presence of mind• Data interpretation o Leads / navigates the discussion etc.• Problem solving
  29. 29. Technical Skills• Conceptual understanding of the subject• Understanding of the external environment the organisation is operating in• Ability to apply the theoretical concepts to a business situation• Ability to address practical problem in a business situation and provide resolution• Ability to understand the challenges of the job being interview for.
  30. 30. Personal competencies and characteristics• Internally Driven• Positive attitude• Leadership skills• Learnability• Flexibility• Positive Body language• Personal presentation etc.
  31. 31. SHRM Resources• Pre-Interview Checklist•• Pre-Screen Interview Questions•• Candidate Evaluation Form•• Hiring to fit the culture• man.aspx• A perfect match• t/Pages/0410overman.aspx• College Recruiting 101 - Everything You Need To Know• 699.aspx