M M Bagali, PhD, HR, HRM, Research, Management, India, Empowerment Strategies, SHRM, Projects, OD, OB, Doctorate, …….Positive personality

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M M Bagali, PhD, HR, HRM, Research, Management, India, Empowerment Strategies, SHRM, Projects, OD, OB, Doctorate, …….

M M Bagali, PhD, HR, HRM, Research, Management, India, Empowerment Strategies, SHRM, Projects, OD, OB, Doctorate, …….

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  • 1. the beauty of beingP o s i t i v emm bagalisanbag@rediffmail.com
  • 2. for the husband who snores allnight, because he is at homeasleep with me and not withsomeone else
  • 3. for my teenage daughter who iscomplaining about doing dishes,because that means she is athome & not on the streets
  • 4. for the taxes that I / U pay becauseit means that I am employedhandsomely
  • 5. for the mess to clean after a partybecause it means that friendshave surrounded me, and I alsohave a room of my own
  • 6. for the clothes that fit a little toosnug because it means I haveenough to eat
  • 7. for my shadow that watches mework because it means I am out inthe sunshine, and capable ofworking under sun
  • 8. for a floor that needs mopping,and windows that need cleaningbecause it means I have a home
  • 9. for all the complaining I hear about thegovernment because it means that wehave freedom of speech, freedom ofexpression
  • 10. for the parking spot I find at the farend of the parking lot because itmeans I am capable of walkingand that I have been blessed withtransportation
  • 11. for the noise I have to bear frommy neighbors because it meansthat I can hear
  • 12. for the pile of laundry and ironingbecause it means I have clothes towear, and can afford to pay
  • 13. for weariness and aching musclesat the end of the day because itmeans I have been capable ofworking hard, a job to work
  • 14. each time I pass to market, thegate closes for the train, it meanseconomic activity is in progress
  • 15. for that fast and heavy rain, itimplies that I am fortunate to haverain
  • 16. a time when u fail, it signifies thatu r fortunate enough to haveadmission
  • 17. for the alarm that goes off in theearly morning hours because itmeans that I am still alive
  • 18. benefitsofsmile
  • 19. Smile shows friendshipSmile make new friendsSmile makes other peoples day brighterSmile improves your quality daySmile looks better than a frown
  • 20. Smile puts others at easeSmile is always enjoyable to give andreceiveSmile leaves favorable impressionsSmile makes you look happy, confident,self-assuredSmile could be the start of a lifetimerelationship
  • 21. a smile is sign of goodp e r s o n a l i t y
  • 22. Hay … how r winner v/s loserWinners see the grains;Losers see the painWinners see the potential;Losers see the pastWinners make it happen;Losers let it happenWinners see possibilities;Losers see problems
  • 23. Winners have dreams;Losers have schemesWinners makes commitments;Losers makes promisesWinners are a part of the team;Losers are apart from the team
  • 24. Winners believe in win/win;Loser believe for them to win, someone hasto loseWinner says "It may be difficult but it ispossible";Loser says "It may be possible but it is toodifficult"Winner makes a mistake. he says "I waswrong";Loser makes a mistake, he says "It wasntmy fault"
  • 25. Winner always has a programmedLoser always has an excuseWinner says "Let me do it for you";Loser says "That is not my job“Winners say "I must dosomething";Losers say "Something must bedone
  • 26. Winner is always a part of theanswer;Loser is always a part of theproblem.Winner sees an answer for everyproblem;Loser sees a problem for everyanswer
  • 27. mm.bagali@jainuniversity.ac.in