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Bagali, HR, HRM, HRD, Mentoring

  1. 1. mentoring ….Design a professional development strategy mm bagali / / HR Professor
  2. 2. agendado we require mentoringmentoring is scientificsuccessful mentoringrole of the researcherq/a mm bagali / / HR Professor
  3. 3. ntoring rationale, needs psychological support Understanding oneself personality shaping attitude development irrational behavior to give an focus time management executive way of life mm bagali / / HR Professor
  4. 4. harvard university graduate student councilthe presence of ……‘a professional relationship’and‘a personal one’ mm bagali / / HR Professor
  5. 5. mentoring advantagementors help young people make positive choices byspending a few hours a week sharing activities, listening,encouraging, and challenging youth’s skills and self-reliance mm bagali / / HR Professor
  6. 6. mentoring characteristic psychological bond one to one to group faith and believes and trust positive outcome accountability rest with mentor / mentees continuous progress interpersonal contract listening and listening there is start and also end mm bagali / / HR Professor
  7. 7. a mentor isfriendcoachmotivatorcompanionsupporteradvisoradvocaterole model mm bagali / / HR Professor
  8. 8. a mentor is notan ATMsocial workercool peernagparole officersaviorbaby-sitter mm bagali / / HR Professor
  9. 9. mentoring areasacademic career emerging behavior sectors psycho- personality social mm bagali / / HR Professor
  10. 10. easnjoy topics what help them in their day today life strategic advise and adjustment problems suggesting career moves strength-weakness-improvement areas personality development charter building career choice skill development social awareness mm bagali / / HR Professor
  11. 11. cont: self control organizational ability career information and planning professionally relevant skill cogitative and behavioural therapy competency building work ethics what I learn form my life mm bagali / / HR Professor
  12. 12. mentoring actiondesign the program with strong planningparticipation from main stakeholdersstatement of purpose and long-range plana monitoring processbegin by framing the outcomes you desire for student achievementclosure stepsan evaluation process mm bagali / / HR Professor
  13. 13. uring success start small define roles & responsibilities get agreements in writing have on clear, measurable objectives planned, structured sessions and activities frequent and regular sessions .. outbound regular program evaluation / feedback a time table when / what early formalized ‘get together’, possibility with refreshment mm bagali / / HR Professor
  14. 14. mentoring documents background …. academic and cultural psycho- social background analysis personality dynamics traits and characteristic college interests what swot picture other activity papers mm bagali / / HR Professor
  15. 15. tors positive attitude positive self-esteem and confidence listening skills to understand and learn communicates thoughts, ideas, information, and messages in writing honesty, integrity, and personal ethics ability to plan and manage time understands / contributes to the goals of a group works cooperatively with others,contributing with ideas and effort. mm bagali / / HR Professor
  16. 16. the menteesinvolvementtrue spiritcome outpassionatepositiveapproachablebelieve in the relationships mm bagali / / HR Professor
  17. 17. mentoring model II am OK, am OK, II am OK, am OK, U are not OK U are not OK U are OK U are OK II am not OK, am not OK, II am not OK, am not OK, U are OK U are OK U are not OK U are not OK mm bagali / / HR Professor
  18. 18. mentors competencies role model / ethical behavior counseling patience strategic thinking and planning great people management problem solving understanding / assertiveness open, transparent and caring thing ‘big’ mm bagali / / HR Professor
  19. 19. mentoring difficultieshow to go aboutwhat to do at what timestudent receptivetempofaith and belief and trusttime to closehalo effectprogress not stabledocument preparationfinding time to meetlack of continuous enthusiasm mm bagali / / HR Professor
  20. 20. could helpIt may be beneficial to explore thepossibility of amentoring certificate mm bagali / / HR Professor