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My Music Video  Pitch
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My Music Video Pitch


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Published in: Education, Sports
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  • 1. My music video- Pitch By Sanaa Siddiqui
  • 2.
    • I have chosen to produce a music video to the song Smile Lines by Incubus. This song is mainly about high school crushes and falling in love. The singer wrote this song based on someone he liked. The lyrics “I understand why they say high school never ends” suggest the childish and playful attitude that can take over when someone is in love.
    • Incubus are an alternative rock band from California. Their music is consistently changing throughout their career, from pop punk to rap metal. Smile Lines, to which there is no music video previously, is a happy pop-punk song from the album A Crow Left of the Murder.
    My Proposal
  • 3. Moodboard
  • 4. Lyrics Met my match today Felt the blood rushing and mingling A curious and enigmatic thing Spiders in my dreams Synchronicity weaves like a web When you were meant to be a meal I want you bad! I want you bad! I understand why they say high school never ends Never act my age You can tell by the lines in my smile That I have been around for awhile So, insecurities Are about as useful as trying To put the pin back in the grenade! I want you bad! I want you bad! I understand why they say high school never ends I want you bad! I want you bad! I understand why they say high school never stops This isn't coincidence There's no such thing This isn't coincidence, no This isn't coincidence It's no such thing. This isn't, no I want you bad! I want you bad! I understand why they say high school never ends I have highlighted the choices of lyrics I may want to illustrate. This I may do in many forms, either by showing the singer himself illustrating them (writing them, saying them etc) or through a more metaphorical sense.
  • 5. My talent
    • Thomas Love - main character 
    • Jack Ford- vocalist 
    • Jack Cooper- lead guitar 
    • Stephanie Woodward- bass guitar 
    • William Couper- drums 
    • Holly Smith- “the crush” 
  • 6. Thomas Love
    • Goes to Explorers
    • Is very outgoing, friendly and crazy in front of his friends 
    • Enjoys playing basketball and singing.
    • Along with that, he can also play the drums and the clarinet
  • 7. Jack Ford
    • Can play guitar. Its his main hobby, apart from being a clown.
    • His favourite bands are Metallica and Iron Maiden
    • Enjoys going to gigs and festivals.
    • Wants to be an engineer when he’s older 
  • 8. Jack Cooper
    • Can play guitar…very VERY well.
    • His favourite band is Tool.
    • Is also in a band.
    • His hobbies include jamming and mucking around with his friends.
  • 9. Steph Woodward
    • Can play the bass guitar very well.
    • Her favourite bands include: Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Lostprophets, Incubus and Muse.
    • Enjoys meeting with friends, playing on her bass guitar, and…everything else.
    • Wants to be a teacher when she’s older 
  • 10. Will Couper
    • Helped prevent my first music video shoot from being very unsuccessful 
    • Enjoys rock music of various genres.
    • Is a very good drummer.
    • Enjoys jamming, meeting friends, and generally having fun.
  • 11. Holly Smith
    • Is a very good actress.
    • Is very friendly and outgoing.
    • Enjoys going to the cinema, and generally meeting up with friends.
    • Her favourite band are the Kings of Leon.
  • 12. Audience profile
    • My target audience is young adults of both sexes, aged from 15-20. They would enjoy going to concerts and listening to music by bands such as A Perfect Circle, Linkin Park, Hoobastank and Simple Plan. They would love art of various kinds. This may mean that they have artistic talent, or that they love going to galleries, having art accounts on sites such as, etc etc.
    • Because of this specific genre of alternative rock music, it would be played on music channels such as Kerrang!, or MTV, as they focus in on a niche audience of people who like rock music. The genre of music they listen to indicates the way of life they have. This may include the hobbies they have (playing guitar, songwriting etc), the fashion they prefer (Hot Topic, Glam, not really mainstream) and even the programmes they watch (mainly music channels).
  • 13. Location for band performance
    • My location possibilities are limited, as there were many factors affecting where I can film.
    • The first issue was transportation; the location had to be within distance of all the band members. I was also worried about the new law stating it was illegal to film in public places.
    • The second issue was electrical supplies. The song had to be played through speakers in order for the band to mime along. This would be difficult to accomplish in a park, for example.
    • Availability was also an issue, as during the holidays the members became quite occupied.
  • 14. Location possibility 1- Priory Park
    • Effective to film in despite change in weather.
    • It was also aesthetically pleasing.
    • Easily accessible for all the band members and myself.
    • Priory Park, however, is a public area. Filming without other people in the clips may be difficult, especially on a busy day.
  • 15. Location possibility 2- Priory Park
    • This location appealed to me, as it was bright and cheerful.
    • Was out of the way and quite private, despite it still being in a public place.
    • However, the location still lacked the ‘interest factor’.
    • As my shoot was on the weekend, it would have still been busy and noisy.
    • Electrical supplies were also an issue.
  • 16. Location possibility 3- Seafront
    • On a weekday, It was quiet and deserted, so easier to film.
    • Easily accessible
    • Limited electrical supplies
    • Visually unappealing.
    • Uninteresting.