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Published in: Spiritual, Technology

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  • 1. Be here now, get there later.
  • 2. ConCept/ target:rÊVe - French For "dream."The RÊVE airlines experience is a dream come true for celebrities, movie stars, and influentialindustry people who need a place to focus on their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being,but are too busy to fit a detox session into their schedules.Be here now, get there laterThe RÊVE philosophy is to focus on the "now." Use travel time to rejuvenate, and forget aboutthe chaotic lifestyle of being rich and famous. Focus on being here with us, and dont worryabout whats on the agenda at your destination until you arrive.customers can choose From 4 themed Flights:• Yoga• Astrology• Scientology• REHAB by Betty Ford
  • 3. exClusivity:RÊVE airlines welcomes all who are serious about improving or maintaining their physical,mental, and spiritual well-being, and can afford the $1 million yearly membership, on top ofthe price of the plane ticket. To maintain a positive and calming atmosphere, there are a fewthings that are strictly forbidden aboard all RÊVE aircrafts. no SEX, DRUGS OR ALCOHOL no CHILDREN no ERRATIC OR DISRUpTIVE pERSONALITIES no CHARLIE SHEEN
  • 4. For tHe Mind & spirit:yoga & BuddHist Meditation sCientology• Guided meditations • Lets Talk About Xenu• Buddhism • How to Control People by Lying to Them• Studying The Dharma for beginners • Attaining Perfection: A Strategy• Yoga - We can arrange for instruction in: Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Kundalini, Vedic, or Bikram• The Magic Of Breathastrology & KaBBalaH reHaB By Betty Ford• Astrology 101 - Have your charts done by the worlds premier astrologers introductory/continued counseling for:• Astrology Advanced - Find out how the planet mars affects your career. • Alcoholism• Discuss Kabbalah concepts with a mystic Rabbi • Drug addiction• Tarot readings • Sex addiction• Jungian analysis • Eating disorders• Dream interpretation • Compulsive gambling • Compulsive shopping • psychological disorders (depression, narcissism, paranoia, etc.)
  • 5. For tHe Body:pure liquid detox (SORRY. NO SOLID FOOD AVAILABLE) Body tHerapiesexperience all the benefits of pure, nutritious, energized food. only the best available in...this menu allows you mental and physical relief from the preparation and • Reikidigestion of food! Your body will thank you! • Accupuncture• Chlorophyll elixer • pilates• Ginger tonic • Talk therapy• Vibrant vegetable juices • Hot stone massage• Alkaline water • Ancient chinese foot massage• Cucumber lemon spritzer • Swedish• Coconut water • Shiatsu• Master cleanse • Rolfing• Goji berry smoothie • Ear Candling• Ayurvedic beverages • 24 carat gold facial• Wheatgrass shots • Sauna• Assorted Wellness Teas - Will cure fatigue, help eyesight, promote anti- • Fat russian lady beating you with oak leaves aging, relieve stress, ease tension, provide antioxidants and vitamin C, • AND MORE enhance energy, boost the immune system, improve digestion, and cleanse the liver.
  • 6. Color sCHeMe:Inspired by the robes of the Dalai Lama.
  • 7. Branding:
  • 8. Branding:
  • 9. interior:Large, spacious suites in lieu of limited-legroom seats. Soft peaches with accents ofburgundy. Modern yet extremely comfortablefurniture. Relaxing lighting, lines, and generalaesthetic.Lots of Fresh Flowers
  • 10. thank You and haVe a pleasant Flight.