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  • IMRB’s parent company is Hindustan Thompson Associates, which in turn is owned by Martin Sorrell’s WPPGroup plc. Within WPP, IMRB is aligned with the Kantar Group, an umbrella network of global market research companies that together account for over $2 billion in revenues and form the world’s second biggest market research conglomerate.
  • *It’s counterpart the Elite Household Panel tracks information in affluent, urban households.
  • *Seven of the top ten Clients of IMRB have been with them from the very beginning. Over80 pc of IMRB’s business is from repeat clients 
  • Imrb international.

    1. 1.  Established: 1970  Headquarters: Mumbai, India  Member of Kantar Group  Type: Subsidiary Company  Founder: Hindustan Thompson Associates  Parent Co: Hindustan Thompson Associate  Operations: In 15 countries  Employees: 1200 (full time)  Official Website:
    2. 2. We pioneered: India’s first TV rating system India’s first Radio Audience Measurement system India’s first and largest Household Panel Instrumental in setting up of Market Research Society of India (MRSI) in 1988 (Founding member) Creation of Social Economic Classification (SEC) system by Ashutosh Sinha of MSG, now used by all MR companies in India. India’s first IT & Internet studies endorsed by industry associations. SECSystem Icube
    3. 3.  Quantitative Research Wing (1970)  Probe Qualitative Research (1979)  Quantitative custom and syndicated research, National Foods Surveys. Responsible for a wide range of data analytics. It comprises bulk of IMRB's custom research. This is the oldest and most profitable division of IMRB International.  Ethnographic, qualitative custom research. Integrates insights from anthropology, psychology and social sciences.
    4. 4.  Social and Rural Research Institute (1991)  Media and Panel Group (1992)  Developmental Research, Public Health Research, All India Health Survey. Primarily services aid agencies, NGOs and the government. Responsible for the largest UNICEF Survey on polio, data collection for National Family Health Survey.  Market Pulse, TGI, custom media research. Tracks over 70,000 households’ purchase behaviour. Conducts custom specialized media research.
    5. 5.  Business and Industrial Research Division (1994)  BIRD, the Business & Industrial Research Division of IMRB International, is the market research and consultancy division servicing B2B and industrial markets. For catering to technology markets including IT hardware, software & services and Telecommunication, there is an exclusive e- technology Group within BIRD.  At the macro level, BIRD offers services covering industry trends, regulatory environment, economic scenario, international trade and market overview.  At the micro level, BIRD offers services such as brand / product positioning, customer segmentation, channel perception, market sizing, pricing, distribution strategy, product development assistance etc.  Apart from syndicated studies such as ITOPS and ICUBE, BIRD offers research services to meet clients’ specific requirements.  BIRD services private sector, public sector, government departments and multilateral agencies. It has clients in all the five continents of the world.  Runs WAM, India's Web Audience Measurement service.
    6. 6.  Customer Satisfaction Management & Measurement (1994)  Customer and Employee satisfaction surveys, Loyalty Programs. Here the focus is on stakeholder researchers, employees, vendors and shoppers. Tracks employee satisfaction and stakeholder loyalty levels. They offer:  CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP ASSESSMENT (CRA)  CUSTOMER TRANSACTION ASSESSMENT (CTA)  CHANNEL LOYALTY  SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIP REPORT (SRR)  LOST CUSTOMERS ASSESSMENT (LCA)  Internal Customer Satisfaction  REPUTATION & STAKEHOLDER ASSESSMENT (RSA)  Financial Impact Modelling (FIM™)  MYSTERY SHOPPING  THE TAO OF LOYALTY.
    7. 7.  Brand Science (1996)  New tools that help understand brands, and communication in an Indian context. Provides brand and communications consulting and advisory services. Brand Science Group has introduced 3 new models in the following areas:  Spotlight for Communication Evaluation  Brands In Motion for Brand Health Measurement & Tracking /Communication Tracking/Post launch evaluation both discrete and continuous data capture  Brand Gene for Brand Equity Measurement
    8. 8.  Abacus Business Operations  ABO is an ISO 9001:2008 certified specialist unit of IMRB International. It has the largest Custom research fieldwork and data collection capabilities in the country. With over 200 full time employees managing and supervising the work of over 4000 interviewers on any given day, we conduct over 4 million interviews annually. Over and above this, we interview another 1.5 million + telephonically.  We have 15 Field Offices and teams in over 100 towns of India, covering the entire topography of India and the heterogeneous population of the country. Bulk of the face-to-face interviewing still happens in local languages. IMRB has a pool of trained and skilled manpower to conduct interviews in local languages - the key to high quality data collection.  Abacus Business Operations has a rigorous 3-Tier quality check processes to ensure you get high quality data to take your business decisions. The ABO team has its own set of translators and scrutinisers to check the quality of output and translation of verbatim. It has trained Freelance Professionals capable of conducting interviews on laptops, PDAs and using hi tech gadgets like GPS meters, digital cameras and recorders.
    9. 9.  Abacus Research  Abacus Research looks after the domestic and International Field and tab business. They service Clients and Research Agencies which have their own Research set up and only want the data collected and clean data sent to them. Abacus Research also runs Flexi Bus – a study which gives Clients’ the advantage and of quick turnaround on a few critical questions and the flexibility to study the Target Group in markets of their choice at the cost of an Omnibus. It has a team of expert Project Management Executives led by a seasoned and highly experienced Operations Director . This team also has the experience of managing the largest number of automotive clinics and have a protocol set up for the same.
    10. 10.  MindTech Systems (2001)  Abacus Market Analytics (2001)  Market research software, data fusion, computer aided survey systems). Provides customized software & platforms for data collection & analysis. It provides software support for TAM and retail purchase data collection.  Data processing, advanced analytics, market research software. Handles operations in data processing, charting, statistical analysis, database management and updating, software development and testing. It offers a wide range of services to all the research units in IMRB. These include data processing, charting, statistical analysis, database management and updating, software development and testing.
    11. 11. Advertising and Promotion research:  Advertising Research Advertising research derives its importance from the fact that today, a huge chunk of any organisation's marketing expenditure is spent on advertising. A good advertisement can do wonders to an organization’s top line; a bad one can tarnish its image for several years to come. The advent of globalisation has actually left only a nominal significance for national boundaries.  Promotion Research Promotion has been defined by many marketers as the most significant of the four Ps of marketing. A marketer may create a great product, price it reasonably enough and place it in outlets all over the country, but unless he has promoted it well, the consumer would not even ask for it. Promotion research helps an organisation foresee the outcome of all such activities, it wishes to undertake.  Media Research Often interpreted as being synonymous with audience measurement, particularly in the case of newspapers and magazines, media research is much more than that. Selecting the right media of communication is of paramount importance to every marketer.
    12. 12. Brand research:  Usage and Attitude Studies Brands today are operating in an extremely dynamic market. As the marketplace changes, clients need to evaluate a brand's position compared to the competition. IMRB International designs usage and attitudes studies that provide quintessential information to lay the foundation for successful strategic marketing. IMRB studies also serve as useful benchmark tools, allowing clients to measure their performance across all the parameters important to the category, and target specific areas to track over time.  Name Tests What's the most appropriate name for a product ? What does a name connote to a consumer ? Naming research answers these and other important questions. IMRB International has been associated with the christening of a number of leading brands.  Segmentation and Profiling Studies Segmentation and profiling is critical in targeting specific groups and understanding the purchase behaviour of those consumers who represent the greatest sales opportunities. Key groups are identified, based on a number of different criteria including attitudes, psychographics, motivations and barriers, usage habits, loyalty, etc. Once the segments have been identified, analysis is conducted to provide insight into the purchase behaviour and demographics of each such group.
    13. 13. Channel and retail research: Mystery Shopping Mystery Shopping is the best, most objective way to gain information about customer service and satisfaction, condition of the store / showroom and employee performance across locations. Mystery shopping services also provides the opportunity to covertly examine the performance of competitors and the operative prices for competition. IMRB International provides effective consulting on Mystery Shopping that includes operational, incentive-based, competitive and telephone-based mystery shopping. Retail Audits IMRB International provides professional auditing services for manufacturers and retailers across the Indian sub-continent. IMRB has more than 20 years of on-site auditing experience. Location Research In order to beat competition, marketers constantly have to look for differentiators which can make their brand 'visible' and 'acceptable' to the consumers. Until now product and price were the sole differentiators but over the years, brands have realized the significance of 'point of sale' as a brand building tool. In this way the role of the store is also getting redefined. ‘Location’ has become a key factor to reach consumers. IMRB International provides tailor made solutions to meet customers’ location related requirements
    14. 14. Pricing Research: Gabor Granger Customers are asked if they would buy a product at a particular price. The respondents are exposed to the price in a randomised manner and are again asked if they would buy or not. The technique helps understand the price elasticity for the product by working out what levels of demand would be expected at each price point . Price Sensitivity Monitor (PSM) This technique helps one identify the acceptable range of prices in the minds of the consumer and determine whether the price is set too low (creating suspicion about quality) or too high (offering poor value for money). Conjoint Analysis Conjoint Analysis is a technique that allows one to understand how people make trade-offs between different products and services and the values they place on different features. Brand Price Trade-Off (BPTO) BPTO is a variation of the Conjoint Technique, where several brands are shown at once and the customer chooses the preferred option. The BPTO determines the impact of price increases and decreases on the sales of the brand, provides the response to competitors' changes in price and provides an analysis of gains and losses.
    15. 15. Corporate and Employee research: Corporate Image Studies In today's world of keen competition, a company is evaluated not just by its products but to a great extent by the imagery it conjures. With the consumer becoming more educated, this aspect is gaining importance by the day. Corporate image of a company is the sum total of its image among its various internal and external publics - consumers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and dealers, the financial community and even the government. The image of the company among industry federations and workers' unions etc is also important in understanding the equity of the company. A comprehensive Corporate Image study helps understand ones strengths and weaknesses as compared to the other corporates. IMRB International has handled Corporate Image studies for a number of leading corporates in the country. IMRB International's specialist division CSMM is the sole licensee for Walker Information Network processes for Corporate image studies. Good company image eventually leads to increase in sales, profits and market share.
    16. 16. Strategic market research: Concept IMRB International plays an important role in the ‘concept’ stage by helping to establish a clear understanding of the consumer and the market through Market mapping, Demand estimation and Feasibility studies. Development IMRB International can help create and refine all aspects of product development, working quickly and in line with the demands of rapid development cycles - Refining product, Positioning, Naming, Visual Identity and Web Interface. Usability research can help eliminate confusion, increase intuitive usefulness and ease navigation and increase trust. Communication IMRB International can help ensure that the message a product or service is intending to send to consumers is actually what they perceive. In addition, multilingual insights can guide you around potential linguistic and cultural minefields. IMRB provides crucial information about ideal packaging, communication strategy and merchandising strategy. Relationship IMRB International can help provide a very effective on-going link to consumers and markets and impart a deep understanding of market and consumer changes through Customer Satisfaction research, Trend research studies and Redesigning.
    17. 17. Product Research: IMRB has decades of experience in product testing. This experience has been drawn upon to create tools for product testing. IMRB has access to a wide array of techniques:  MDS, correspondence analysis or the Biplot to visualize the results of a test involving a large number of tests.  Correlations analysis, run factor analysis or cluster attributes to understand relationships within attributes.  Penalty analysis, regression and structural equation modeling are employed to understand the impact on overall liking. Penalty analysis is a simple and effective way of prioritizing the areas for improvement. Structural equation modeling can provide an insight into the drivers of liking- and the manner in which impressions are formed. Packaging Testing:  IMRB over the years has been involved in package testing and development for several FMCG clients. IMRB’s expertise spans the following broad areas:  Basic Pack Evaluation to make pack choice decisions  Measuring the contribution of the pack in driving the brand’s vision  Pack Optimization Studies – Evaluating, decoding and measuring the impact of pack elements such as colours, fonts, graphics, shape and size . The packaging test protocol at IMRB involves integrated qualitative and quantitative modules to provide a holistic solution to support all facets of pack related decision-making..
    18. 18.  Mystery Shopper Insights (MSI) Mystery shopping is now being used by many organizations to evaluate their in-store service standards and conformity to the processes. Trained shoppers anonymously evaluate the infrastructure, processes, service delivery, customer service, operations, employee integrity, merchandising and product quality. They independently audit processes & staff, giving constructive actionable input for improvement of service delivery. Objectives of Any Mystery Audit Program:  To check conformance to guidelines for service delivery as laid-out by the retailer.  To measure the effectiveness of training imparted to employees.  To recognize good employees based on findings of the audits.  To measure the extent of brand advocacy by multi-brand outlets.  To audit prices through a pre-designed negotiation process and determine market operating prices. Specialist team at IMRB International has experience with nearly 30 regular mystery shopping programs conducted across diverse sectors. By Mystery Shopping Insights, IMRB helps managers in both tactical and strategic decision-making processes and also in improving the quality of services provided at the outlet. IMRB has a team of 40 researchers across Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore who design and manage mystery shopping studies.
    19. 19.  Customer satisfaction research:  It is very important to determine the customers' perception of quality for products and services provided. It is a known fact that customers rarely complain - they just don't come back. Customer loyalty is considered worth ten times more than the price of a single purchase. Moreover, researchers claim that if a customer doesn't like the product or service, he will tell on an average eleven more people about his experience. This illustrates the importance of ensuring customer satisfaction.  Customer satisfaction research is increasingly becoming an essential ingredient of any program aimed at maintaining the existing customers and revenue, increasing the customer database and enhancing brand value. Conducting customer satisfaction research by a third party organization has an advantage that the responses obtained are more reliable. It eliminates the errors due to perception and stereotyping of in-house researches. This is because in third-party research, the customer-vendor relationship does not get affected. However, the costs involved in outsourcing such research work to external agencies must be duly considered.  Customer Satisfaction Management & Measurement (CSMM) is an independent, specialist unit of IMRB International. CSMM is also a exclusive member of the Walker Information Global Network (WIGN) in the Indian subcontinent. CSMM has many proven methodologies and processes for customer satisfaction research.
    20. 20. B2B and Industrial research: B2B and Industrial Research is about understanding the market for goods and services that are consumed by entities other than individuals. BIRD, the Business & Industrial Research Division of IMRB carries out wide variety of B2B and Industrial studies in a numerous sectors. For catering to technology markets including IT hardware, software & services and Telecommunication, there is an exclusive e-technology Group within BIRD.  At the macro level, BIRD offers services covering industry trends, regulatory environment, economic scenario, international trade and market overview.  At the micro level, BIRD offers services such as brand / product positioning, customer segmentation, channel perception, market sizing, pricing, distribution strategy, product development assistance etc.  Apart from syndicated studies such as ITOPS and ICUBE, BIRD offers research services to meet clients’ specific requirements. It helps clients all through the product life cycle from product development to launching it in the market to making a success out of it. While researching the buyers, users, influencers, installers, traders, marketers, importers, exporters and manufacturers of the product, BIRD keeps in perspective the global market situation.  BIRD services private sector, public sector, government departments and multilateral agencies. It has clients in all the five continents of the world.
    21. 21. IMRB also offers a variety of syndicated research products and reports that are widely used as industry bench-marks of consumer behavior, such as:  MarketPulse, a continuous monthly tracking of household purchases across various FMCG categories. The panel covers over 70,000 homes with 56,000 homes in urban and 14,000 in rural India and is widely used as a benchmark for purchase, and pricing behavior*  WAM and RAM, which is a standardized audience measurement systems that sample web and radio audiences, and provide real time detailed segmented data on web usage behaviors  ITops and ICube, syndicated annual research reports on the landscape of new technology in India. ITOPS is a half yearly track of the Indian PC, Networking and Software market.  TGI India, collaboration with TGI, which provides the largest single source marketing and media information covering data on consumer attitudes, motivations, media habits and purchase behavior.  Homemaker Bioscope - A decision support system for a comprehensive understanding of Homemakers.  National Food Survey – It is a comprehensive study on food habits and consumption across urban India.  IMRB KidScan- It is a syndicated study launched by IMRB International as an attempt to understand the Indian kids’ world and their interaction with their environment.
    22. 22. Highly loyal Client relationships: Our top clients include BAT Group, Bharti Group, Cadbury, Ford Group, Frito Lay, Glaxo Smithkline, Heinz, Indian Airlines, ITC Group, Millward Brown, Nestle, Pepsi Group, Reckitt Benckiser, Research International, TVS Motors, Unilever Group, VST and so on *
    23. 23. Other prominent clients:
    24. 24. Industry Associations & Government bodies:
    25. 25.  Walker Information Global Network (WIGN) Walker is a consulting firm specializing in customer strategy. The Walker global network, work with CSMM, a specialist unit of IMRB International, to provide a unique combination of local knowledge and global reach - all aimed at managing stake holding relationship and improving business performance.  Associates and Affiliate companies IMRB International has acted as a catalyst in the development of market research infrastructure in neighbouring countries. We work with associate companies in Sri Lanka (Lanka Market Research Bureau) and in the Middle East (Arab Market Research Bureau), and through affiliates in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Egypt, Tunisia, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar.  Yankee Group Yankee Group is the expert in navigating the global connectivity revolution. Yankee Group has partnered with IMRB to be their exclusive representative for India. This strategic partnership between IMRB International and Yankee Group will bring in an international perspective in the fields of telecommunications & wireless/mobile, consumer, media and entertainment and IT hardware, software and services.
    26. 26.  Agriculture/Agro-products  Distribution/Retail Trade  Finance /Banking /Insurance  IT Hardware & Software  Alcohol  Real Estate
    27. 27.  E-governance  Logistics and Transportation  Health Care  Automotive  Education & Training  Media and Entertainment
    28. 28.  Chemicals & Petroleum  Energy & Environment  Engineering Sector  Internet  Processed Food  Telecom
    29. 29.  Tobacco  Construction and Building Materials  Travel & Tourism  Social & Rural  Steel & Other Metals
    30. 30.  IMRB is one of the top 20 market research companies in the world.  IMRB is the market leader in India and has been awarded the MR agency of the year, five times since 2005. It also won WPP’s Atticus award jointly with JWT.  It is a part of WPP, which is a £5.9 billion (2006) revenue company with 100,000 employees in 2000 offices across 106 countries.  It operates through own offices, joint ventures and associates in 17 countries - Algeria, Australia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Morocco, Netherlands, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, UAE and UK.  IMRB is aligned with the Kantar Group, an umbrella network of global market research companies that together account for over $2 billion in revenues and form the world’s second biggest market research conglomerate.
    31. 31. IMRB’s Footprint :Own offices in 19 cities covering Seven Countries: Delhi Mumbai Bangalore Chennai Colombo Hongkong Singapore Seoul Guangzhou Taipei Manila Bangkok Kuala Lumpur Shanghai •IMRB offices/ associates •Field associates Beijing Tokyo Kathmandu Calcutta Jakarta ` Morocco Algiers Tunis Cairo Beirut Damascus Kuwait Dubai Muscat Islamabad Lahore DhakaKarachi Jeddah
    32. 32. Australia Indonesia Nigeria Sudan Argentina Italy Oman Syria Bangladesh Japan Pakistan Taiwan Bahrain Jordan Philippines Thailand Brazil Korea Poland Tunisia Cambodia Kuwait Qatar Turkey China Lebanon Romania UAE Egypt Laos Russia UK El Salvador Malaysia Saudi Arabia USA France Mexico Seychelles Vietnam Ghana Morocco South Africa Venezuela Germany Myanmar Spain Zambia Iran Nepal Sri Lanka Zimbabwe Study done all over the world! IMRB has worked in over 54 markets in the last two years..
    33. 33. Awards won: Agency of the year award in 2006 the first year of institution of MRSI. Won the award in all the subsequent years as well. Presenting cutting edge research for several years at international forums including ESOMAR & won awards . Won WPP’s Atticus award jointly with JWT