Xbox One - The Hottest Gaming System in Years Is Coming


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Xbox One - Discover how to be the first to get the all new, all-in-one Xbox One gaming console that is coming soon...

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Xbox One - The Hottest Gaming System in Years Is Coming

  1. 1. Video Game StoreYour One Stop Gaming Shop!MenuXbox One – The Hottest Gaming Console in Years IsXbox One – The Hottest Gaming Console in Years IsComing…Coming…Posted on June 20, 2013 by adminXbox One – New Gaming ConsoleMicrosoft just announced the new Xbox and the super Kinect to go with it. Be one of the first to get yourself the allnew Xbox One game and entertainment console from Microsoft.Click Here To Be The First To Get The All New, All-in One Xbox OneXbox One is named to imply that it is the one device that will unify all the entertainment devices in your living room.It looks like a Tivo but huge, you’re gonna have to free up some space to place it somewhere. Microsoft says that itwill unite the hdmi input from your cable box with the Xbox One built-in blue ray DVD player, its game play and its web browser. They canall be switched within one screen and no changing the input on your TV set.Xbox
  2. 2. You can even split the scree between live TV and the internet or a skype call and a game play giving you an all-in-one second screen. Thisintegration means that the Xbox One has to play nice with all the cables and satellite boxes and control everything with one remote. I’llbelieve that when I see it.Xbox OneAccording to Microsoft, your voice and gesture control almost everything. For instance, you talk by saying “Xbox watch TV” andautomatically Xbox One switches to TV , you make some gestures with your hands and the Xbox will pick it up and perform the actionyou want.Xbox One – Kinect Skeletal Motion Gaming SystemThis system comes standard with the Kinect Motion Gaming System that instantly respond to you. It has a large field of view and has1080 p high definition camera that’s amazing for skyping and enhances recognition like the orientation of a wrist or shoulder. It can eventrack your heart
  3. 3. Xbox One – Remote Controller and GamingThe controller has also been upgraded, it has more defined d-pad, tactile feedback in the triggers and a more streamline
  4. 4. The Xbox One has DVR funtionality so you can record and upload games to share and watch later . It has 8 times the computing powerof the previous console.One great news, connection to the internet is no longer a must to play games on the Xbox One as compared to the previous console.Initially, you need to connect to the internet for setting up but afterwards you can disconnect and play any disc-based or anydownloadable games for as long as you want without being connected to the internet.The point is that there’s no longer 24 hour connection requirement, you can take your console anywhere with you and use it. The onlyexception if you want a multiplayer game which makes sense you have to be connected to the internet. There is also no more regionalrestrictions on games.One not so good feature is no more game sharing allowed like in the previous console where one family member could share the samegame version with you or could play another game in your library on another console at the same time as you . This is no longer the case.Also downloadable titles can be no longer shared or resold.Click Here To Be The First To Get The All New, All-in One Xbox OneIf you like this post please, “comment and share”.This entry was posted in Gaming and tagged microsoft xbox, xbox kinect, xbox one. Bookmark the permalink.Leave a
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