The integrated approach


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This approach calls for us to find out what we want from life and how to get it.

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The integrated approach

  1. 1. 1Sam Borrett - Performance Coach: Personal - Business - Corporate INTEGRATED LIVING Life’s like that... always everything at once! The world and the way we have approached it has changed drastically. Not only are people working longer hours, they have so much information to get through that it is a wonder many have a life at all. With the individuated approach we are called upon to do things differently and to view things differently. If we can close the gap between work and play and enjoy the chosen work more as fun and as a challenge of the times, we will be better able to cope with the enormous load many carry. We will learn to accept that out of our own choice have we made our life decisions and that at any stage we are free to change them. Sam Borrett, Performance Coach, Personal - Business - Corporate, Mobile 0410 473 068,,
  2. 2. 2 INTEGRATED LIVING “Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” RumiOBJECTIVESThe objectives are to encourage and educate each person or business to believe inand experience the power of enthusiasm for the work done and the life chosen. It iscommonly known by health experts that the division between the work place andpeoples’ private lives is a major cause of disease and contributes largely to stress. It isimportant to eliminate this distinction and to learn to live a more total and balanced lifewhere each day life and work are enjoyed to the maximum.Assisting new businesses, careers, entrepreneurial ventures and professions, all formpart of the focus of this approach.THE INTEGRATED APPROACHThis approach is unique in that the assumption from which we begin is that we alreadyhave what it takes to change our lives; perhaps a little refinement here and there-perhaps the development of a few more life skills, but intrinsically we only needencouragement and the hint of a new possibility. Our minds will do the rest.The root meaning of education is “to draw out” and we have been more programmedto fill ourselves with information, which sabotages our intuition and real intelligence.So it is essential to realise the difference between information, knowledge intuition andwisdom. Each has its place and the integration of all these qualities is the path of theintelligent person.WHAT IS RESPONSE-ABILITY?It is more accurate to think in terms of “response-ability” than responsibility.With responsibility, we do things out of duty become resentful and are generallyunhappy about our lot in life. With response- ability whatever we have to do has to bedone now, because yesterday is no more and to-morrow has not come yet. All that isavailable to us is to day and today is enough. And whatever we do, we do with a joyfulheart and enthusiasm.This fresh approach called response-ability is not polluted by worry, duty, seriousnessor burden, but is more a playful and imaginative response to life. As we developresponse-ability, our intelligence and intuition increase and we are confident about ourdecisions and choices. We can either react or we can respond to each situation. Sam Borrett, Performance Coach, Personal - Business - Corporate, Mobile 0410 473 068,,
  3. 3. 3Response has nothing to do with memory; it has something to do with our awareness.You see the situation out of clarity and you act accordingly, intelligently andindependently of the psychological memory of the past.ENERGY, FREEDOM AND CHOICEAs soon as we acknowledge that we are capable of changing our lives the next step isto change our energy patterns and beliefs. Over years of habitual thinking as well asan ingrained mind-set we have grown accustomed to believing that the niche we havecarved out for ourselves is the only avenue available. However there are ways tochange our circumstances if only we could admit that we would like things better. If wecan do this then we will have the strength and determination to change our lives.“Choose from your freedom to give meaning to your work- meaning rather thanimportance. Intrinsic in meaning is the door to totality. Intrinsic in importance is thedoor to seriousness.”With meaning and totality there is an endless supply of energy. With importance andseriousness, our work will be a struggle and we all know it.A BETTER WORK SOLUTIONWork should be considered more as a play and the one who succeeds at this game issimply the better player. The fact is that we can all become players of this game. Wehave become very serious about work and very ambitious about its end results. Thisoften contributes to a state of tension, disease, illness and anxiety, all of themabsolutely unnecessary.With ordinary work the real thing is just about the future, about the end result. In playthere is no result as such and the process is totally enjoyable. This does not meanwe do not get the work done. In fact we get a lot more done as we are coming froma different space inside and working long hours sometimes, is a pleasure notdrudgery. We have a new zest for life and a crystal-clear confidence. Sam Borrett, Performance Coach, Personal - Business - Corporate, Mobile 0410 473 068,,
  4. 4. 4FEAR OF TOTALITYOne of the central factors affecting our work and our relationships is our fear of totality,participation and involvement. The usual incredible activity surrounding all our lives isnot total unless it has within it the element of awareness, relaxation and enjoyment.Unless it has these qualities, the activity is purely” busy-ness.”With awareness of ourselves, our actions, thoughts and feelings, work is transformedinto a higher possibility. Simply put, this is awareness of what happens within us whilewe work. With this new outlook working as a means to knowing ourselves can be thefoundation to living more totally whether in relationships or work.At this new level we can work more from a state of overflow and discover that ourwork has become a game that we play and one at which we can do extremely well.Through this change we cannot help but succeed and succeed we will. One of thesure signs of knowing whether we have been total is that when total energy is involvedwe never feel exhausted and at the end of the day we will still be operating at highoctane.WORK AS A KEY TO RELAXATIONOne of the fundamentals is that energy needs work otherwise the energy will becomerestless. Energy needs expressing, energy needs to be creative. However, if the busyand active person cannot relax, the work becomes obsessive and the personbecomes driven, over ambitious and neurotic. So the paradox remains- unless we canwork and enjoy we cannot really relax; and unless we can relax silently when needed,we cannot really work totally.THE CAMEL, THE LION AND THE CHILDThere is an analogy, which can be very helpful in finding out from which space we arefunctioning in work and in our relationships. It is referred to as the Camel, the Lion andthe Child. As a camel one feels as if he ought to contribute or work and usually doesas he is told, follows authority and has a feeling of being owed something. As a lionone contributes when and where she/he wants and this can accompany a strong orsubtle concern for outer freedom. However as a child he is eager, willing andadventurous, able to be spontaneous and is more concerned with inner freedom.While we work it can be beneficial to observe in what space we are and from which ofthe above energies we are operating. As we become more aware of the habit patternsthat drive us, we gradually learn to be more empowered in our dealings with othersand we are able to tap into the strength and decisiveness appropriate for intelligentaction. Sam Borrett, Performance Coach, Personal - Business - Corporate, Mobile 0410 473 068,,
  5. 5. 5THE HEIRARCHY OF NEEDSThere is a hierarchy of needs known as Maslow’s system and briefly put the principlesare that for personal fulfilment specific needs must be met. Some of them arephysiological such as food, water and exercise. Yet others are concerned with safetysuch as security, order and protection. There are also social needs like belonging,love and esteem, needs of prestige, status and acknowledgement. Unless there issome deep satisfaction in regard to these needs, at some level it will be difficult torelax and the recognition of our essential nature not easy to attain.WHAT DOES SUCCESS MEAN TO YOU?In defining success it is important to establish the meaning for each of us as this wordmeans different things to everyone. One of the ways to fine-tune our radar is to findout what it is we want.Mostly people do not know what they want and this of course adds to the confusion.Often they tend to believe that they are better off than others and therefore should notcomplain. However this belief is of no use to them and in fact does not assist them infinding out what they want.How will you know when you get what you want and what would you be doing?What would you feel and where would you be? Once you find what it is that fulfils you,the rest is easy and the energy to do what is required follows automatically.WHAT IS THE WESTERN ENIGMA?It is a very Western idea to have a separation of work and enjoyment in our society.There needs to be a totally new vision which does not split life into work and rest andthis can only be done on an individual level. Relaxation and work are not opposite; it isa wrong notion to think you are working too hard and need a rest. If we enjoy totallywhatever we are doing this split will disappear and we will be far more productive,happier and relaxed.This new vision is radical and will contribute to a healthier person in body, mind andspirit. Furthermore the many things which overwhelmed us and we were simplyincapable of doing will now be possible. Sam Borrett, Performance Coach, Personal - Business - Corporate, Mobile 0410 473 068,,
  6. 6. 6WHY NOT MAKE WORK RESPECTABLE?Another approach that can dissolve the split between work and rest is to make allwork respectable and change the attitude that surrounds it. Awareness and creativityshould be part of the work and in this way everybody can experience work in a totallyunique way.Not only would our communication be clearer but also those constantmisunderstandings that often sabotage our business and personal life woulddisappear. We all want to get along better with each other, and respect the work ourfellow human being has decided to follow.Working with these new principles will radically change the way you do business,conduct your relationships, increase your energy, and move you towards the goalsyou wish to achieve.SUBJECTS Start up Businesses or Professions Business and Company Structuring Lifestyle Coaching Seminars Career Development Anti-Stress Strategies Professional Direction The Enneagram in Relationships Property Coaching The Enneagram in Business Business and Corporate Coaching The Enneagram and Human Potential Creative Solutions Clarifying goals and targets Sam Borrett, Performance Coach, Personal - Business - Corporate, Mobile 0410 473 068,,
  7. 7. 7THE PROGRAMS Individual Program a) The starting point b) Goals and targets c) Finding the resources, information, and connections. d) Plan of action Anti-Stress program a) Personality profile and analysis b) Stress c) Causes not symptoms d) Assessment of mind/body condition e) Commitment Business program a) Emotional integrity b) Communication c) Clarifying common goals d) Synergy Professional program a) Is this the most creative you can be? b) Improving the situation c) Refining skills d) Changing course. Sam Borrett, Performance Coach, Personal - Business - Corporate, Mobile 0410 473 068,,
  8. 8. 8TestimonialsOver about 3 months, Sam Borrett has supplied cutting edge information to mycompany and to me and in that period I have observed that he has a very innovativeapproach on how to get the most out of employees, the general work situation andhow to see what is in the way of accelerated and rapid progress.The usual question he asks initially is “If I could show you how you were stoppingyourself achieving the outcome you wanted, would you be interested?” How manypeople would say ”No?”If other companies understood the psychology of “working onyour business,” instead of “working in your business,” there would be a lot of happierbusiness owners. I would not hesitate recommending him to any individual, businessor company that wants to get more leverage out of their natural resources and moreenjoyment while they rework their work. Garry Burling, CEO, LJ Hooker North Sydney “I was working for a small legal firm and was continually being told what to do. As Iwas never receiving any encouragement I never gave my best. After coaching withSam for some time I left the job and started my own practice. There is now moreresponsibility, excitement and personal reward in my life. I am very grateful to him forhis inspiration and practical know-how which gave me the start I was looking for.” JF, Solicitor, San Souci“I was working as a secretary for many years and always talking about being atherapist. With the principles adopted and Sam’s persistent approach andencouragement that I could be what I wanted to be, I dropped my job and started myown business within 6 months. I had been trying for years to get out of the job andalso using what I thought to be some very powerful methods. Having now done it Irealise that it was always within my grasp but that I had only lacked the propertools and the right inspiration.” LCR, Remedial Therapist, Pymble “The work I have done with Sam has given me the courage to allow myself to create aspace within, to live my life with full creativity and a loving heart. This same space hasalso made it possible for me to connect with my personal power to create what I desirefor myself in my life, on all levels. Which until that day, I had only ever dreamt of.For this Sam I am eternally grateful.” RSC, Counsellor, Trauma Therapist, Kogarah“As a Graphic Designer, I am very good but lacked the confidence to manage a teamand gain the support of my managers. With the Mentoring program I embarked uponwith Sam, I realised that some of my old self-defeating patterns had too strong a gripon my life. Through gentle yet powerful processes, Sam guided me through a series of Sam Borrett, Performance Coach, Personal - Business - Corporate, Mobile 0410 473 068,,
  9. 9. 9opportunities that have now given me the confidence and creativity I needed in myprofessional and personal life. P. Atol, Graphics Designer, Rice Daubney, Architects, North Sydney“I have been a Real Estate Developer for over 30 years and have made fortunes andlost them again. I seemed to be going around and around in circles exhibiting apredictable yet destructive cycle of gain and loss.Through an extensive re-assessment of my personal values I have turned my lifearound completely and now look to a very bright future of wealth, security and self-esteem, which up until now had escaped me. I will be recommending Sam’s MentoringProgram to anyone in business or a profession, who feels like they have lost their wayand need some light thrown on their situation and would like a new start.” K.B.H, Director Killara“When I met Sam, I had got through most of my inheritance on unsound investments,through poor judgment and lack of clarity and low self-worth. Over a period of threemonths on the Professional program, I slowly began to find my way back to myoriginal clarity and energy.Now, that the program is over I feel strong and resolute and have now begun to writethe books and market myself the way I have always wanted. Without theencouragement and clarity provided by the program I would have been unable to seethe way ahead.” J.S.C. Conscious Awareness thru Health, CoogeeMy profession is that of a lawyer and I came to know about Sam from one of thesenior partners from another firm. He had been encouraged by Sam to first find whathe liked about the law before he threw it in. Sam helped me through a very difficultstage of wanting to throw the practice away, as well as my partnership and everythingI had worked for.Sam had run his own legal practices and was well versed in the subtle dangers that gowith success, prestige, respectability and money; what is more important heunderstood the price you can pay for these in real terms.For obvious reasons I cannot state my real name here as my partners were unawareof my dilemma when I hit the wall of meaningless; other lawyers know what I mean. Itwill be sufficient to say that Sam helped me though a most difficult time and inspiredme to find a new meaning in my life and what is more, a meaning about which I hadbeen unaware prior to the coaching. John Descartes, Senior Partner, John Doe and Company Sam Borrett, Performance Coach, Personal - Business - Corporate, Mobile 0410 473 068,,
  10. 10. 10About Sam BorrettSam graduated as a lawyer and conducted his own successful legal practices formany years. Subsequently he became familiar with the property market and tradedextensively in properties, shares, and gained experience in a variety of commercial,residential and rural ventures.Later, he trained in the field of emotional intelligence, human potential and energystudying psychotherapy, bioenergetics, mindfulness, the human condition, and thevarious “success and health models.”Sam gives seminars, courses and presentations, working with individuals, businessesand companies alike. He also assists start-up businesses, entrepreneurs and earlyinnovators to get going with the encouragement and down to earth principles theyneed.When he works as a Performance Coach and Trainer he also supports the culture ofsuccess, health and co-operation within each business or organisation. Anyone whohas already achieved a high level of success and may have reached a turning point intheir lives either professionally or personally can benefit from his pioneering andground breaking methods. Sam Borrett, Performance Coach, Personal - Business - Corporate, Mobile 0410 473 068,,