Pearls IYT Study Slides


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Slides to study for the Comics Test on 5/31.

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Pearls IYT Study Slides

  1. 1. Pearls Before Swine Stephan Pastis
  2. 2. Step 1Use your “Comics Vocabulary” handout and answer the questions on today’s handout.
  3. 3. Step 2Take notes on the English
  4. 4. Panel 1Hey, Dude.
  5. 5. Hey, Dude. hey = hi (casual)dude is a general name, usually used for young men.
  6. 6. Panel 1You look kinda down.
  7. 7. kinda down kinda = kind of, sort of, a little likedown can be used to talk about someone withlow energy, maybe because someone is unhappy
  8. 8. Panel 1Here, have my coffee…
  9. 9. Here, have my coffee… here = word used to offer something have my… phrase to offer something
  10. 10. Panel 1I’m trying to give it up.
  11. 11. I’m trying to give it up.trying to = making an effort to do something give (it) up = to quit a habit (e.g. smoking)
  12. 12. Panel 1I’m so embarrassed…
  13. 13. I’m so embarrassed… so = veryembarrassed = the feeling when you do something foolish in public
  14. 14. Panel 1Have a good workout
  15. 15. Have a good workout I hope you have a good workout. ex. Have a nice day!
  16. 16. Panel 1and there, in front of everyone, I shouted…
  17. 17. and there, in front ofeveryone, I shouted…in front of everyone = in a public place shout = speak very loudly
  18. 18. Panel 1 You, too!
  19. 19. You, too!You say you, too! when you want to say this same thing that they said to you. Ex. Have a nice day! You, too!
  20. 20. Panel 1But SHE wasn’t working out…I was.
  21. 21. But SHE wasn’t working out…I was.You too! is used to say the same thing. But in this case, the woman wasn’t doing the same thing.
  22. 22. Panel 2Ahh, yes…an I.Y.T.
  23. 23. Ahh, yes…an I.Y.T.Ahh, yes = Sound when you understand something.I. Y. T. = The initials (first letters) of three words. ex. C.I.A., F.B.I.
  24. 24. Panel 2An I.Y.T.?
  25. 25. An I.Y.T.?When you don’t understand something, you can repeat it. ex. I go to Togaku. Togaku? Yes,Toyo Gakuen University.
  26. 26. Panel 3An inapplicable “you, too.”
  27. 27. Panel 3 A humiliating social malady commonamong dunderheads such as yourself.
  28. 28. A humiliating social maladyhumiliating = something that makes you feel foolish. (see embarrassed) ex.The soccer team had a humiliating loss, 10-0. malady = sickness, illness, disease ex. “ ” is a social malady.
  29. 29. common among dunderheads such as yourselfcommon among = happens often to a group ex. Lung cancer is common among smokers. dunderhead = idiot, stupid person such as yourself = like you Rat thinks Pig is an dunderhead.
  30. 30. Panel 3So what do I do?
  31. 31. So what do I do? so = thereforewhat do I do? = what should I do? Used to ask for advice.
  32. 32. Panel 4Just try to forget about it…
  33. 33. Just try to forget about it…try to (v) = make an effort to do somethingex. I will try to go, but I am busy. Maybe I can’t go.forget about (something) = stop thinking about (something) ex. Forget about your mistake.You’ll do better next time.
  34. 34. Panel 4Anyhow, I gotta go…
  35. 35. Anyhow, I gotta go… anyhow = word to change the subject ex. Anyhow, what are you doing tomorrow?gotta go = must (from got to ➔ have to) ex. I’m late. I gotta go.
  36. 36. Panel 4Enjoy your coffee…
  37. 37. Enjoy your coffee…enjoy your … = From “May you enjoy your…). Instead of saying “good bye”, you can this. ex. Enjoy your book. Also, “have a nice …” ex. Have a nice day!
  38. 38. Panel 5 You too!
  39. 39. Panel 6