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Newspaper english vocab 1
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Newspaper english vocab 1






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    Newspaper english vocab 1 Newspaper english vocab 1 Presentation Transcript

    • Newspaper EnglishCurrent Topics, Spring 2013Part 1
    • historic ~
    • historic• something that is important in historyor is expected to be important overtime.
    • historic ~• election• landmark• levels• decision
    • historicCrime in Chicago is at historic levelsthis year.
    • polls
    • polls• electionanother common meaning is “opinionpoll”.
    • pollsVoters head to the polls tomorrow toelect new leaders.
    • coalition
    • coalition• alliance for a temporary purpose
    • coalitionThe party didn’t win an outrightmajority, so they formed a coalitionwith two other parties to form agovernment.
    • ~ crippled
    • ~ crippled• weakened or unable to do somethingoriginally used to talk about disabledpeople or animals
    • ~ crippled• economically• financially• militarily
    • ~crippledThe economically-crippled countryasked for foreign aid.
    • coup
    • coup• sudden takeover of powershort for coup d’etat, a Frenchword.
    • coupDuring the economic crisis, thepresident was removed in a coup byher military generals.
    • tap
    • to tap• to select for membership orleadership• to make use of as a resource
    • to tapOur department head was tapped tobecome the president of the company.
    • splash
    • splash• a extravagant displayoften used with make and big
    • splashThe club made a big splash withtheir parade.
    • to observe
    • to observe• to keep or celebrate (e.g., a religion, aholiday, a ceremony, etc…
    • observeMost Christians around the worldobserve Christmas and Easter eventhough they may have differenttraditions.
    • domestic
    • domestic• refers to the affairs inside a countryrelated to the other meaning which isinside a house (i.e., domesticviolence)
    • domesticThe government’s spending ondomestic programs decreased whilespending on foreign affairs increased.
    • to threaten
    • to threaten• to show possible harmused by inanimate (non-living, such asa storm) objects
    • to threatenThe hurricane threatened to hit thesmall island off Okinawa.
    • Nth straight
    • Nth straight• consecutive incidents (no break)synonyms = consecutive, in a row
    • Nth straightThe golfer won his 7th straighttournament, a new record.