Gendel - Colorado Physician Health Program

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  • 1. Colorado Physician Health Program Michael H. Gendel MD Medical Director
  • 2. CPHP Mission Statement CPHP’s Mission is to Assist Physicians, Residents, Medical Students and Physician Assistants and Physician Assistant Students Who May Have Health Problems Which if Left Untreated, Could Adversely Effect Their Ability to Practice Medicine Safely Serving the Medical Community Since 1986
  • 3. CPHP Philosophy
    • Working with physicians with any health condition provides the greatest opportunity for assisting physicians and thereby protecting the public
    • Working with problems that are not yet identified as illness – stress, bad outcomes, marital and family issues – is likely to result in finding early illness, before impairment an issue
  • 4. CPHP Philosophy
    • The more physicians that seek CPHP evaluation, the better the health of Colorado physicians and the better protected is the public
    • Physicians will seek CPHP evaluation in direct proportion to the degree of confidentiality afforded them
    • The safe harbor afforded by the Colorado Board of Medical Examiners further encourages physicians to seek help
  • 5. CPHP Philosophy
    • If illness is the cause of problematic physician practice, board sanction (other than revocation) is not a remedy
    • Only treatment and monitoring is a remedy that protects the public
  • 6. Annual Number of New Referrals Program History 1986 - Present * = BME License Renewal Years
  • 7. Activity
    • Currently following 470 participants
    • Averaging 240-280 new referrals per year
    • @14,000 physicians practicing in Colorado
  • 8. CPHP Fiscal Year July 2006- June 2007 Client Primary Presenting Problems
  • 9. CPHP Fiscal Year July 2006- June 2007 Types and Sources of Referrals
    • Voluntary (64%)
    • Mandatory (36%)
    Other = Attorney, PHP
  • 10. Program Services
    • Client services:
      • Assessment
      • Treatment referral
      • Monitoring and support
      • Family support
      • Documentation
    • Other services
      • Research
      • Education
      • Consultation to hospitals and employers
  • 11. Relationship To The Colorado Board of Medical Examiners (BME)
    • BME Makes Referrals to CPHP
      • Applications for licensure
      • Renewal applications
      • Complaints
      • Cases of DUI/DWAI, domestic violence, felony charges
    • CPHP provides treatment m onitoring for individuals with license stipulations
    • 22% of CPHP cases are known to the BME
    • Safe Haven/Safe Harbor
  • 12. Working with the CBME
    • Mutual understanding, respect & education are the keys to an effective relationship
    • We require venues to solve problems, conflicts
    • Tension between our agencies is normal, expected, and important because our charges are different
  • 13. Working with the CBME
    • The essence of accountability resides in the CBME fully understanding CPHP policies, procedures, and process of managing participants, including the circumstances and timing of reporting a doctor who represents a risk to the public
    • Accountability and trust go hand in hand