Game Development as A Business


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Materi presentasi untuk rroadshow seminar "Creative Animation & Gaming Industry" di STMIK Amikom 26 Oktober 2013.

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Game Development as A Business

  1. 1. By: Samuel Henry Manager for Gamedev Division at PT. GITS
  2. 2. Short Story About GITS • • • • IT Service Provider (since 2003) Well known as “GITS Training Center” Website: Office: 2nd Floor, STMIK Amikom Building No.1 • Established game gevelopment division since August 2013 • Already had 4 gamedev studios with 33 developers • All studios were focusing for mobile games
  3. 3. GITS Alliance Activities
  4. 4. Games Sneak Peak
  5. 5. Games Sneak Peak
  6. 6. Games Sneak Peak
  7. 7. What you need to build Games Studio? You can start from here… • Founder and Co-Founder (2-4 person) • Appropriate Skills (Game Design, Game Programming, Art and Sound) • Passion for gaming (a must!) But to increase your chances, you also need these: • Business Management • Research and Funding • Networking • Marketing Strategy ….something you think is not for you or IS IT?
  8. 8. Angkringan Why they still small? Didn’t want to change? Idealist?
  9. 9. Pecal Lele One step ahead, but still like to become Indie?
  10. 10. Or you like to become this one…
  11. 11. Let’s Talk about Business Aspects: From the start you need to think and prepare: 1. 2. 3. 4. Business Management Research and Funding Networking Marketing Strategy Tips: • It’s a mindset and behaviour problem, start from small • Don’t wait until you finish producing your game
  12. 12. Business Management 1. Game developers usually don’t care about management  2. Studios without management = problems & chaos 3. Build rules and team agreements from the start 4. Point one of your team for management role 5. Start simple, add the others in process 6. Learn to collaborate while competing 7. Learn to discuss & communicate wisely 8. Avoid the common mistakes: lazy, selfish, wasting time, procastinate 9. Make collaboration plans and milestones with your team
  13. 13. Research and Funding 1. Don’t follow your heart, instead: make research for the market  build games that can sell 2. Learn to look where the trend lead to 3. Learn to anticipate when the trends occurs 4. Game that sell can attract potential customer and investor 5. Learn to get funds from other parties (friends, parents, campus, etc) 6. Another step: incubators, investor, kickstarters, VC 7. Learn to polish your team appereances (website, portofolios, team resumes, social media, etc)
  14. 14. Networking 1. Join your local gamedev community 2. Get to know local gamedev companies 3. Involved in related seminar, events for video games market 4. More active in online presence (forum, media social, etc) 5. At least: Please make your studios business card 6. Use your campus networking: alumni, companies backed up by university, etc 7. Don’t be greedy, share info to the others and you will get the same things 8. All of your team must be willing to do partial of above activities
  15. 15. Networking
  16. 16. Marketing Strategy 1. Learn what your target customer and what type of games that they love to play and buy 2. Learn to find good market for your games earlier 3. Don’t wait till the games production finished 4. Learn alternative low budget marketing (free or low-cost money) 5. Don’t be too idealistic, learn to co-promote with other parties (companies, campus, friends, etc) 6. If you don’t have “brain” to marketing your game, learn from “everywhere” (online, apps market, books, mentor, competitors, etc) 7. Marketing is a continuous process, is not only for temporary  try to love it!
  17. 17. Video games market is very competitive, your studio really need marketing and strategy to increase the success rate!
  18. 18. Conclusion Make games is just a start, you need lots of things from business aspects to success in gamedev world!
  19. 19. Thank You! The new office of GITS Alliance Please visit my personal blog for more gamedev issues: Or email:
  20. 20. Additional Info BEGINNER COURSE Bagi yang tertarik untuk mulai terjun di dunia game development, paket training ini cocok untuk tingkat pemula! Peserta tidak hanya akan membuat game, tapi akan diberikan bimbingan & coaching teknis selama mengikuti training dari tim senior. Call: 0274 884 201 ext 121
  21. 21. Additional Info INTERMEDIATE COURSE Cocok untuk individu yang ingin training tingkat lanjutan. Tidak hanya gme 3D tapi juga bisa khusus untuk 2D. Paket ini khusus ditujukan dalam bentuk semi private. Cocok untuk peserta kelompok/tim! Call: 0274 884 201 ext 121 Peserta tidak hanya akan membuat game, tapi akan diberikan bimbingan & coaching teknis selama mengikuti training dari tim senior.